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Author: Nick Harrison

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We have all heard of the "big moves" people make in our culture and society. The moves may be starting a new multi-million dollar business, or simply finding a cure for a terrible disease. The people who are able to accomplish these feats are both worthy of respect, and worthy of recognition! People Worth Knowing is a website and podcast dedicated to studying the lives, decisions, and outcomes of some of the most well-recognized decision-makers and power-players in our modern world.
9 Episodes
In this episode, Nick is joined by Johnnie Finch. Johnnie is a practicing lawyer in criminal defense. Johnnie discusses his journey to becoming a lawyer as well as practicing law as a minority. He talks about the relationship between being a lawyer and being an entrepreneur and how to manage both. Lastly, Nick discusses the life of Bill Gates, Microsoft's founder and former CEO. Find more at www.PeopleWorthKnowing.comJohnnie's Book "Black Lawyer Confidential: Keys To Success": www.BlackLawyerConfidential.comJohnnie's Website: Finch on Twitter: Finch on Instagram: Finch on Facebook:
In this episode, Nick is joined by guest Tim C. Star. Tim lost his job with no notice, yet never got depressed or lost hope. He persevered through the hard times and now is successful and discussing his story. Tim is a speaker and trainer on the subject of happiness and personal growth, he is youth mentor, a mindset coach, and the author of 2 books:1-My Name Is Prosperity: A Law of Attraction Story2- Where's My Stuff? - A hopeful skeptic looks at the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of AttractionLastly, Nick discusses the life and decisions of Jack Dorsey, who is the founder and former CEO of Twitter; which is one of the largest social media platforms used worldwide today.Find more at www.PeopleWorthKnowing.comFind Tim Star online at www.TimCStar.comListen to Tim's Podcast: www.UniversePodcast.comTim's Book "My Name is Prosperity - A Law of Attraction Story" on Amazon:'s Book "Where's My Stuff? - A hopeful skeptic looks at the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction" on Amazon:
In this episode, Nick is joined by guest Bob Roitblat. Bob is a "serial entrepreneur" and has successfully started and grew 12 companies. He has even sold some of them for large amounts of money! Bob talks about being an entrepreneur and the innovation process behind business-minded people. Lastly, Nick talks about the life and decisions made by Bill France, who is the founder of what we know as NASCAR Racing.Find more at www.PeopleWorthKnowing.comFind Bob Roitblat online at www.Roitblat.comBob Roitblat on Facebook: Roitblat on Twitter: Roitblat on YouTube: Roitblat on LinkedIn:
In this episode of the People Worth Knowing podcast, Nick is joined by guest Anton Gunn. Anton has been a leadership advisor to the President of the United States, he is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, he is an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and is Best Selling Author of the book "The Presidential Principles: How To Inspire Action And Create Lasting Impact". Lastly, Nick discusses the story and innovative life of Jimmy Wales. "Jimbo" is the founder of the world's largest online encyclopedia...Wikipedia. Find more at www.PeopleWorthKnowing.comAnton's Book "The Presidential Principles: How To Inspire Action And Create Lasting Impact": Gunn's Website: www.AntonGunn.comFind Anton on Social Media:-Google Plus:
In this episode, Nick is joined by Eric Rosenberg. Eric is the founder of and someone who turned a side-hustle into a full-time job. Eric and Nick discuss money, the path to his success, and more. In this episode, we also discuss Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the man behind the Miracle on the Hudson River. Find more stories at PeopleWorthKnowing.comFind Eric Rosenberg at Be sure to get his FREE 1-week course at
In this episode we discuss the early stages of Google and it's founder Larry Page, who was a billionare at age 23. We also talk about and how it got it's start from Alexis Ohanian, who is now married to Serena Williams and no longer a part of Reddit. Lastly, we discuss the pioneer and former blacksmith John Deere, who has been dead for many years but leaves a legacy behind that supplies the majority of the world's farm and agricultural equipmentFind more at
In this episode, we discuss the stories behind Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. More specifically, we discuss the mastermind people behind these major companies and their stories of how they rose to the top. They have each created empires that the world uses today, making them some of the mort important People Worth Knowing!Find more at
In this episode, we discuss the lives of Snapchat's founder, and the founder of Wal-Mart. Evan Spiegel is the 28 year old founder of Snapchat, a social media application with over 300 million active monthly users. Sam Walton, the creator of the largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart, laid the ground-work for a company that now produces almost $67 million per location.Find more at
In this episode, we discuss the early life and pre-career life of Steve Jobs and how he and his friends launched one of the biggest technology computer companies in business today. Thanks to the decisions of Steve Jobs, Apple is the first publicly traded company to be worth $1 Trillion. Steve is an iconic figure in the computers we use everyday in our modern society, making him one of the People Worth Knowing!
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