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The More Sibyl Podcast is hosted by Mo! Sibyl - a Nigerian-born, US-educated, Korean-speaking, Struggling Intellectual. The More Sibyl Podcast is a podcast about culture and culture nomads designed for Blacks and Asians and those who love them. On The More Sibyl Podcast, Mo! talks mostly with an invited guest, who she is inspired by, on a variety of issues, related to cultural experiences or other lived experiences related to third culture. If your concept of home is fluid, you feel like you are neither here nor there, or you consider yourself a cultural hybrid, then this podcast is for you. Support this podcast:
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The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: 점점 좋아지고| The One With Mo! Sibyl – On The Long-Term Effects Of Shame: Episode 35 (2020) Warning: This episode contains messages that might be disturbing to some listeners – especially those who have experienced one form of child sexual abuse or the other. We are down to the last episode of the SICK-SEEK-RETS series. What a month it has been! This week’s episode was unplanned; it was born from my "off-the-record" conversation with AnuOluwapo Adelakun, my guest from last week. There was just something about talking to her that helped to finally loosen my tongue to share my story with her, a conversation that I had been unable to have with my mum. Just like Anu, I was molested at the age of three by a neighbor. Though I didn’t have a thorough understanding of what transpired, an evil seed was planted that day, and I have lived with its fruits since then. In this episode, I spoke about my abuse for the first time, mapping out my life from childhood to adulthood and the long-term adverse effects the experience left me with. Most importantly, I talked about the steps I have taken and still taking towards healing. Find out how I broke the news to my mom after 30 years and her reaction to it. There is a word of advice for parents in this episode, give it a listen. As usual, please send feedback. Free 'n Love, Mo! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One With AnuOluwapo Adelakun – On Finding Purpose Through Shame WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS MESSAGES THAT MIGHT BE DISTURBING TO SOME LISTENERS – ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED ONE FORM OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE OR THE OTHER. To be vulnerable is to put one's self at risk, but it can also be a form of strength when applied in certain life situations. It is in this form that our guest today addressed the issues of shame in her life, which, for a long time, were SICK-RETS. Through her shameful experiences, she has found purpose and is on a mission to liberate others to live guilt and shame-free lives. AnuOluwapo Adelakun is first a servant of God called to obedience and a channel of healing to God's hurting children. She is the convener of the No Shame tribe, a women & girls' rights advocate, journalist, and award-winning documentary filmmaker working on issues affecting marginalized girls and women across Africa. In this episode, she talks about being sexually abused as a seven-year-old girl, finding the purpose in her pain, her healing process, and embracing God's love during her time of grief. This story will get you evaluating your life's purpose, see yourself through the eyes of God's love, and inspire you to not wallow in your shame but to set yourself and your story free. Please give it a listen! S/O to Yvonne Edo-Olotu for the introduction Recommended Song: "Reckless Love"– Cory Asbury (2018) Love, Mo! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The subject of marriage is indeed delicate and must be stepped into cautiously. While it may be difficult to decipher a person's true intentions, there are red flags that must never be ignored. Today we bring you yet another divorce story from a guest who has chosen to be anonymous, so she will be called Raquel. She fell victim to a con man who pretended to love her but was only after getting a US green card. The marriage that began as a rushed and hushed process also ended in the same manner, a few short months later. In this episode, Raquel owned her story and took responsibility for her actions. She walked us through the process from marriage to divorce, how she is dealing with the mental and emotional strain, and finally coming to terms with the unfolded events. Raquel tells us why she remained married as long as she did, the secrecy and hastiness of the entire situation, the warning signals she ignored, her final wake up call, and how she is finally placing her happiness ahead. Raquel ends this episode with a powerful note of encouragement that is relevant to everyone. You should listen to it!!! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Olayinka Favour-Alaka – On Thriving Well After a Divorce: Episode 32 (2020) Nobody gets married with the intention of disrupting their ‘happily ever after.” Still, a series of events occur, leading to the eventual breakdown of the relationship between two people who once cared about each other. Kicking off this month’s specially curated episodes is the one with Olayinka Favour-Alaka, a woman I have come to love and admire for her strength and authenticity. She is a facility manager at Alterra Capital, an event planner, a teen minister, and a certified sex therapist. This is the first time she has publicly opened up about her divorce, and I salute her courage in being vulnerable. In this episode, Olayinka laid bare the events that led up to the disintegration of her marriage - including having multiple miscarriages, her attempts to fix things, the healing process thereafter, and how she is thriving again as a single woman. This episode is rich in lessons for single, married, and divorced people. You can send in any questions concerning the conversation, and they will be addressed