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Author: Jawara Blake

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A life journey of the painter Jawara Blake. Full of art school stories and the philosophy of inking.
You can find me on my website.
26 Episodes
Lots of art stories in this one. Hope you enjoy.
We only draw fun here.

We only draw fun here.


I spend a few weeks working on art that inspired me and loving the art around me.
The boxer drawing

The boxer drawing


Full week and time skips in my life got me here. Enjoy the stories.
Óla Galeras, I’m working on my book again and Inktober paintings. Enjoy my journey with me.
Build up and fall out from the big closing show. Hope you had a great week. Time keeps moving forwards.
I time traveled a bit in this one. Little bit of little Jawara carnival stories mixed with art hopes. Enjoy and I love you Galeras.
So it’s been a while and I missed you. So so much to cover and so much to joke about as I ponder the inner workings of my mind.
This week I talk about life and flexibility as an artist.
A check in on all you have missed in the world of the lucid painter.
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