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Author: Tiffany Hogan

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Interesting conversations with people who care about reading, language, and speech in the developing child
8 Episodes
Lively discussion about tests with Elena Plante: why we use them, what makes one valid, is more better, how are they different now?
Episode 6: The Reading Wars part 2: Kate Nation updates us on what's been happening since we last spoke to her and Anne Castles about their paper on the reading wars, Emily Hanford tells us about her advocacy for better reading instruction, and Norma Craffey provides her view from the trenches as a teacher and reading specialist 
Episode 5: SLPs role in early identification of autism, parents' social skills, & clinical practice research with Megan Roberts
Is feeding the new play? Are all pacifiers created equal? What are long-term speech and language outcomes for preterm infants? Pediatric Feeding, Speech, and Language with Emily Zimmerman
Learn about recent controversies surrounding eligibility for speech treatment, those 'new' speech sound norms, and advocacy for your 'artic' kids.
Learn about the neurodiversity view of learning disabilities like dyslexia, considerations for label stigma in the context of early identification of reading deficits, and how to apply principles of Universal Design for Learning in intervention.
In this short introduction to SeeHearSpeak podcast, I tell you a bit about myself and why I decided to record a podcast.
This inaugural episode of SeeHearSpeak podcast tackles the 'Reading Wars' with accomplished scholars Anne Castles and Kate Nation, authors of a recent comprehensive mega-paper that is sure to be THE go-to seminal write-up on this topic.
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