during the upcoming Shame Conference. You can find all about Yinka and her sex therapy work on IG @erotaslounge Best, Mo! Resources Our sex workshop: Book: Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage by Kenneth E. Hagin --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Mojung Sylvia Kim – On Hallyu - South Korea’s Pop Culture Wave I am very excited about this episode because it centers on my adopted country, South Korea. For over ten years, I have indulged in this one and only guilty pleasure - Korean Dramas, aka K-Dramas. Asides the several reasons I love them, watching K-Dramas have played a great role in elevating my understanding of the Korean language. To do justice to this subject, I brought my Korean sister and teacher, Mojung Kim. Mojung is a Korean living in America and undergoing her Master's in Early Childhood Education at the University of Central Oklahoma. In this episode, we trace it right to the beginning, examining Korea's history and the events that lead to the Korean wave, also known as "Hallyu “ (a Chinese term). We examined the concepts of Han and Jeong, the writing style of K-Dramas, the unique romantic display, the dark sides of the Korean culture, amongst others. If you are new to watching K-Dramas, this episode is a must-listen as we provided recommendations of our favorite shows and where to get them. And if you are wondering how Korea got to be so cool, then go ahead and listen as well. For me, I would love to see the future collaborations between Nigeria's Nollywood and Korean entertainment. 한국 만세, Mo! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Jessica Fortunes – On The EndSARS Protests in Nigeria If you have access to the internet, then by now, you must have come across the hashtag, #EndSARS. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a unit of the Nigerian Police Force that has, for many years, terrorized rather than protect Nigerian citizens, with the young people being their primary targets. For two weeks, young Nigerians have been protesting locally and internationally, calling for the disbandment of SARS and justice for their victims.  Joining me on this episode is Jessica Fortunes, the host of @twentysomethingsrants podcast, a young Nigerian, and one of the protesters. We talked about the youth's power using their voices with social media as their tool, the key role women have played in the protests, the solidarity of the young people, and the adjustments the older generation needs to make. This episode is a must-listen, especially for those who haven't had a personal experience with SARS. I have also included personal encounter stories of young Nigerians in their twenties who have been harassed by these rogue officers. If you can't physically be part of the protest, you can support by lending your voice, creating awareness on your platforms, make welfare package donations, or send monetary contributions to the @feministco. You can find Jessica on IG, Twitter, and Pinterest as @JessicaFortunes or via It's time to Sọrọ Sòkè (Speak up!) and yeah, #ENDSARS Recommended Song: “Great Nation”– Timi Dakolo (2011) Resources History of SARS - Amnesty International’s Report on police brutality in Nigeria - To donate to the movement through the Feminist Coalition - --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Iyanu Adedipe – On Life In Lagos The reviews from last Thursday’s episode with Iyanu have been amazeballs, so I decided to give you guys a bonus. It’s an excerpt from my conversation with Iyanu focusing on Lagos life and her “serial killer ways” of going to the movies alone. In this episode, we talked about the changes that have occurred in Lagos since the last time I was there and about the excessive carbohydrate consumption (especially rice) in Nigeria. Well, Iyanu was bent on defending her choice of going to the movies alone, and she even took a swipe at me for meditating on the throne of inspiration (aka the toilet seat). So I leave you guys to judge (please don’t vote in her favor), which of these is creepy: going to the movies alone as a form of self-care or spending an hour in the toilet meditating to receive fresh ideas? I await your verdict. Oh, and enjoy this super-duper short segment; I am off to meditate! PS: Follow Iyanu’s beautifully crafted drinks on IG @ 106bartales  PPS: You can read more about my hotel staycation here --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Iyanu Adedipe – On What No One Tells You About Marriage When two people with different stories, ideas, backgrounds, and expectations fall in love, getting married seems like the next step to take. But beyond just loving each other, their ability to manage their differences is a crucial factor that will keep them together. In this episode, I have my sister-in-law, Iyanu Adedipe, on the show to talk about our marriages to twin brothers. Iyanu is married to my husband’s twin, Kehinde. She is a mixologist, a lover of rice and fish sauce, and the only one I know who goes to the movies alone. Really, who does that? #Serialkillerswannabe. We critically examined the role of communication in maintaining a happy marriage, the importance of continuously teaching one another, unfulfilled expectations, and dealbreakers in marriage—all these with shared with some laughter too. If you are curious to find out the back story between Taiwo and me, then this is the episode you’ll get the full gist. The good thing for you is that our husbands don’t listen to this podcast anyway, so go on ahead and download and enjoy the whole gossip and a half. Recommended Song: “Marriage (결혼)”– MoonMoon (2017) --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Olayinka Jolaosho - On Career, Grief, and Addiction Meet Olayinka Jolaosho (yeah two episodes in a row with Yinkas – guess they truly yímiká haha) - my WhatsApp muse and the bane of my meme existence. She's also a strong anti-fan even though she believes she's my #4 fan. It's my utmost pleasure to share