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This episode is a quick overview on the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and my opinion on why it doesn't need an easy mode. Check out my Website Twitter Live Stream --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, i go into a little life history, and how I deal with trash talking, trolling, and became a more tolerant individual in life.   Check out: My Website Live Stream --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I discuss Review Brigading and the outcry for censorship. You can find my streams at And check out the website --- Support this podcast:
A quick history and opinion on EA's relationship with Respawn, and how they just dropped Apex Legends on all of our faces out of no where. --- Support this podcast:
A quick overview of my time at PAX South 2019, where i got to hang out with friends, talk with indie devs, and play some games. Twitter Website Stream  --- Support this podcast:
A quick rundown of games that I am looking forward to that will be released in 2019. Twitter    Mixer    Website --- Support this podcast:
We talk about some of the most notable points of the 2018 year in the video game world. website: Twitter: Mixer stream: --- Support this podcast:
We go through the list of Nominees for The Game Awards on December 6th. I give my takes on all the categories, and give you my winners... and gripe a little about some things concerning the game awards. make sure to visit and follow on twitter --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I discuss the Bethesda problem and the Fallout 76 fiasco. Make sure to follow me on Twitter: Mixer: and my own website --- Support this podcast:
The struggles of depression and PTSD, and how video games have helped me. This podcast is very personal, and touches upon sensitive subject matter. Make sure to check out and twitter @PieRatKing Song quoted in podcast "Keep My Head High" by Echo Movement: --- Support this podcast:
I returned from Dreamhack Atlanta/Hi-Rez Expo, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Shout out to the Georgia Aquarium. --- Support this podcast:
Rose tinted Glasses

Rose tinted Glasses


A look at our view of Video Game Publishers, why are some crucified and some given a pass. --- Support this podcast:
A look at gender, race, video games, and superhero cultures and the controversy they have sparked! --- Support this podcast:
Call of Duty has been out for a week now and I go into my thoughts about the game. Make sure to check out the website and follow on twitter @PieRatKing intro/outro: Song: Stormchaser - Starlyte Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: Download: --- Support this podcast:
The first episode of the Audio Companion to PieRatKing's TL;DR on --- Support this podcast:
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