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Praying The Word of God

Author: Tay Awad

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Have you ever felt stuck during prayer time? You know how you feel, but you don’t know how to put it in words during your alone time with God! Nothing is more powerful than praying God’s Word because it fights the fleshly battles of life using the spiritual weapons God gave us. Even Jesus used Scripture to overcome this life! When we pray through the Word of God, we are allowing God’s Word to abide in us and as a result, we will see His Word manifesting in our lives (John 15:7).
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Praying for direction during these times is crucial. But it doesn’t end there!
I think we’re all in some sort of waiting period with this pandemic. Some are waiting for their state to lift its band and other are waiting to see what the world will look like after this pandemic. And while we wait our frustration grows because although, we’re in a waiting period, our trouble are not! Nonetheless, God’s Word understands and knows how we should position ourselves while we wait on Him. Let’s pray!
Psalms 23 gives us an opportunity to see God as the great shepherd and dependable guide; someone who’s familiar with the path we need to take and is able to get us to where we need to go safely. Let’s pray!
Children Under Quarantine: Prayer Against Child Abuse
Today I want to use Psalms 139 to offer up a prayer of praise and worship to God for being all-seeing all-knowing, and all-powerful and He desires for us to know Him!
A few days ago I woke up to a tweet from a woman that said, “please pray for me and my family as I lost my 21 year old baby girl to suicide tonight”! Now this is one issue I was concerned about rising because I know that when we deal with any kind of societal or global crisis, it only intensifies certain pre-existing issues... So I want to shed light and give hope to those who may be suffering from such. If you or someone you know is suffering from thoughts of suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255
Prayer For Communion

Prayer For Communion


Today I'm welcoming anyone compelled to join in communion with me towards the end of this episode
I know it’s been a rough few weeks for most of us being at home! But while we’re being confined to our homes, let’s use this as an opportunity to work ON our homes! Soon enough, everyone will be released back out into the world like normal… Our children will eventually be back in school, and many of us will go back to work… but how do we want to reintroduce ourselves to the world? How do we want to show back up in the workplace? Better yet, what shape do we want to leave your household in when this is all over? We can make our home better or worse when this is all over but ultimately we are the deciding factor! Let’s pray.
Hen we experience things that causes us to live in fear and uncertainty about the days ahead, it’s important for us to take an immediate stance towards God’s ability to keep us safe.
We can learn from the life Gideon, the importance of not just receiving victory but learning how to preserve our victories by remembering who God is as our great deliverer!
It’s all too easy to look around and complain and worry about all that’s going on around us but when we shift our minds on God’s Goodness, our mourning will soon turn to great praise!
Here is part 2 of this episode with prayer only!
We are living in a time where We are encouraged to trust God now more than ever. But it’s difficult to trust in someone if you don’t know them! Praying the names of God is powerful because it helps us to realize who all God is by understanding the significance of each name! Let’s pray!
With everything going on in the world, we need prayer now more than ever! So many things are happening against us all at once to the point where we want to hide away. Let’s take a look at how Gideon, a forerunner in the faith handled times similar to right now and how we should pray!
Psalms 66: A Prayer Of Praise And Worship
Have you ever been shipwrecked? We all have had storms in our lives but have you ever experienced a storm because of a bad decision? You may not have literally experienced the destruction of a ship at sea, sinking and breaking apart with you in it but has there ever been a season in your life where as everything you planned moved in the right direction, your whole life went left leaving you with absolutely nothing to work with and no direction of what’s next? Let’s listen!
Prayer: Father, Help My Unbelief!
Prayer Of Thanksgiving: Psalms 92
The Prayer Of Jabez: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
Confidently Trusting In God’s Protection And Peace: Psalms 3
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