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Author: Justin Wise

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Think different about digital. Why? Because you can't afford not to. But thinking different doesn't mean trying out the latest tactics and trends, or blindly following to the guru du jour. No. That's NOT what this show is about. We'll give you the rock-solid digital systems you need to get more leads, grow your business, and increase your productivity.
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#26: Stop Listening to the "Hustle Worshippers" (and what to do instead)
Most days, my life feels pretty normal. I wake up at 7am—without an alarm. I eat the same thing for breakfast every day. I drive to my Think Digital office in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Nothing exciting about that.Since I’m so used to my own routine, I FORGET that my life is actually pretty weird, at least within the internet marketing space.And whenever I hang out with other agency owners and service providers…...their jaws DROP when I tell them what my daily schedule looks like.I work four days a week.I pick up my kids from school every day.I don’t do daily client fulfillment. (I’ve set up processes and trained Creative Account Managers for that.)I don’t even handle project management. (My Director of Operations handles that.)When I do dive into client work, it’s for high-level strategy and hands-on problem-solving.I spend most of my time writing, strategizing, and hopping on the phone with people who are ready to attend the next Agency Upgrade.And a couple times a year, I block off a handful of days on my calendar for in-person agency consulting.Inside this entrepreneurship subculture, my schedule is downright BIZARRE.Most of my business friends work sixty hour weeks, take their laptops on vacation, answer emails from their phones on date nights, stay up late finishing client work, spend every spare minute chasing new clients, worship Gary Vee, and say stuff like “it’s so hard to hire / delegate / systemize / find good people.”And I call bullsh*t.This week's episode explains why...and what you can do if you're done worshiping at the altar of HUSTLE.---Book a call with our team:
#24: Stop Optimizing For Growth (and what to optimize for instead)
Most players in the digital marketing world are proudly anti-establishment. We all got into this because we didn’t want to spend our lives sitting in cubicles, punching in at 9 o’clock every morning, and hoarding PTO for winter vacation.But in our enthusiasm to “redefine business,” we’ve gone too far.→ We hate we manage our teams with a strange (and grossly inefficient) blend of Voxer, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.→ We hate cubicles and clock-in we work from bed at 10pm, with The Office reruns playing in the background.→ We hate we hold back from building industry-disrupting empires that would require a full-fledged team.→ We hate red we refuse to create basic SOPs, job descriptions, and business plans.→ We hate we hire pricey consultants and high-overhead agencies instead of hiring and training for a few key roles.→ We hate corporate we bash, swear at, and make fun of our clients—and call it “personality marketing.”I think it’s time we take back the middle ground.I think it’s time we leverage our perspective, and distill lessons from corporate giants, lean startups, and modern digital businesses.Look, this isn’t a trendy message.It’s not gonna gain traction from any wannabe entrepreneurs, I can promise you that.No one’s going viral for yelling “let’s take a more balanced approach to business development.”No one.But learning from a variety of business models, structures, and philosophies is the fastest path to sustainable growth.And sustainability is my not-so-secret obsession. On this week's episode, I'll try and convince you why it should be YOURS as well.Wanna chat? Grab a time with me or someone on our team:
#19: How To Break Free From The Sales & Fulfillment Rollercoaster (once and for all)
Let’s talk about the sales/fulfillment rollercoaster that’s holding you hostage to your business. It looks like this:1. Your revenue is low.2. You shift into sales mode, chasing down clients and focusing 90% of your time on marketing.3. Your roster fills up, and you’re suddenly drowning in fulfillment work.4. You stop selling.5. Your revenue dips.Rinse and repeat.This rollercoaster is dangerous for a few reasons.First, you’re always one or two bad months away from bankruptcy. And that means you’re not running a business. You’re hitched to a liability.Second, you’re never able to step into the CEO role (and get out of the overworked technician role), because you’re always hyperfocused on sales or fulfillment. You’re in desperation mode, almost constantly......and you don’t know how to stabilize their business for long enough to create sustainable operations—team-building, pipeline automation, etc.Bottom line:The business that was supposed to give you FREEDOM is keeping you perpetually stuck and stressed.Look, I’ve been there.And it’s not fun.So let’s talk about how to get OFF the rollercoaster, for good.The process is simple. Really simple.But the implementation isn’t.It takes discipline.It takes long-range vision.It takes decisiveness.All successful CEOs possess these three qualities…...but many online business owners haven’t invested the resources or energy to develop them.We'll make sure you're ready to go on this week's episode.
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