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Author: Tiffany Hogan

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Interesting conversations with people who care about reading, language, and speech in the developing child
25 Episodes
Episode 24 - Bidialectalism, school - research partnerships, and poverty with Nicole Patton Terry
Episode 23 - SLI vs DLD, misconceptions about SLI, early identification of SLI, and the genetics of SLI with Mabel Rice
Episode 22  with Tiffany Hogan. For the 1-year anniversary of SeeHearSpeak podcast, guest host Kelly Farquharson interviews podcast host Tiffany Hogan about her research, career, and the podcast.
Episode 21 - Dual language learners, developmental language disorders, and educational policy with Laida Restrepo
Episode 20 with Principal Gallagher on leadership, supporting teachers, and creating a safe environment for kids
Episode 19: Parent Perspective on DLD with Jodi Oliver
Episode 18: DLD, SLI, and ADHD with Sean Redmond
Episode 17: DLD Advocacy and Working Memory with Lisa Archibald
Episode 16: RADLD, DLDandme, and DLD Educational Outcomes with Karla McGregor and Shaun Ziegenfusz
Developmental Language Disorder with Dorothy Bishop: History, Advocacy, Terminology, Co-morbidities and so much more!
Episode 14: Coaching with Lesley Maxwell and Norma Craffey
Episode 13: Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations with Tony Sindelar and Norma Craffey
Episode 12: Change Agents and Implementation Science with Crystle Alonzo and Rouzana Komesidou
Episode 11: School Change Models and the Reading Specialist with Christine Jacobs and Norma Craffey
Episode 10: Managing Burnout with Debbie O'Shea and Norma Craffey
Episode 9: Anti-Oppressive Instruction with a Indigo Young and Norma Craffey
Episode 8: Crucial conversations with Kelly Farquharson & Julie Wolter
Lively discussion about tests with Elena Plante: why we use them, what makes one valid, is more better, how are they different now?
Episode 6: The Reading Wars part 2: Kate Nation updates us on what's been happening since we last spoke to her and Anne Castles about their paper on the reading wars, Emily Hanford tells us about her advocacy for better reading instruction, and Norma Craffey provides her view from the trenches as a teacher and reading specialist 
Episode 5: SLPs role in early identification of autism, parents' social skills, & clinical practice research with Megan Roberts
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