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Author: Rebecca Palmer

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Welcome to our show where we feature real life conversations with entrepreneurs around the world. I’m your host, Rebecca Palmer and this is My EntreLife. Each week we will delve into topics that matter to you, the entrepreneur.  This is your Entre Life too so we explore all aspects of it - from health and personal development to growing your business globally.
34 Episodes
In this episode of My EntreLife, we are joined by Faith Clarke of "Melody of Autism" to discuss entrepreneurship and the challenges of parenting children with special needs. Faith is an Autism mom. Author. Strategist & Teamwork expert for businesses serving special needs families. Visit Melody of Autism.
Rebecca gives a brief update on her EntreLife on the way to her J.O.B. Hear a brief synopsis of why being an intrapreneur instead of an entrepreneur is a great thing!
In this episode of My EntreLife, we are joined by Daniel Gefen of the talk show "Can I Pick Your Brain?" Daniel is based in Israel.
Join us as we talk about living the EntreLife. Challenges, failures, advice. We share it all in this unedited podcast.
Join us as we discuss the EntreLife of Amelia Roberts of Amelia Roberts Solutions.
Rebecca discusses your power zone and how easy it is to become distracted from your business goals and the need to revisit your core mission.
Join us as we chat with Jacques Berge of Success Club Canada about his EntreLife.
Discussing business with kids and kid-friendly coworking with Diane Chevalard.
Join us as we speak with Special Guest Charlie King of Heroic Fatherhood about parenting, entrepreneurship and play.
Join us as we discuss the EntreLives of Alicia Mejia of Worldwide Love Stories and Mimi (My Ha) of Newcomers in Ottawa.
Discussing the EntreLife of guest Robin Finney and what led to the creation of Wandering Aunt
Join us as we discuss International Women's Day, life as an entrepreneur and solving mental health through exercise with Catherine Chan
My EntreLife with guest Tanya Gough of Storybilder. Join us as we discuss video stores, Shakespeare, stories and pivoting.
Discussing women entrepreneurs and living an EntreLife with Lisa McGrath of Cavea Studio.
My EntreLife with guest Keren Moynihan, Boss Insights sharing details of her EntreLife and thoughts on entrepreneurship.
Join us for an unedited conversation with Candice Kelly of Mental Cement.
Conversations in the Car
A look at losing focus on your end goals and the alternate path it may lead you down.
Discussing how life events affect your entrepreneurial life with special guest Olesew Fortuna, GEN Moldova
What are your BHAGe and how will you achieve these goals?
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