DiscoverWe Know How To Do This! (A podcast for those who know how to "make it do what it do...")
We Know How To Do This! (A podcast for those who know how to "make it do what it do...")
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We Know How To Do This! (A podcast for those who know how to "make it do what it do...")

Author: Johanna Daye, Juanita Jenkins, Karima Bouchenafa, and Kamili Feelings

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Hey, good people! The "We Know How To Do This!" Podcast is hosted by four forty-somethings who try to figure out life while chatting about this and that and tapping into our inner wisdom. We need your support! We need listeners! We're on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please check out and like our FB page at We'll be dropping a new episode every week. Thanks, y'all! đź’›
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That's a wrap--for the summer, that is! Johanna, Juanita, and Karima talk ageing, self-care, the Jungle Brothers, and the need to take a "pause for the cause." We'll miss you, but you can come hang out with us at the Afros & Audio podcast festival in Brooklyn!
Have you ever been labeled an "Angry Black Woman?" Well, each of us has at some point--especially in our professional lives. In this episode, we talk about what lies beneath that anger, and what we need to do--and let go of--so that we can keep the anger at bay and make room for peace of mind...
On this episode, we do a little digging in the crates and reminisce about some of our favorite Hip Hop artists and hits from back in the day. What artists and songs come to mind when you reminisce (you reminisce...)?
Do you ever wonder whether being a "nice woman" is keeping you from being the "best woman" you can be? Is being "nice" setting you back in life, and do you ever feel like you might just have to be a raging b*&$h to get what you want? Hmmm...come join us while we try to figure *this* one out!
What do Gucci, Prada, Katy Perry, and The Governor of Virginia have in common? Yeah--they all tried it--blackface, that is. You've seen the obscene and insulting images, read the feeble apologies, and, if you're anything like us, bracing for the next time this nonsense rolls around. On this episode, we sit down with special guests, Dr. Aaron Smith (aka "The Rapping Professor"), host of WURD radio's morning show, "Wake up with WURD!" and Camari Ellis, "The Finance Rebel." Join the conversation as we discuss whether this resurgence of the use of blackface to insult Black folk is matter of some other folks being slick...or just plain stupid...
The Twitterverse is all a-twitter about a thirty-year old video clip of a very gracious Dr. Maya Angelou setting a young woman straight when said young woman dared to call Dr. Angelou by her first name on national television. Some have even gone as far as to say that Dr. Angelou was downright rude--but we disagree! Tune in and find out why...
"We're from Philly--F'in' Philly! No one likes us? We don't care!" Seriously--we're Philly! We're Superbowl champs, the birthplace of the nation, and the home of the authentic cheesesteak. Our real estate prices might be approaching New York City ridiculousness, but that doesn't reduce us to being the "sixth borough" of New York City. Even our old friend, Nikki Stanley, wants to move back to the "City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection" and leave Delaware behind, lol! 
Ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse and bail set at one million dollars. The so-called Pied Piper of R & B faces his own music once--again--and we hope it's for good this time. But even if Robert Kelly finally pays for his horrible crimes, the pathology that creates predators like him still exists—so what do we do about that? Join us and this episode’s guest, pediatric nurse Nikki Stanley, as we discuss some of the ways our society continues to sacrifice our children to our private and public idols.
The Crew is back, shooting the breeze about the global languages we once learned, have since forgotten, and hope to practice again, We also learn what real "Vienna Sausages" are and how to say "peanut" in Chinese. You know how we do. #random
Camari Ellis, The Finance Rebel, joins us in the studio again to discuss the decades-old mantra: "No Romance Without Finance!" Those words don't ring so true when you're an entrepreneur looking for love or holding down a committed relationship. What's the real key to a successful romantic relationship? Join us as we try to figure out the answer to this timeless question!
Camari Ellis--The Finance Rebel--joins us in the studio to talk about his life as a tax prodigy, the difference between accounting and finance, the sometimes bumpy road to being a successful entrepreneur, and so much more. Listen up and listen in!
Happy New Year! The J2K2Crew takes some time to do a vision board-podcast style! We have big dreams for the show, and that includes gaining Oprah Winfrey as a fan of the show (and if you can make that happen for us, we'll be eternally grateful!)...
The J2K2 Crew discusses their goals for (gasp!) 2019--and beyond...
We all want to save money in 2019, so we're easing our way into the new year by thinking about our favorite places to find a bargain, our favorite foods, and places where we can find the best of both worlds!
Holiday seasons can  take a toll on our bodies and our budgets! How are you negotiating the holidays with family, friends, lovers, neighbors--and still making sure that you take care of YOU?
On this episode, the J2K2 Crew chats it up about being single at the holidays, and how being a bit more "seasoned" in life goes a long way toward making holiday gatherings with family just a bit less awkward for the singles...
Season's Greetings!

Season's Greetings!


The J2K2 Crew gets giddy (and we're not even drunk!) at the thought of wishing you all a happy holiday season--and we have gifts for you! Check out our latest two episodes that we hope will help you get through the holidays healthy, happy, and whole. Lots of love to you all!
It's fashionable to be over-scheduled, uber-busy, and just plain exhausted--but WHY? In this episode, we try to find the reasons why we GenXers think it's so cool to be so tired all the time--and we're a little surprised by what we find.
Just a quick inspirational check-in with your favorite podcast! We hope you're well, and we're soooo grateful for your support! Check out the Mark Twain quotation that we share today, and drop us a line on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!
When it comes to dating and romantic partnerships, what does it mean to be "equally yoked"--and who wants to be "yoked" anyway? Come hang with the J2K2 Crew as we try to laugh our way...out of our dysfunction...
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