DiscoverOur Next Guest Is... A podcast for anyone who books professional speakers
Our Next Guest Is... A podcast for anyone who books professional speakers
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Our Next Guest Is... A podcast for anyone who books professional speakers

Author: Michael Pope and Carson White

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Do you book professional speakers for your conferences and events? If so this podcast is for you.

'Our Next Guest Is...' talks to some of Australia's most fascinating professional speakers as it helps provide a deeper insight into who they are, what they speak on and why they should be considered for your next event.

Hosted by professional MC and entertainer Michael Pope and co-hosted by 20 year speaking industry veteran and co-founder of Leading Voice Speaker Management, Carson White.

If you are a Speaker and would like to be on Our Next Guest Is then please contact Carson White -

26 Episodes
What is the difference between advertising and marketing? How do you sell ice to Eskimos? And what really is ‘brand’? These and many more questions are discussed with the country’s most successful marketing podcaster Tim Reid. A marketing expert who has spent time with hundreds of small and big successful business people, the lessons he has learnt are now amplified through his own voice. And if you’re a small business operator, why is now better than ever in the world of marketing? Listen and you will find out!To find out more on Tim Reid - 
Dr Brownwyn King has moved from the pool to the medical clinic in her dynamic career. Ten years ago her life changed and gave her an impetus and direction as she takes on the battle against the tobacco industry. She wants to ban the word impossible. She wants every company to have two CEOs. She wants sustainability in every company’s DNA. She wants to change the world starting at the United Nations; and she will probably get all she wants.  Listen to how she goes about it.To learn more about Dr Bronwyn King please visit:
Remember the impact of John Cleese’s training videos many years ago? Well someone who describes John as her mentor has taken the video training art to the ultimate level is Eve Ash. Psychologist trained and now using live speaking and video as her communication tool, Eve has a million stories through which she reveals the behaviours that make us human. Why do we let one small failing colour our whole endeavour? How important is persistence? And what is the mindset intrinsic to her father’s escape in WW2. Listen and learn.To find out more about Eve:
CULTURE: LEADERSHIP: CUSTOMER SERVICE :CHANGEWhat’s the coffee cup cupboard look like at your workplace? Names on everything – or more of a community sharing space? Ever sat in the ‘wrong chair’ at a first-time meeting? If so, it’s the UGRs that are speaking loudly. 'Unwritten Ground Rules' are the focus for Steve Simpson – a former teacher who has observed the culture in workplaces for years – and has unearthed the hurdles that prevent businesses from being the best they can be. But creating a great culture costs. Are you willing to pay?For more information on Steve Simpson please visit: 
Anne is an egalitarian and fights for all and believes in marketing and advertising industry being better and doing better. Having spent over three decades in the industry, winning a multitude of awards and starting an award winning business called Suits and Sneakers, Anne is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion. She is doing her bit to make change in her industry and society as a whole. What's Suits and Sneakers really about? What life experiences drove her to create this business and did she really write a book with her children?To find out more on Anne: 
SOCIAL MEDIA: CONTENT MARKETING :COMMUNICATIONS :BRANDINGAre you on facebook? Probably. Twitter? Perhaps. Do you have your won Media Channel? What? Well if you are in business, communicating with the people who matter to you most is imperative to success – according to Trevor Young. And he would know – he’s written a blog about it! Has Trump changed the Twitterverse forever? And is there actually something in what he has done that can work for you? Get up to date with the social media minefield with this PR Warrior.For more information on Trevor Young please visit:
WELLNESS: HEALTH & LIFESTYLE: MENTAL HEALTH: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTFrom the deafening noise of an AFL match – to the serene silence of deep meditation, Mark Bunn has travelled far.  He has found the place where eastern and western philosophies merge – and brings those learnings to the business world. What ARE the 2 secrets to happiness – and what IS  the energy that rules our lives? Take 20 minutes to enjoy this interview, then another 20 to meditate on it.For more information on Mark Bunn please visit: 
