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Author: Willie Howe

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We'll wrestle old and trending technical topics. We'll tell you what our opinions of technology and trends are and we're even going to go off the rails into rabbit holes on geeky subjects.
3 Episodes
Willie and Tim talk about the Marriott Breach of 500 Million Guests, Bomb Threat Emails demanding 20.000 (yeah, they use a period instead of a comma) in BitCoin, different management styles, and we’re giving away a Steam Link!Mariott Breach - email - - Twitter @geekdives #geekdivesgiveway @williehowe @t_tbare
Listen to Willie Howe, Tim Bare, and Special Guest Mike Van Cleve talk about 2FA, Phishing emails (and calls), Amazon being subpoenaed for Echo recordings during a murder, and technology used in Real Estate, and how it can make your home buying or selling experience easier!Special Guest - Mike Van Cleve - Website: https://mikevancleve.comTwiiter: @MikeVanCleveFacebook: District President Campaign site: Topical links:MailGun - Have I Been Pwned - Echo Murder Case: - how close is it? - behind Real Estate Locks - Estate Wire Fraud - - - Sign Documents electronically -
Meet The Geeks!

Meet The Geeks!


In our inaugural podcast, meet the geeks Willie Howe and Tim Bare, and listen to us talk about AI and robotics, drone hunting, and general IT tangents.Videos discussed:Drone Hunter: - See through Walls with WiFi: Dynamics robot: Imagineering robot:
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