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Hi, we're Paul & Kristoff. This podcast contains the ramblings & musings between ourselves — two millennials. Expect topics such as Linux, mountain biking, photography, beer, & the discourse among two friends.


13 Episodes
In this episode Paul & Kristoff catch up after link: tax:
In yet another special-guest episode featuring Parker—another long-time listener—music, food, and the vast mysteries of the Internet are discussed.BLED FEST: hotties: End Of The Ocean: Heights: Dakota:
In this special episode featuring Gary—potentially our longest running listener—gogurt, Game of Thrones, agile/scrum, and the artist Bonobo is discussed.Editor's note: Paul's throat was not cooperating during this recording so he sounds a bit worse than normal.
In this episode Paul & Kristoff discuss electricity memes, automating Google Drive, and potential DNS pitfalls when using GitHub Pages.Mozilla’s response: for the router: Electricity memes: Drive Automation: (html:5):
In this episode Paul & Kristoff follow-up on the Pi-hole install and the status of Paul’s GPU computer woes (hint: no bueno). Fidget spinners, side projects, and a shoutout to Paul’s favorite Northern Michigan brewery are discussed before diving into the meat of the episode: the baby steps to getting your own little slice of the Internet.B. Nektar Punk Lemonade:’s Barney Blood: Spinners: “bow-tie”:’s ACME client software:’s Medium RSS -> JSON software: Brewery:’s Framed Minnesota LTD:’s N=1: Roscoe 8: Mountain Growler 50: Pages: Free Speech:
In this episode Kristoff & Paul follow-up on Signal safety numbers (“fingerprints”) & give a loyal fan a shoutout. Topics include clock drift, computer woes in the form of dying GPUs, network-wide ad-blocking with a Pi-hole, and managing your CLI workflow with tmux.Signal Safety Number: FAQ:’s Dead (Chocolate Chip Cookies): Audio Visualizer: Snippet:’s tmux slide deck: blog post (with screenshots):
 In this short episode returning from our hiatus we discuss ASMR, follow-up on some comments regarding LastPass in our previous episode, and talk about cryptography in the apps Keybase, Signal, and WhatsApp.Keybase HN “TOFU” post:
#5: Browser Extensions

#5: Browser Extensions


In this episode we catch up after a very short hiatus and discuss browser extensions on our long anticipated episode.Massdrop Mini Mic:’s Local Hack Day Unsplash photo: Password Strength: Extensions:LastPass Origin Badger Everywhere Cat Enhancement Suite news Viewer GitHub Blocklist Javascript Switcher Fine Start for Youtube Party Coyier article: Mentions:Cloud To Butt Plus Steam (is at End of Life) Camelizer (camelcamelcamel)
In this episode we discuss audio podcasting, audiophile equipment,, Unsplash, productive music, & Thanksgiving plans.Podcast Bingo: Minimic: K7XX: Fulla: BoomPro: Article: + Unsplash:’s Unsplash:’s Unsplash: Playlist:
In this episode we discuss our coffee snobbiness, UI themes, and Vim keybindings with a sprinkling of death and cynicism.OpenGL: Coffee Works: T440: theme article: Dark theme focus article:’s Blog: HJKL:
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