this extraordinary treasure to my listeners. It's one of the many ways I keep making her famous (things I do for you, boo!) Indeed, there are conventional ways of doing things, but you find people like Yinka who deviate from traditions now and then. Yinka is a pharmacist with 12 years of progressive practical experience working in the development and health sector in several areas, including pharmaceutical research, supply chain management, program management, sales and marketing, and much more. As a pharmacist in Nigeria, the career options are limited to specific areas, but Yinka has successfully carved out a niche for herself in the healthcare industry. In this episode, she shares with us details of her 12-year career journey, attitude to work, and finding her unique passion in pharmacy. She also shared the pain of losing her sister to sickle cell anemia and her dad shortly after, as well as her strange but acceptable addiction. Listen to this episode to find out how Yinka evolved from making purple candles as a child to becoming a "purple cow" in her field of expertise. --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Olayinka Favour-Alaka - On Divine Calling and Becoming a Sex Coach What do you do when your purpose conflicts with your current situation? Do you let go of your dream, or do you launch ahead despite the challenge? Today's story features Olayinka Favour-Alaka, a woman who didn't allow societal expectations to get the better of her. Still, she is fearlessly living her best life as she answers her divine calling. She also happens to be our sex therapist! After dancing to the tunes of parental demands that yielded no fruits, Yinka stood up for herself and went after her desires. As a teenager in boarding school, she was the victim of bullies who managed to suppress her lively spirit, leaving her with self-esteem issues. Being able to identify with their struggles, Yinka is now a passionate advocate for teenagers, mentoring them in the Christian faith and through life issues. She is also a certified sex therapist, an event planner, and a facility manager at Alterra Capital. In this episode, she shares the background story for her various expressions, including describing herself as happily divorced, while testifying of God's grace upon her life. This episode is a must-listen, especially if there is a conflict between your calling and your life's experiences. Special thanks to Patricia O from Lagos, Nigeria for the introduction. --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Mo! - Mo!nologue III: – On Gratitude, Confronting Fear, and Toxic Traits One of the many blessings of podcasting for me is having a safe space to talk and share my thoughts with you all, knowing that someone is out there listening and probably learning too. Today, I decided to do a monologue-something I haven’t done in a while now. In this episode, I talked about practicing gratitude, confronting your fears, and managing toxic behaviors. As usual, I shared my personal stories alongside these topics. After undergoing an event that almost cost me my life, I am grateful to be alive now more than ever. I also recently crossed a significant item off my to-do list, which I have unconsciously been afraid of doing. While listening to this episode, take time to reflect, evaluate your position on the issues I raised, and please send feedback. I would love to know how this episode has impacted you. 해라 /hae ra/ (Do it!), Mo! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Enyeribe Ibegwam – On Identity, Becoming a Writer, & Other Stories How would you define the word "brother?" Well, after listening to this episode, you will discover that your brothers or sisters are not just those with whom you share blood relationship, but also those with whom you share solidarity. My guest today is Enyeribe Ibegwam. He was brought up in Lagos, Nigeria but now resides in the US. A writer, he has been awarded a PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize and was a finalist for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. He is a recipient of several grants, and his story has been published in the PEN America Best Debut Stories 2019. He's also a Truman Capote Fellow at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. As a young man in the US, he initially felt uneasy being called "brother" by strangers because he was Black, but it was only a matter of time before he too became a "brother" to other brothers. In this episode, Enyeribe walks down memory lane to his childhood experiences; we talk about Africans' duty to African-Americans and go behind-the-scenes of his literary work. Kindly do yourself a favor by visiting here to read more of Enyeribe's stories. Download this episode to find out more about this amazing "brother" and writer. --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Brenden Kumarasamy - On Mastering Public Speaking If you are like most people, you probably have or have had a fear of public speaking. But the good news is that after hearing from today’s guest, you will discover that public speaking is not as difficult as it seems, but an art that can be learned and mastered. In today’s episode, I have Brenden Kumarasamy on the show. He grew up in Montreal and had to learn French. He is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel he started to help the world master public speaking and communication. He coaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs on how to master their message and share their ideas with the world. He also works as a Business Transformation Consultant at IBM, where he helps clients transition to better technology HR solutions to help them do business better. From an early age, Brenden was determined to lift his family out of poverty, and that became his motivation for going to business school and becoming a business consultant. Being a success-driven person, he competed in over 50 case competitions while in college, which