DEMOGRAPHY INSIGHTS FOR BUSINESS: CULTURAL ANALYSIS: FUTURE: CHANGEThe man who coined the ‘smashed avocado generation” Bernard Salt, has been advising Australia on the future trends for many years. How muchcanthe past indicate the future? And what is it that is exciting business into the 2030s? Here he talks about how companies can bring their people along when change is needed, and why taking risk has paid off big time. And why does he feel a return to spirituality for the baby boomers?To book Bernard for your next event please visit: 
 INSPIRATION: MOTIVATION : COMMUNICATION : CHANGE : LEADERSHIP For 25 years Robyn Moore has been one of the country’s most in-demand speakers as she encourages us all to find the real and authentic person we are. Robyn shares how she crafts every presentation to create lasting outcomes for her audiences.    She also claims to be have been in every home in Australia however you will not have a clue who she is until she speaks!"This is the ‘ Missing Link’ we speakers have craved for years. For PCOs, in-house event producers and potential business clients… it’s like having a 20 minute coffee break with many of Australia’s top presenters, to help them make a well-informed choice for their next event. This is much more effective than wading through speaker’s promotional material…which doesn’t always guarantee an “unforgettable” or “highly valuable" presentation. An extra bonus is that every speaker leaves the listener with some experiential “Take-Home” value for themselves.    Your insightful questions enabled me to share my background, why I have loved this vocation for 25 years and to explain how I actually construct my “Tailored” presentations which consistently hit my clients’ brief. Congratulations for providing this extremely valuable service." RM
RACONTEUR: MC: STORY TELLER: KEYNOTE SPEAKERFrom drummer to reporter, journalist, actor and TV presenter, David Reyne has explored nearly all facets of the entertainment business; but always on his terms. Not one to stay around if he’s not happy – he takes that spirit of fun, positivity and joy into his work as MC and keynote speaker. With a thousand stories from why you never wee in the water to drinking with the Russian underground – David is guaranteed to bring energy to every gig he works. But what exactly washis out of body experience that made him resign!? 
MC: ENTERTAINERIt’s a Podcaster’s right to interview who they wish – and I’m no exception. So it is that Michael Pope is our next guest. As the most clapped out man in Australia – as tv show audience warm-up guy, he takes that experience into the corporate world as conference MC. What’s the F word that is crucial to the success of any event? Why are award nights his favourite time? And how does his actor training translate to his speaker coaching to clients?  And with MP as MC – you get much more than directions to the bathrooms….For more information on Michael please visit 
LEADERSHIP: TEAMWORK: TEAMWORK: COMMNICATIONAfter a number of years in the military and special forces unit, mark ‘Squiz’ Squirrell left it all to work in the humanitarian aid sector travelling the globe to war-torn communities. The lessons he learned from that form the keystone to his presentations, including a very unique form of delivery using Virtual Reality and immersive experiences on his 140 acre property.  “A hungry person is a more desperate person”, “A leader is someone who relies on others” are just a few of his teachings, and listen out for his take on what keeps world hunger a tragic reality.   For more information on Mark 'Squiz' Squirrell please visit 
LEADERSHIP: CHANGE: CULTURE: TRUSTAt 24 Cameron Schwab was the youngest CEO ever at a footy club – and some 11 years later he was very publicly sacked as CEO of another. The his and lows of a career set in the elite world of AFL  - and all the terrain in between, forms the basis of this very focussed speaker. “Lead in a way that it true to you”. “Recognise that as a leader you are a teacher.” “Lift people to shift people” And the lesson he learnt about picking oneself up after a fall, is probably the deepest of all. And watch out for his 3 rules of feedback. They’re a beauty.For more information on Cameron Schwab please visit 
INSPIRATIONAL : SOCIAL MEDIA : STORY TELLING : MENTAL HEALTHFormer Facebook and Twitter marketer Nick Bowditch certainly knows the power of telling a story well. But it only has impact if it is honest and authentic. His own story comes to the stage as he reveals his ‘defects’ as super powers; living with depression, anxiety and PTSD. How small and large business can benefit from authentic story telling is what drives him – and his passion to get us to all claim what is rightfully ours. And did he really interview in Speedos?For more information on Nick: 
CHANGE : TRANSITION : LEADERSHIP : INSPIRATION : COMMUNICATIONJoanna Ferrari is a transition expert, and having identified 21 transitions in her life – the last being her gender transition, she certainly speaks from experience. Why is it that we find change uncomfortable? How can a business approach their transitions in a more successful way? And why does this former Chippendale dancer, also a top-flying CEO, have Anthony Robbin’s phone number? The world treats you the way you see yourself – this focussed and inspiring speaker explains how.For more information on JoAnna: 
