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Interview series featuring black entrepreneurs packed with stories and lessons that everyone can learn from.
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030: The Hardest Part is to Start with Toni Thorne
Who is Toni Thorne? Entrepreneur who started her first business at age 7.Self-starter: “If I say I’m going to do something, I find a way I get it done.”“The hardest thing is to start.”Pursue what you are interested in and what will energize you: “You have to be very clear in what you want from life.”Motto: “Be true to yourself.” – you are your own biggest obstacle.Experience of Business Pursue Your Interests:Know Your Business Inside OutBelieve in YourselfAlign Your InterestsFinding a MentorUnderstand and Embrace FailureFavourite Failure Story.Black EntrepreneurshipThere is a mindset issue which is keeping Caribbean businesses, particularly Black businesses, from growing as they should: “People would rather own 0% of nothing than 5% of something.” – instead of collaborating and supporting one another, they would rather compete.The Black experience in Barbados, a predominantly Black country, is one in which Black people are treated as minorities and racism is an endemic issueUpper financial class does not reflect the racial composition of the country, which affects the level of entrepreneurship and business entryExperiences of being Black worldwide are unique experiencesA study on the business loan process conducted by Harvard University revealed Black entrepreneurs in the USA have to deal with much more stringent policies and procedures than White entrepreneurs with similar or lesser qualifying requirements. This experience of different rules for Black business owners and Black entrepreneurs is also true in Barbados and serves as an obstacle which Black entrepreneurs have to determine how to overcome.Black parents have until recently tended to be more conservative, encouraging children to follow a more secure, traditional path and may not have supported entrepreneurship as it seemed too riskyThis stems partly from a historical experience of oppression and disadvantage which has caused them to be more risk-averse.That mindset is slowly changing, which is necessary to spur on generational wealth and generational business growthWhite peers may have a different upbringing and exposure to family businesses and business mindset earlier onBlack entrepreneurs must recognize that although social structures may cause them to be at a disadvantage, they can and must then make their own paths to success, be creative in how they pursue structuring and financing their businesses and set their own goals for measuring success.
025 - Social Innovation with Candice Lela Rolingson
Here we take a deep dive into Social Innovation in the Creative Sector with Candice Lela Rolingson. Candice is an accomplished innovator and business developer who’s always been passionate about tourism, creative industries, and technology. She has successfully launched ventures in film, fashion, beauty, wellness & lifestyle, in addition to facilitating business model development and branding strategies to various business products and individuals. An international award-winning Executive Producer with a talent for research methods, Candice has developed exceptional skills in project managing the production of documentaries, feature films and commercially-branded entertainment for web & television advertisements, events, media and motion pictures. Moreover, she specializes in Caribbean Film Locations and Tourist Destination Management for international productions. In this episode, we discuss:The concept of Social Innovation;Why Social?;The vision, creation and production process, and impact of the film "Positive and Pregnant";Rollywood;Location Management;"Our Ethiopia" short film series;Building awareness of local creative projects; andThe Caribbean's role in Global Diversity. Links:Candice's Production Reel - on YouTube.Trailers for "Our Ethiopia" SeriesCandice's thesis on Behavior ChangeCandice on LinkedInCandice on TwitterCandice on Instagram Related Episodes:Listen to Episode 020: Social Entrepreneurship with Sian Cuffy-YoungListen to Episode 013: Rankin Morgan - Dazzle Magazine Subscribe To This Podcast:iTunesStitcherCastboxRSS Feed
024 - Sports Management Done Right with Kyle Lequay
 Kyle Lequay is a Sports Marketing and Business Development Specialist with over eleven years' experience in the industry. As President of the Beach Soccer Association of Trinidad and Tobago, Kyle is responsible for the development and promotion of beach soccer in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Beach soccer has made significant advancements with Kyle at the helm, including generating sport tourism activities such as the annual Tobago Beach Soccer Championship, which has brought in players from more than twenty countries since inception. As Strategic Marketing Manager for WI Sports Limited, Kyle envisioned, developed and implemented concepts to increase viewership and audience engagement, strategies that significantly and positively impacted the Company’s presence. Kyle also held the position of Marketing Manager for the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), concurrently