provided a platform where he perfected his public speaking skills and gained years’ worth of experience coaching other students. In this episode, Brenden shares how he stumbled into his entrepreneurial journey in public speaking, public speaking tips for polyglots, strategies to crack the fear of public speaking, the reason for his drive, and the big questions he asked himself that helped him get an early start in life. So if you are interested in learning more about public speaking (which you should), you need to listen to this episode to find out where you can access Brenden’s amazing stash of highly educative and free content. And what the heck does karaoke language mean, anyone? PS: Learn more about Brenden here or IG @masteryourtalk --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with  Chiamaka Adepegba - A No-Holds-Barred Interview of Mo! (Part 2) We are picking it right where we left off last week. This episode is the second part of my no-holds-barred conversation with my dear friend, Chiamaka. Chiamaka Adepegba is a senior pharmacist and independent prescriber who just bagged her master’s degree in advanced prescribing. She is a blogger, YouTuber, and a lover of makeup and fufu. She is married and is based in the UK with her family. Chiamaka and I have known each other since 2004 when we were college roommates. She was the intermediary between my now husband and me in the early days. In this concluding episode, I answer the rest of her questions, which by the way, are less intense compared to those of the previous week, but equally relevant and cuts across border. Like my views on BLM and why I keep my hair in dreads (hint, it's a spiritual expression). I didn’t make this episode all about me; I gave my listeners a deeper insight into our friendship by sharing two important lessons I learned from her while we were at college. We shared memories of the past from our college years and highlight how those experiences have contributed to shaping us into the women that we are today. We also talked about her relationship with her late dad, who passed away 12 years ago; Chiamaka lets us into her grief management and how she is still dealing with the pain even after all this time. Just in case you ever wondered why I locked my hair, you can find out from this episode. Simply download to get the entire scoop! PS: There’s a video of this episode which I am yet to upload on the Tube. Once I can figure out how editing works on Windows 10, it will be made available on my YouTube channel – Mo! Sibyl. Link to Part I here. --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with  Chiamaka Adepegba- A No-Holds-Barred Interview of Mo! (Part 1) Today’s episode takes a different route from the norm, where I interview a guest and ask all the questions. This time, I have a guest who asks all the questions while I provide the answers. My guest today is Chiamaka Adepegba. She is a senior pharmacist and independent prescriber who just bagged her master’s degree in advanced prescribing. She is a blogger, YouTuber, and a lover of makeup and fufu. She is married and is based in the UK with her family. Chiamaka and I have known each other since 2004 when we were college roommates. She was the intermediary between my now husband and me in the early days (#thelittleimp). Based on our friendship history, there is no other person with whom I will rather do this episode. You know a person is your friend when you can discuss not only the easy topics but the difficult ones as well. There was no holding back in the questions Chiamaka asked, I also did not hold back in the sincerity of my response. In this episode, I answer questions that most people, especially my listeners may have about me and share my struggles too. The conversation is fun, playful, emotional, and most importantly, authentic. It is my desire that others are inspired and encouraged by my story. Please note that this is the first of a two-part series, so download this episode to get more of Mo! --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Bimpe Shode – On Emotions in Business Relationships The third time they say is a charm! Once again, I have my homegirl, Bimpe, on the show. Bimpe is the type of friend you want to have in your corner – level-headed, stays on course, emotionally mature, and the one you can first expose yourself to, thereby saving yourself from public embarrassment and rebuke. We share things in common, including our faith, which forms the foundation of our core values. In this episode, we discuss the effect of mixing business with emotions referencing my work-relationship experience with my former virtual assistant, which was on the verge of becoming toxic. Reflecting on that relationship, we were able to glean valuable lessons that are not just applicable to business relationships, but relevant to all forms of relationships in general. We capped it up by sharing the virtues we admire about each other, and frankly, she caught me off guard. There are lots of laughter in this episode as I find it really difficult putting on my “professional suit” around Bimpe. We all certainly need friends like Bimpe in our lives. Listen to the episode to catch the full gist. Read more on --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Akinola Akinlawon – On Community Service, Male Vulnerability, and Self-Care My guest today moved to the US from Nigeria in 2012 to bag a college degree. While at college at the Cameron University in Oklahoma, Akinola Akinlawon, popularly referred to as “AK,” served as a leader in various capacities, was recognized for his visionary involvement, community building,  and academic excellence. As a student, his deep-rooted passion for helping others achieve their dreams inspired him to launch a first-ever student-driven tuition scholarship in 2015 aimed to assist Nigerian non-immigrant students in the US. He also founded his IT consulting business called Digital Designs and Engineering, which he