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The 4th Grade Innovators Podcast

Author: Zach Rondot

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We are a 4th grade class in Michigan sharing out our learning with the world. One of our class goals is to make a positive impact on the world. From wise word quote discussions to book reviews, this podcast will help inspire listeners to level up their life.
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Feed the Positive Dog

Feed the Positive Dog


Recently, our class read the book The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon. We were so inspired by all the ideas we learned in this book about feeding the positive dog and starving the negative dogs inside of us. You might be thinking, "What dogs inside of us??" well tune in to learn more and change your life for the positive!
The 4th Grade Innovators are back with another inspiring episode about the Power of Gratitude. Coming off of Thanksgiving, it's a popular time to be thankful and grateful but we're here to teach you that gratitude is a superpower you should use every day of the year!
Right now in Michigan, there is a debate on the popular Pure Michigan Campaign and whether it should be funded or not. 4th Graders have been doing research on the topic and in this episode they make their voices heard.
It's the last week of school in Michigan! We wanted to create another podcast episode to teach and encourage everyone to have a positive summer vacation! Have a great summer everyone! Thank you to everyone for supporting our Podcast this year. Stay tuned for more next year! 
In this episode, we combine all of positive tips we have given you through this podcast in one epic episode. This might be our last episode of the school year so thank you for all of your support!
Our class recently completed the first ever Costello Developers Academy! We set out to answer the question, how can thinking like an app developer lead to making a positive impact on the world? In this episode you will hear 4th graders reflect on this question and teach you what they learned about coding and app development! We hope you enjoy! 
EP 005: Mindfulness

EP 005: Mindfulness


The 4th Grade Innovators are back with a new episode all about Mindfulness. Mindfulness seems to be everywhere but what exactly does it mean? How can Mindfulness help you? Tune in to find out!
In this episodes, the 4th Grade Innovators break down the art of setting meaningful New Year's Resolutions. You'll get tips and tricks to actually stick with your New Year's Resolutions so you can make 2019 the best year ever! We would be so grateful if you left us a review on itunes and subscribed so you never miss an episodes!
In this episode, we talk all about the comfort zone. While being in a "comfort zone" doesn't sound bad, we explain why leaving your comfort zone is the key to an exciting life. Life isn't meant to be boring. Try new things, take risks, and you'll never know where life can take you! Enjoy our episode! Want to stay up to date with new episodes? Subscribe! If you found value in this episode leave us a review on iTunes this helps us reach more people! Stay up to date by following Mr. Rondot on Twitter @MrRondot
Welcome to the second episode of the 4th Grade Innovators Podcast! We are back this week to talk about The Power of Positivity! We discuss what it means to be positive and what it DOESN'T mean to be positive. We talk about the benefits of having a positive attitude and tips you can use to develop a positive attitude in your life! We want to thank everyone who listened to episode 1, we got some amazing feedback from teachers all over the world. We would love to hear your thoughts on our podcast. Please consider leaving a review or sending us a message to and let us know where you are listening from! The best compliment we can receive is for you to share this with your network of people! If you share on Twitter please tag me @MrRondot! Enjoy Episode Two! -The 4th Grade Innovators
Welcome to the very fist episode of the 4th Grade Innovators Podcast. In this episode we dive into what it means to have a Growth Mindset. 4th Grade Students answer 5 questions about the Growth Mindset. 1) What is a Growth Mindset? 2) What is a Fixed Mindset? 3) What is the Power of Yet? 4) What is the Dip? 5) Why is it important to have a Growth Mindset? We hope you enjoy this episode and learn something new. If you find this valuable please subscribe, leave us a review, and share it with people you know! Recorded by: Mr. Rondot's 4th Grade Class in Michigan!
We've been receiving questions about why we are called The 4th Grade Innovators and what "innovation" means so, we made a podcast episode explaining! hope you enjoy!
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