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Author: Tiffany Hogan

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Interesting conversations with people who care about reading, language, and speech in the developing child
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Episode 54: Executive Functioning in Children with Developmental Language Disorder with Leah Kapa.
During the discussion about the new CDC guidelines beginning ~ 13:22, Pam misstated that at 30 months of age, the average boy is producing about 200 words and the average girl is producing about 300 words at 30 months. Those estimates are for 24 months. Specifically, the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (2nd edition) provide these values for the number of words produced by • a 24-month-old boy o at the 50th percentile = 252 o at the 10th percentile = 63 • a 24-month-old girl o at the 50th percentile = 346 o At the 10th percentile = 92 • a 30-month-old boy o at the 50th percentile = 520 o at the 10th percentile = 205 • a 30-month-old girl o at the 50th percentile = 582 o at the 10th percentile = 298
Episode 52: Implementation science and the power of partnerships with Natalie Douglas and Amy Wonkka Implementation Science IS for All: The Power of Partnerships | MGH IHP How a Power Differential Between Clinicians and Researchers Contributes to the Research-to-Practice Gap: Episode resources: Implementation Science IS for All Virtual Conference April 27-28, 2023 10AM-5PM EST Natalie Douglas - Implementation Science: Buzz word or game changer ? How a Power Differential Between Clinicians and Researchers Contributes to the Research-to-Practice Gap- National institute on aging impact collaborative- From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frank Weiler-
Episode 51: Interprofessional practice and qualitative research with Danika Pfeiffer. Welcome to See Hear Speak Podcast Episode 51. In this episode I talk with Speech Pathologist, Researcher, Educator and Podcast Host, Danika Pfeiffer about her experiences and research reporting on Interprofessional collaboration and her qualitative research working in school systems. We discuss important topics that can facilitate change so I hope you find it helpful to stimulate your thinking as well. Thanks for listening! Conference: Implementation Science IS for All: The Power of Partnerships | MGH IHP Danika Book Pic: Good night moon Podcast: About, From and With Publications: Pfeiffer, D. L., Pavelko, S. L., & Bronaugh, D. (2022). Get out of your silo: A qualitative examination of an interprofessional undergraduate course. ASHA Perspectives. Pfeiffer, D. L., Long, H. L., El Amin, M. (2022). Accessing research beyond the paywall. ASHA Leader Live.
Episode 50: Mary Rasner interviews creator and host Tiffany Hogan Implementation Science IS for All: The Power of Partnerships | MGH IHP Tools Chart Overview | NCII ( The Generic Implementation Framework for School-based Research and Practice Toolkit (Komesidou & Hogan, 2023): For schoolchildren struggling to read, COVID-19 has been a wrecking ball: Boston Globe Magazine How Black activists in northern Virginia transformed the way children learn to read The Washington Post and Hechinger Report How dyslexia became a social justice issue for Black parents The Washington Post and Hechinger Report Want your child to receive better reading help in school? It might cost $7500. USA Today and Hechinger Report What My Students Taught Me podcast The Atlantic
Episode 48: The ListeningSLP Sydney Bassard: A Day with Mom:
Episode 47: The diagnosis of developmental language disorder with Jeanne Tighe Resources:  DLD for families book: SPICES article: JT’s favorite book was: The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa
Episode 46: The brain basis of dyslexia, ADHD and dyslexia, and summer slump with Joanna Christodoulou
Episode 45: Anti-oppressive curricula with Indigo Young
Episode 44: ACC with Cathy Binger. Don't know that AAC is? Check it out!
Episode 43: Evaluating educational practices with Dr. Shayne Piasta
Episode 42: Implementation science with Dr. Rouzana Komesidou. Conference website:
Episode 41: Maya's Book Nook & Community Literacy Partners with Lakeisha Johnson
Episode 40: Language basis of reading, dyslexia, and reading comprehension with Hugh Catts
Episode 39: Guest Host Emily Zimmerman talks Peer Support with Jill Hoover and Audra Sterling
Episode 38: Guest Host Rouzana Komesidou talks professional development with Drs. Laurie Lee, Marcia Kosanovich, & Kevin Smith
Episode 37: Response to Intervention (rti) with Mindy Bridges
Episode 36: Guest host Dr. Kelly Farquharson talks speech sound disorders with Dr. Katy Cabbage and Dr. Shari DeVeney
Episode 35: Guest Host Jenya Iuzzini-Seigel talks with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) Expert Edy Strand
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