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Author: Jawara Blake

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A life journey of the painter Jawara Blake. Full of art school stories and the philosophy of inking.
You can find me on my website.
46 Episodes
We tackle a bit in this episode like colorism in art. I hope you find it interesting and beautiful.
Welcome back to season 3 of the Pfp!!!! I missed you and can’t wait to tell you all the things I have been up to.
The way we are.

The way we are.


Another in between episode before season 3 starts. Life is a rock covered in honey.
Just a check in. Big things are coming.
You guessed it Galeras, it’s a Q and A episode. I really enjoyed this one and I hope I get a lot of the ideas out of my head and into yours.
Óla Galeras, Hope you are well. I’m good. Lots to talk about today. Enjoy the ride.
Love and opportunity

Love and opportunity


Happy Juneteenth! These days not much to celebrate but this is one thing we will. Art is love and opportunity.
The is a heavy place. It's not a new thing to most of us people of color. It's not at all a new thing to Black people in America and really even most of the world. We tackle that today. This is a heavy episode.
So much happens every week. I create something as I watch the world tick on. A lot of adventures in painting and photography.
I've been making for so long I forget to look back and study how everything goes back together. How I make more sideways and backwards and how I learned to do them. all my links to my work.
I see myself in this like a dream. I got some fun answers to all the questions you asked. I really enjoy doing these. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions from IG.  merch book 2 Imaginary Kingdom thank you and I love you all, Jaws
Sometimes you make time for your work and others it makes time for you.
Last two weeks have been really busy. I've been making a lot of things to keep people entertained who are stuck at home. Weird photography I call Universe 747 and coloring book pages. I do another one of my photography walks at a safe distance from other people. What are you doing right known the time of self isolation?
This week we have a birthday playlist, a tiny celebration of me to you from me to you.
The red Whale

The red Whale


I walked around with my cameras and took in the world and the world took me back into her.
I walked up and down the very long street I live on and took so many photos in this podcast episode. I’m also working on my secret project a lot today.
This week I talk about art school stories, shock. I’m working on prints and paintings for the coming convention in May. Handmade hard worker.
Making art for a few weeks in 2020. A little history listen about art and MLK.
Whiskey easel

Whiskey easel


End of the new celebration and reflection in a pool of paint water.
We finally do a Q and A. Plus lots of turkey day stories.
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