INNOVATION : FACILITATOR : COMEDY : AFTER DINNER SPEAKERFrom lawyer, to standup, to MC to speaker – James O'Loghlin has done it all. Including many years at the helm of the New Inventors – a program that exposed him to the thinking ways of entrepreneurs and innovative minds. Can we all do it? Can we bring a creative culture to the work place? You bet – and what’s more – he can tell you how.  As well as an author for adults and children, James delivers a sure fire keynote with plenty of practical tips for creative thinking. “I loved being on Michael and Carson’s podcast – they asked intelligent, insightful questions about the speaker business and my experiences in it, and made it fun. They are a great combination.” JO
SPORT : INSPIRATION : MOTIVATION : PERFORMANCE : PERSISTENCE Don Elgin is one of the most natural, proudly Australian , 'warts and all' speakers on the circuit. Hear what drives this Olympic medal athlete as he shares some stories of the highs - and lows- of life. And there's a salient tip for anyone who has an important event - and a new diet: don't mix the two!" Well what can I say Michael and Carson you are simply amazing, it was a joy from the time you kicked in my front door and taped the listening device to my head then proceeded to announce to my family that anything they say or do could be used in a court of law, the silence that followed gave you the perfect platform to hit me with all number on mind boggling questions and from then on I was putty in your hands. The experience itself will surely go down in history for me as one of the strangest podcast I've been involved in but in a weird type of way a very satisfying one. I thought it was great strategy to have one person ask a question whilst the other heated the cattle prod on my stove only to return when they had another question that required a far quicker response. The questions themselves were well thought out. I particularly liked the ones that dredged up all the emotions I had been working to suppress for years.  Your way with words and the words themselves still ring so eloquently in my one good ear; 'suck it up princess' I think was my favourite line from the day and how we were all able to make fun of having one leg. You guys were great. I loved how you told me it would be fun and there would be laughs and tears, boy o boy were there tears.    Thanks also for the allowing me the privilege to join you both on what must surely be one of the most listened to podcast ever produced and as soon as my hearing returns to normal I will be tuning in. You blokes are incredible and I can't thank you enough for visiting. Strangely my neighbours have even whispered a question or two to me over the fence, like ' will your friends will be visiting again Don'??…. You blokes sure know how to make an impression!"DE
 BUSINESS SUCCESS : INSPIRATION : MOTIVATION : LEADERSHIP : CHANGE Join us as this passionate baker and businessman from Beechworth reveals more of himself than he even knows. What drives him, the secrets to success, why it's important to ask for help and many more nuggets. After seeking support from suicidal thoughts - to now travelling the world as a speaker on success - Tom O'Toole is unique. And exactly why was he in jail the night before this interview?“I really enjoyed doing the interview and I hope whoever listens to it gets something out of it.” TO
LEADERSHIP : BODY LANGUAGE : TRUST : WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP : EMPOWERING WOMEN After a successful career in opera on the European stage, Louise moved to the boardroom and applied her love of voice and communication to the people she met. Now taking her learning to both online and in to conferences, she joyously works with people to bring out the authentic 'you' and gets them to understand that 'Voice is a choice'. To gain some great tips about why we do the things we do - just listen." Who doesn't want to spend time speaking with the two most energised and handsome men in Australia? Not only that, but they ask you all about you! Does life get any better? In the work we do as speakers, no one gets the whole story. Maybe no one wants to hear it! Ha Ha    Carson and Michael delve behind the scenes in their loving, caring and fun way. It is an open, free and casual discussion that was nothing but delight to be part of and their product will be fascinating…I'm subscribing!." LM
FINANCE : ECONOMY : SMALL BUSINESS : ENTREPRENEURSHIP David Koch has been getting people out of bed and into money for years. As the founder of the country’s really first ‘Money made Easy’ magazine, his passion for making the world of economics accessible continues to this day. A strong advocate for small business – and particularly start-ups, David talks of why he believes some start-ups fail, why you need to make some time for yourself each day, and his admiration of women in business. Oh, and he even has tips for sporting club Presidents – at every level!For more information on David Koch:  
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