DiscoverUniWeb Production Presents -First Draft With Matt Whiteside
UniWeb Production Presents -First Draft With Matt Whiteside
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UniWeb Production Presents -First Draft With Matt Whiteside

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Show for people who love storytelling interviewing Indie and Traditionally Published Authors. Along with Actors, filmmakers, artists, Youtubers, in a fun and entertaining way. Also other topics. We upload everyday.
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D.C. Wright-Hammer and I go in depth about his book BETWEEN TWO MINDS, the sequel and the surprise he has planned for the 3rd along with The singularity and A.I. We also discuss D.C. work helping promote other indie authors on his website for free and how he feels so lucky to be able to know the other writers in the community. Buy his book here: Website: Website: Hammerstone CreativeIndie Author Spotlight: Author Spotlight Submission Google Form: Cloud: My editor/designer: C Wright-HammerAuthor: Between Two Minds Series--- Support this podcast:
It was such an incredible opportunity to get to sit down with the one and only J Star.  I got to learn about the creation of an incredible career so far in Acting and Comedy.  J Star is an inspiration for me to go for it, don't hold back and don't be afraid.I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with J Star at The Basement Theatre. Everyone make sure to go check out and follow on Twitter and Facebook here --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I trek through the great outdoors and talk about our miserable fucking lives and how amazing it is. Laughter and tears warning. --- Support this podcast:
On today's Episode Anneliese voice of The World Tree Online Audio book along with the Author Marc Carlson Join me to discuss Publishing.  Getting your book seen and heard.  The process of becoming a Narrator for Audio Books.  The formation of Spectrum Audio Books and the relationship between author and narrator.  The amount of work that goes into the craft of creating an immersive book like Marc has is mind blowing, and to see Anneliese go to great lengths to see the voices bring Marc's Characters to life is inspiring.  Take a listen to this incredible conversation about publishing, writing and enjoying the hell out of a good book. If you like video games, virtual reality or escaping to another world this book is for you.   Link to purchase Audio book, E book, and paperback below.And for audio book needs and so much more check out  Buy The World Tree Online: The Curse of Hurlig Ridge  --- Support this podcast:
9 months

9 months


Sherrie and I discuss our sobriety up to this point and how Sherrie has no original thoughts she just steals mine.--- Support this podcast:
Building Frankenstein

Building Frankenstein


Living in boxes And building what we think are super men or women when in reality we are building Frankenstein monsters because of our ego. --- Support this podcast:
I was joined by Elizabeth Poetkisses pufferfish Ramadi, about sex with trees, writing, beaver damns, meditation and some other shit that was crazy Haha. Like over coming fear like a boss and inspiring people. Enjoy and follow her on her blog. Https:// --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I discuss what helps us find inspiration and meaning in the day plus community involvement with authors.  Links to the Authors on the live Broadcast here.Repenish by Nadine Kimmage- The Magician' Sin by Alexander Thomas- Fate Unknown by Michelle Burden- Support this podcast:
Trevor and I talk about all kinds of fun nonsense, mostly writing inspiration. Discovering the things that make life so incredible, and doing things that bring us joy and fulfillment.Check out Trevor and what he is working on at his blog. Website: --- Support this podcast:
Phil and I discuss his lifetime love of Cinema, and how he has been writing about it since his teenage years. Becoming a movie Critic that lead to him becoming an award winning actor, which award? Well, I let you discover that for yourself. Phil also does a podcast where he interviews other people in film i.e. actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc. Check out every thing Phil is up to in the links below.Buy book: PodCast: Facebook: Twitter: IMBD: Support this podcast:
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