runs to this day. Currently, Akin is completing a Master’s degree in Management of Information Systems at the University of Houston and is the president of one of Houston’s largest graduate student networks, The Bauer MBA Society. In this episode, Akin shares his motivation for starting the scholarship scheme for Nigerian international students in the US and gives an update of its current status. He also talks about self-care from a man’s perspective using his life as a reference to offer lessons. He advocates for male vulnerability and prioritizing one’s self. The good news is that Akin, a TFH (Tall, Fair, and Handsome) single guy who writes love poems, is ready to mingle. He gave details of his ideal “spec” and where interested single ladies can shot their shoots. But you wouldn’t know this if you don’t listen to the podcast. So download and enjoy it! PS: This show was taped in 2019 BC (Before Covid-19). Show notes available on --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Han Seth Lu – On Leadership, Biracial Identity, and Mental Health There is no doubt that a person’s mental development is linked to the environment in which he was raised; however, it is essential to highlight that irrespective of the surrounding environmental condition, it is possible to rise above the hindrances and pursue a better life. My guest today is one who was determined to rise above the limitations of his environment but instead allowed it to propel him into the life he now lives. Everyone meet Han Seth Lu, the young man who is positively influencing his community. Growing up in Myanmar, Han faced the challenge of poor quality education resulting from the military rule and was discriminated against for being biracial. Despite these, his desire for personal growth and dedication to his community drove him to pursue better education in the US and co-founding the Noor Education and Community Center in Bago, Myanmar, where other young people can be empowered to achieve their goals through leadership training. In this episode, we talk about the impact of his biracial identity on his childhood, cultural identity, his passion for leadership education, mental health advocacy, and sexuality. Han shared a gem on how he manages his mental health struggles, listen to this episode to find out how! And yes, to MENtal health! Go do great things, Mo!  Read more on --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Aarushi Gupta – Life of a 13-year-old Indian Podcaster Can you reflect on your 13-year-old self, to a time when life was much easier, and you had no worries about bills or responsibilities? To a time before the internet's popularity and social media was a thing? To a time when your most significant life's challenge was making good grades and fitting in with friends? To a time when lip gloss was the ultimate make-up product, and the school gossips were about who liked who in class? Today, life has evolved in so many ways, so much so that a 13-year-old girl from India now has keeping up with her podcast show as a thing to worry about! My guest today is an amazing and inspiring young lady who has just turned 14. She is Aarushi Gupta, a 10th-grade student from Gurugram, near New Delhi, India, and guess what? She is a podcaster! This is definitely a WOW moment. On her podcast called "When I Was 13", Aarushi interviews various people and asks them about the world when they were 13 years old. In doing so, she gets to know about how people make life choices, the varied environments in which people grow up in, and the life lessons that they pick up along the way. In this episode, she shares with us the surprising inspiration behind her podcasting journey, how she balances it with her academics, and the future she envisions for her podcast. Aarushi talks about her love for music, family life, and gives us a unique glimpse of India from her point of view. She also shares valuable insights into how adults can better interact with teenagers. Download this week's episode to find out more about this phenomenal 14-year-old whose future I am so excited about and the spaces she willoccupy. Quotes: “Everything is changing every second, it's like a time machine.” -  Aarushi G. Show notes available on --- Support this podcast:
The More Sibyl Podcast Presents: The One with Michaella Mutoni – On Acculturation, Identity, and being Pan-African There is no doubt that the Rwandan genocide birthed tales of woe, but today’s guest is a product of a marriage between two Rwandans who found love in a Burundi. Their family of five would later embark on a global journey cutting across Africa, Europe, and finally, settle in North America. My guest today is Michaella Mutoni, a Burundi-born Rwandan who has lived in Germany, Senegal, Eswatini, and the US and is currently based in Canada. She is a global solution manager for a software company and also serves as the host of a bilingual (FR/EN) podcast called “Jase Avec Moi” that highlights the stories of African professionals in the diaspora. In this episode, she opens up about acculturation, adjusting to life in different places, and the tips that have helped her adapt to new environments. She also talks about her identity as a third culture kid (TCK) and mistakes TCK parents should avoid, thoughts on returning home, telling African stories for the coming generation, her views on grad school, traits necessary for success, career switch, and her purpose here on earth. And we also talked about why Nigerians are more pronounced (read: loud) compared to other Africans in the diaspora. Michaella was also kind enough to give us a sneak peek into her upcoming wedding. Do well to listen to the podcast to find out where and when we are all turning up!!! COVID be gone! Amen!!! Learn more about Michaella here: Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Show Notes available on Be curious and empathetic, Mo! --- Support this podcast:
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