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Author: Tiffany Hogan

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Interesting conversations with people who care about reading, language, and speech in the developing child
36 Episodes
Episode 35: Guest Host Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel talks with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) Expert Edy Strand
Episode 34: Guest Host Kelly Farquharson talks with ASHA President Lynn Williams
Episode 33: Morphology and morphological awareness with Julie Wolter
Episode 32: Developmental language disorder within different dialects with Janna Oetting
Episode 31: Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) with Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel
Episode 30: Distinguishing difference from disorder in childhood speech and language disorders in multilingual children with Karla N. Washington
Episode 29: Poor readers, translational science, and supporting women scientists with Emily Solari
Episode 28 - Sara Hart on nature vs nurture, open science, and scientific twitter
Episode 27 - Dyslexia with Ben Powers
Episode 26 - Working memory and word learning in children with dyslexia and DLD, and in Bilingual Spanish-English speakers, with Shelley Gray and Mary Alt
Episode 25 - Genetics, brain imaging, and poor comprehenders with Nicole Landi
Episode 24 - Bidialectalism, school - research partnerships, and poverty with Nicole Patton Terry
Episode 23 - SLI vs DLD, misconceptions about SLI, early identification of SLI, and the genetics of SLI with Mabel Rice
Episode 22  with Tiffany Hogan. For the 1-year anniversary of SeeHearSpeak podcast, guest host Kelly Farquharson interviews podcast host Tiffany Hogan about her research, career, and the podcast.
Episode 21 - Dual language learners, developmental language disorders, and educational policy with Laida Restrepo
Episode 20 with Principal Gallagher on leadership, supporting teachers, and creating a safe environment for kids
Episode 19: Parent Perspective on DLD with Jodi Oliver
Episode 18: DLD, SLI, and ADHD with Sean Redmond
Episode 17: DLD Advocacy and Working Memory with Lisa Archibald
Episode 16: RADLD, DLDandme, and DLD Educational Outcomes with Karla McGregor and Shaun Ziegenfusz
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