with the post of Project Manager for FIFA’s Income Generation Program. Under his stewardship, the FIFA Program successfully implemented its deliverables and acquired significant public and private sector sponsorships, an activity that has contributed to cultivating critical relationships for the TTFA. Kyle boasts of an impressive list of significant sporting contributions locally and internationally including:Sponsorship Manager for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL);Marketing Manager for the Local Organising Committee for the FIFA Women’s U17 World Cup 2010;Program Coordinator for the DC Scores, Washington, D.C.; andSport Marketing Officer for Digital Sports DC/Kimsey Foundation, Washington DC. He is also a Certified Arena Operator for the U.S. Indoor Sports Association, a Member of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) and a Member for the Sport Marketing Association.Kyle is also a graduate of Howard University, School of Business, Washington D.C.  In this episode, we discuss:The origin of Beach Football (Soccer) in Trinidad and TobagoThe Sports Tourism model and its impact on a country's athleticsThe transition into Cheerleading - Cheer in the SunFinding opportunities in Sports EntertainmentA lesson in Resilience - how Kyle acquired the World of Dance Franchise; andWhat you learn from managing a Sports Bar Links:Lequay Edge on Facebook Related Episodes:Listen to Episode 001: Osei Wright-Alexis - Why Not Try?Listen to Episode 003: You Have to be "All In" with Kerrie-Kim KirtonListen to Episode 010: Make It POP! Event Management 101 with Brendon BraithwaiteListen to Episode 022: Proper Talent Management with Andre Jeffers 
023 - Much More Than a Host with Hans Des Vignes
In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Osei Wright-Alexis, and our featured guest; Hans Des Vignes, Owner of Hand-to-Hand Productions. As a radio and television presenter Hans Des Vignes is one of the most respected personalities in media in Trinidad and Tobago. He has produced and worked on some of the top shows that promote soca in Trinidad and Tobago from hosting TV broadcasts for Soca Monarch and Machel Monday, as well as hosting and even producing Carnival Acoustic, Promenade Countdown, Synergy TV's De Scene and Synergy TV Soca Star. As an event host/hype man he has also been featured in some of the biggest events in Trinidad and Tobago and has also been hired throughout the region and the world. As a manager of artists and promoter of music he has worked with the HD family as well as helped nurture and promote the next-generation of soca artists. He is also respected as an individual that knows a hit when he hears it. Hans can be heard daily on Trinidad and Tobago's #1 radio station Boom Champions 94.1fm and seen during the Secondary School's football league regionally on Sportsmax and CNC3. Topics Discussed:Awareness and presence of mindPerspective and growthBecoming the greatest version of yourselfOwnership, andBuilding structure in our lives. Links:Hans on FacebookHans on InstagramListen to Episode 014 - Toni Thorne - Just Do It!Subscribe to this Podcast
022 - Proper Talent Management with Andre Jeffers
How do you go from looking at spreadsheets the whole day at your desk job, to traveling the world touring as the business manager for your favourite recording artists? In this episode, Kevin is joined by specially invited co-host Emma Charles, and our featured guest; Andre Jeffers, Director & Co-Founder of Perception Management. Andre is a graduate of Howard University (Washington DC) with a Bachelors Degree in Finance. Upon graduating at the top of his class, Andre began forging a career on Wall Street where he worked as an Investment Banking Analyst at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital, focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions. Following these stints, Andre was then recruited by world-renowned Private Equity firm The Carlyle Group where he functioned as an Investment Associate, focusing on making controlling equity investments in companies within Aerospace and Defense Sector and managing the entire transaction project cycle. Andre returned to Trinidad in 2013 to begin his own business ventures, including the formation of Perception Management with best friend Andrew Bailey. Together, they manage soca icons Iwer George & Alison Hinds as well as rising host & entertainer "Rome". Perception Management is a full-service management company that provides holistic management services across the entertainment spectrum including – talent management, club management, event management, bar management, booking administration and ticketing/gate management. Founded in 2013, Perception has already made waves in the entertainment industry with a deliberate focus on high-end events and clientele, where quality and customer service is most important. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Andre is a Strategy & Finance consultant who lists many of the region's top companies among his clients.  Links:Perception Management on FacebookPerception Management on InstagramListen to Episode 004 - Jerome Precilla - How I Became a MultipreneurSubscribe to this Podcast
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