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Author: Jawara Blake

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A life journey of the painter Jawara Blake. Full of art school stories and the philosophy of inking.
You can find me on my website.
59 Episodes
We tackle a bit in this episode like colorism in art. I hope you find it interesting and beautiful.
Óla Gente, A quick reminder that this Winter season is hard and you are not alone. I love you and we will get through this together. Help is available National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
Óla Gente, We made it! It’s so much fun to have reached 100 episodes. I am still learning but it feels good to have come this fare. Here is my Patreon: I love this podcast so much and we made it possible together. Thank you.
Learning how to price art lessons and what happened with the fire.
A hero dies and you pick the parts you want to remember to inspire you. They are powerful and painful but also beautiful. links
What anime or manga are you into in 2020? What is keeping your interest? What about it is grabbing you? Send your answers to
Just be ok will stillness and in the stillness you will find motion in your arts. Plus pick up a new mask.
How did you get into liking art? The email again is
Get up, stand up

Get up, stand up


Today I talk about space and flowing of artist in living communities.
What is your first art projects you remember as a kid?
Art on all sides

Art on all sides


Óla Galeras. Today we tell some art stories and talk with a special guest Hannah Cherry. It’s going to be a beautiful podcast episode. Enjoy
Keeping the talk about the color spectrum and life in general as a painter. Follow my journey as a Afrolatinx painter.
Ink is art

Ink is art


Made so much this week. It’s wild how much I can make when I really need to. I love how my inks flow.
Life in the lights

Life in the lights


Season 3 is booming. Thanks you to all the new Galeras! This podcast keeps growing and it’s amazing to me. This episode is about painting and making. Shock.
Welcome back to season 3 of the Pfp!!!! I missed you and can’t wait to tell you all the things I have been up to.
The way we are.

The way we are.


Another in between episode before season 3 starts. Life is a rock covered in honey.
Just a check in. Big things are coming.
You guessed it Galeras, it’s a Q and A episode. I really enjoyed this one and I hope I get a lot of the ideas out of my head and into yours.
Óla Galeras, Hope you are well. I’m good. Lots to talk about today. Enjoy the ride.
Love and opportunity

Love and opportunity


Happy Juneteenth! These days not much to celebrate but this is one thing we will. Art is love and opportunity.
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