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Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide
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Upon Awakening: A Beginners Guide

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Sherrie and Matt share their experience with waking up to what is really going on in this reality. As beginners of the waking conscious movement Sherrie and Matt will share their experiences and steps they took to wake up and manifest a New and Wonderful reality. Support this podcast:
67 Episodes
We Cured Covid

We Cured Covid


Sherrie and I have been on a crazy wild journey the past two weeks, and with Covid, in our bones, we decided to record a podcast about all of it.  It's magical.  Enjoy the laughter. --- Support this podcast:
I only got the audio from my performance at The Punchline in Atlanta hope you enjoy. Give us a like and a rating where ever you listen. And drop us a message sometime. --- Support this podcast:
Clearing The Channel

Clearing The Channel


Sherrie and I get real about dealing with reality, the control we try and enforce on life, and the mess it makes.  We hope you enjoy this episode, I think it gets really good towards the end. Lol.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Is It OK, To Not Be OK?

Is It OK, To Not Be OK?


Sherrie and I discuss the proclivity we share for trying to pretend like everything is fine when in reality we are a puddle of goo inside.  We give thanks to those listening and hope that you all feel welcome here and a little less alone.  I know we do.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I have a new Mic, so the quality isn't crappy anymore.  In this episode, we talk about the inevitability of change and suffering in life and how we go about dealing with life's most difficult situations.  Also, we talk about farts for a bit.  Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss being kind in the world today and our process and journey to living more kind and loving lives. Thank you to those that take the time to listen, we truly appreciate you. --- Support this podcast:
Atheism, God, and racism

Atheism, God, and racism


Atheism is dumb? God is a pile of shit. Racism, what are we supposed to be learning? --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I Celebrate 2 years sober and together on a very special episode of Upon Awakening. Join us in the sheets. --- Support this podcast:
My Mom joins the Show

My Mom joins the Show


Well, she's the greatest teacher I've ever had, my Mom joins Upon Awakening and teaches Sherrie and I that she's amazing. She has wisdom for days and if you need some mom in your life listen to this. Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
All in.

All in.


I made a huge investment this past week. Sherrie and I are all in. Enjoy the show. --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I discuss me being a hypocrite, and living in fear. How we overcome this by practicing simple principals. Enjoy and let us know what you think. It gets a bit weird towards the end so listen to all of it so you can feel weird too. --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I discuss our true power. Topics discussed Family, Depression, Fear, Being No none, and Christ conciousness. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
Well there is a lostness here, Sherrie and I try and understand. Thanks for listening. Check out my writing on this @ --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I have had some important spiritual awakenings this week. I have had my mind blown by what Being truly means. We solve all the world's problems in this one, so you might want to listen to it all. Haha. Have a wonderful day, you beautiful creators. --- Support this podcast:
Sherrie and I get real about life and how we have gotten through some of our toughest times. We hope that you are enjoying these podcast and if your going through a tough time give it a listen we hope it helps. --- Support this podcast:
A New Beginning!

A New Beginning!


Sherrie and I update on where we are in our lives. We also share the experience we have been going through of waking up to the way life really is and the steps we have been taking to enlightenment. Our hope is to share our journey so that those that would like to move into a new awareness are able to. So if you want to enlighten your life give us a listen. --- Support this podcast:
It's scary out there, especially if you look up these terrifying creatures live all around us and want to rip our throats out and make us eat bread as they polish their guns.  Enjoy the magical word bird with me Matt and check out my other incredible works at --- Support this podcast:
On this Episode of OnWords, we discuss the word Booger and its many horrifying implications and as always I rap at the end.  Please be sure to leave a comment with the word you would like me to breakdown the next episode. --- Support this podcast:
In my new Podcast, I discuss the power of words in a very smart way by reading Wikipedia and saying the word a lot.  If you want to find out all about the word Pizza then listen to this fucking Podcast, and please submit words you would like to hear me unearth truths about in the next episode. --- Support this podcast:
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