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Author: Kevin Valley

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Interview series featuring black entrepreneurs packed with stories and lessons that everyone can learn from.
40 Episodes
035: Health is Wealth with Kaylan Bartholomew
Kaylan Bartholomew helps busy people make healthier choices for themselves and their families creating a balanced and joyful life. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Hatha Yoga Instructor who uses a holistic approach, recognizing that real food and exercise are only a part of what brings us balance and helps her clients explore all areas of their lives – love, relationships, career, money, spirituality and the environment. She incorporates her training as a yoga instructor to bring mindfulness, breathing techniques, energy awareness, meditation and yoga postures to help relieve stress, a significant contributor to our health. Her clients have been able to boost their energy, lose weight, diminish cravings, improve chronic health conditions, reduce stress, get the kids to eat healthier and overall improve the family connection. Kaylan graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world, where she learned practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories. Kaylan received her hatha yoga certification through Bliss Yoga Trinidad’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program. Kaylan is also a licensed instructor for the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, a revolutionary personal development program for women. In this episode, we discuss: - 21-Day Detox: Revive, Renew, Restore;- Why True Health Involves the Body, Mind, and Soul; and- Being Clear on Your Health Goals.
030: The Hardest Part is to Start with Toni Thorne
Who is Toni Thorne? Entrepreneur who started her first business at age 7.Self-starter: “If I say I’m going to do something, I find a way I get it done.”“The hardest thing is to start.”Pursue what you are interested in and what will energize you: “You have to be very clear in what you want from life.”Motto: “Be true to yourself.” – you are your own biggest obstacle.Experience of Business Pursue Your Interests:Know Your Business Inside OutBelieve in YourselfAlign Your InterestsFinding a MentorUnderstand and Embrace FailureFavourite Failure Story.Black EntrepreneurshipThere is a mindset issue which is keeping Caribbean businesses, particularly Black businesses, from growing as they should: “People would rather own 0% of nothing than 5% of something.” – instead of collaborating and supporting one another, they would rather compete.The Black experience in Barbados, a predominantly Black country, is one in which Black people are treated as minorities and racism is an endemic issueUpper financial class does not reflect the racial composition of the country, which affects the level of entrepreneurship and business entryExperiences of being Black worldwide are unique experiencesA study on the business loan process conducted by Harvard University revealed Black entrepreneurs in the USA have to deal with much more stringent policies and procedures than White entrepreneurs with similar or lesser qualifying requirements. This experience of different rules for Black business owners and Black entrepreneurs is also true in Barbados and serves as an obstacle which Black entrepreneurs have to determine how to overcome.Black parents have until recently tended to be more conservative, encouraging children to follow a more secure, traditional path and may not have supported entrepreneurship as it seemed too riskyThis stems partly from a historical experience of oppression and disadvantage which has caused them to be more risk-averse.That mindset is slowly changing, which is necessary to spur on generational wealth and generational business growthWhite peers may have a different upbringing and exposure to family businesses and business mindset earlier onBlack entrepreneurs must recognize that although social structures may cause them to be at a disadvantage, they can and must then make their own paths to success, be creative in how they pursue structuring and financing their businesses and set their own goals for measuring success.
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