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Hi, we're Paul & Kristoff. This podcast contains the ramblings & musings between ourselves — two millennials. Expect topics such as Linux, mountain biking, photography, beer, & the discourse among two friends.


12 Episodes
In yet another special-guest episode featuring Parker—another long-time listener—music, food, and the vast mysteries of the Internet are discussed.BLED FEST: hotties: End Of The Ocean: Heights: Dakota:
In this special episode featuring Gary—potentially our longest running listener—gogurt, Game of Thrones, agile/scrum, and the artist Bonobo is discussed.Editor's note: Paul's throat was not cooperating during this recording so he sounds a bit worse than normal.
In this episode Paul & Kristoff discuss electricity memes, automating Google Drive, and potential DNS pitfalls when using GitHub Pages.Mozilla’s response: for the router: Electricity memes: Drive Automation: (html:5):
In this episode Paul & Kristoff follow-up on the Pi-hole install and the status of Paul’s GPU computer woes (hint: no bueno). Fidget spinners, side projects, and a shoutout to Paul’s favorite Northern Michigan brewery are discussed before diving into the meat of the episode: the baby steps to getting your own little slice of the Internet.B. Nektar Punk Lemonade:’s Barney Blood: Spinners: “bow-tie”:’s ACME client software:’s Medium RSS -> JSON software: Brewery:’s Framed Minnesota LTD:’s N=1: Roscoe 8: Mountain Growler 50: Pages: Free Speech:
In this episode Kristoff & Paul follow-up on Signal safety numbers (“fingerprints”) & give a loyal fan a shoutout. Topics include clock drift, computer woes in the form of dying GPUs, network-wide ad-blocking with a Pi-hole, and managing your CLI workflow with tmux.Signal Safety Number: FAQ:’s Dead (Chocolate Chip Cookies): Audio Visualizer: Snippet:’s tmux slide deck: blog post (with screenshots):
 In this short episode returning from our hiatus we discuss ASMR, follow-up on some comments regarding LastPass in our previous episode, and talk about cryptography in the apps Keybase, Signal, and WhatsApp.Keybase HN “TOFU” post:
#5: Browser Extensions

#5: Browser Extensions


In this episode we catch up after a very short hiatus and discuss browser extensions on our long anticipated episode.Massdrop Mini Mic:’s Local Hack Day Unsplash photo: Password Strength: Extensions:LastPass Origin Badger Everywhere Cat Enhancement Suite news Viewer GitHub Blocklist Javascript Switcher Fine Start for Youtube Party Coyier article: Mentions:Cloud To Butt Plus Steam (is at End of Life) Camelizer (camelcamelcamel)
In this episode we discuss audio podcasting, audiophile equipment,, Unsplash, productive music, & Thanksgiving plans.Podcast Bingo: Minimic: K7XX: Fulla: BoomPro: Article: + Unsplash:’s Unsplash:’s Unsplash: Playlist:
In this episode we discuss our coffee snobbiness, UI themes, and Vim keybindings with a sprinkling of death and cynicism.OpenGL: Coffee Works: T440: theme article: Dark theme focus article:’s Blog: HJKL:
#2: Mint Problems & Biking

#2: Mint Problems & Biking


In this episode we talk about Kristoff’s Linux issues so far, fixes, and some secure messaging platforms. Over the past weekend we biked, enjoyed some beer, and ate some stellar food in Marquette and discuss that for the latter half of the episode.USB Sound Card: M50x: & Eddy Podcast: Desktop: vs. WhatsApp & Telegram: South Trails Route:’s video:’s MTB:’s MTB: Dock: Store: Bodega: Coffee Co:
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