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Author: Dan, Warhammer Hero and game enthusiast.

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This is a TableTop Wargames and Role Playing Games podcast! We talk about Warhammer a lot!Each episode, I interview a hobbyist in the Table Top Role Playing Game/Table Top Wargaming hobby community! I ask my guests "The 20 Odd Questions." These questions range from hobby related, to personal; serious to silly. No topic is off limits and you never know where the conversation will end up! This podcast is not just about games, its about people, experiences, and real life beyond the tabletop!! Find me at!
49 Episodes
This week I talk with none other than Skari, awesome gamer, positive guy and taco fan.Support the show (
This month a hilarious interview with Snipe, who is one half of the awesome Snipe and Wib YouTube channel.  Snipe is an awesome hobbyist and Space Wolves fan!Support the show (
this month I talk with Wib, from the Snipe and Wib Youtube channel (among many other awesome things).  We chat about the state of the world, the awesome old school miniatures, and of course the best kinds of super hero powers.Support the show (
This month I chat with Jeff, @RogueShader, an incredibly talented painter and hobbyist.  We talk about Star Trek a lot. Support the show (
This week I chat with Courtney from Figuratively Speaking Minis!  Shes a fantastic painter and hobbyist, and oddly enough, my first Canadian guest.  Great times!Support the show (
This week I talk with Chrissie, a tiny plane aficionado and awesome hobbyist!Support the show (
This week chat with Lyn Stahl of Metalhead Minis!!!  A great artist and successful miniatures based business owner!Support the show (
This week I talk with Tyler Mengel of Mengel's Minis! Tyler is a great painter and avid gamer who writes for Warhammer Community!Support the show (
this week a wonderful chat with Nikki Sullivan, painter, gamer, Twitch mastermind!Support the show (
This week I chat with John Harper, one of the inaugural Warhammer Heros and a vital member of the Scottish Wargaming community!Support the show (
this week I chat with none other than Andrew, a fellow Warhammer Hero and all around awesome friend!  He runs the HobbyVices blog as well as being huge on Instagram he runs a giant holiday gift exchange and its just lovely.Support the show (
This week I chat with Age of Sigmar and Taylor Swift enthusiast Chuck T. Moore!  Chuck is a fellow Warhammer Hero, a solid hobbyist, serious gamer and just a good dude!Support the show (
This week I speak with Brandon Winfrey, gamer and GM from the Hyper RPG Twitch channel!  We talk about his new show Grimdark Dawn and talk about all the games and of course Shakespeare.  Listen!Support the show (
This week I chat with Reiner72, a mini painter and streamer!  Support the show (
This week I chat with PIMPCRON, hobbyist and writer for Bell of Lost souls!  We cover the good stuff like goblins, Andorians and why sometimes you have to hand out a justice crush when someone is acting a fool.  Support the show (
Its a special edition of the Havoc Cast!  I chat with my new friend JR from the San Genaro Co-op, a group of game designers, artists and writers who work together to create amazing games and other content!  Good stuff.  JR tells us all about it!Support the show (
Hang out with me and my friend Scarlett, a hobbyist, mini painter and gamer who also hosts Warptime radio, another awesome podcast.  We talk about online personas, edge highlights and keeping things simple!Support the show (
this week I chat with Dusty, a hobbyist and model builder.  We chat about RPGs, Starship Troopers and which paint tastes the best.Support the show (
This week I chat with Caitlin, a hobbyist and model painter.  We talk about world building in RPGs, The Witcher series of books and games, and most importantly how to treat a baby.Support the show (
this week I chat with Adam from Chance of Gaming.  We talk games, history and the existence of the Tortilla MonsterSupport the show (
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