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Author: Alex 'AJ' Davies

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Welcome to leaguE-talk! This podcast is focused on Esports and more specifically League of Legends. Content is uploaded twice a week with one podcast based on sports coaching, psychology and science and the other is a podcast with a guest which has included; Coaches, Managers, Players, Psychologists and much more! Tune in to improve your ingame play or learn more about the game and industry!
84 Episodes
In this episode of leaguE talk we have a former assistant coach, head coach and article writer for several teams within the UK League of Legends sphere. Kiao, who is 19, comes onto the show to discuss a wealth of interesting topics including what it is like working in the Grassroots of esports.If you are interested in getting in touch with Kiao, do so via his twitter which is: @KiaoEUIf you enjoyed this episode let me know on twitter by showing support @leaguetalkshow 
F1RE is the analyst for Schalke 04 esports, the fourth placed team in the LEC. He has been owrking with data and analysis for the previous split and has had some great success'. In this episode we talk about his experiences, offline work, working up the ladder and what working for such a big sports organisation like Schalke was like.If you want to get incontact with F1RE, do so on twitter - @F1REGGIf you enjoyed this episode or want to see more check us out on twitter @leaguetalkshow
Michal Konkol is the League of Legends European Championship's lead photographer. He has been working in esports since 2014 and has been growing to become, in my opinion, league of legends' most famous photographer. In this podcast we talk about just that, his experience at worlds and the LEC, what he aims to do with photography whilst gaining invaluable advice along the way.I am very happy to be able to talk to people like Michal as this is one of the big aims of leaguE talk. To be able to talk to those who arent front and centre of the league of legends scene.To get incontact with Michal and to see his work over on twitter @KonkolMichalOr follow us @leaguetalkshow on twitter
BP is an Irish Play by Play caster whom has been recently been working at EU Masters and LPL. In this episode we delve into the world of casting, EU Masters, his time in China working with the LPL and the big issue of complacency!If you enjoyed this episode and want to get incontact with BP, find him on:Twitter - @BPcastsTwitch - - @bpcastsOr get incontact with us on twitter:@leaguetalkshow
In this episode of leaguE talk we go over so many interesting topics, including: his time at MAD Lions and how they built processes and infrastructure for the players to thrive.If you are intresed in the European University Esports or getting in contact with Alejandro follow the links below. On twitter @AlejandroSL91or@EuropeanUniver2If you enjoyed this episode get incontact with us @leaguetalkshow on twitter!
In this episode of leaguE talk, we have CLG's Director of Esports, Trinitiii on the show.A really interesting episode where we cover more of the business side of esports with topics including: CLG's Redemption arc, their top or the range performance centre, their unique coaching Structure and their fan engagement stratergies.If you wanted to find Trinitiii you can catch him at Instagram: @clgtrinitiii Twitter: @CLG_TrinitiiiYou can find this podcast on twitter @leaguetalkshow or on instagram at @league_talk
In this episode of leaguE talk we have yet another member of the fantastic excel family, Tim Kiro. Tim is the Head coach for Excel's Academy team whom has just dominated the EU Masters play ins. Find out more about this year, their journey, their famous 'flexcel' flex picks and the predictions going into the group stages!Find Tim on Twitter @Timkiro and on twitch at you enjoyed the podcast let us know by leaving a review on your favourite podcasting platform or let us know on twitter @leaguetalkshow!
In this episode of the podcast we have a three time guest and league of legends coach; Pad. We talk about how the season turned around and the incredible gauntlet run at Phelan Gaming, how important consistency is and how he wants to continue to learn and improve himself and his coaching above everything else. Pad is also looking for new opportunities in coaching so if you would like to get in contact with him please do by following him on Twitter @PHLPadIf you enjoyed the episode or have any feedback please get in contact on Twitter @leaguetalkshow
In this episode of leaguE talk we have a player that I have been working with in the UKLC, Top lane Pro player Zhergoth. A veteran player whom has been apart of both Fnatic and NiP. This being one of the topics but further discussion include; Coaching vs Playing, his health and fitness journey and the intricacies of top lane!In order to get incontact with Zhergoth find him on Twitter @zhergothIf you enjoyed this episode and have any feedback dont be afraid to get incontact on twitter @leaguetalkshow or on instagram @league_talk!
Grant Rousseau is the current Head of Operations for Excel Esports. The UK's biggest League of Legends organisation. In this episode we discuss his former roles at Splyce and their Parent Company as well as the new challenges he faces at Excel. A huge thanks to Grant and the guys from Excel! Find grant on Twitter at: @GrievianceGRIf you enjoyed this podcast dont be afraid to get in contact with us on Twitter at: @leaguetalkshow
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