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Trauma Informed Witch Podcast with Bryn Bamber

Author: Bryn Bamber

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You’re deeply spiritual and deeply ambitious. You have a sacred but your people pleasing and anxiety are holding you back. You’re meant to build a rich and meaningful life and touch many people’s hearts but patriarchal neural pathways are in the way.

Bryn Bamber, Trauma Informed Witch trained in Core Energetics and yoga teacher teaches you how to achieve your sacred goal with a combination of neuroscience, somatic psychology and all things sacred.

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93 Episodes
1. Bryn and Isha both share mistakes they’ve made around race and how they worked to repair 2. How white supremacy in infiltrates mental health and healing spaces 3. Isha’s experience at the hardware store that left her feeling less than when she was growing up in Puerto Rico Isha Vela supports her clients revealing layer by layer, the essence of who you are beyond the social conditioning, beyond the survival patterns and beyond the internalization of toxic systems of oppression. ADVANCED SOMATIC TECHNIQUES CERTIFICATION - Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Connect with Isha: IG: isha_vela (under construction) Isha’s Current offering: Retrograde Release: Surrender to Body Wisdom PS The name of the documentary with paranoia and surveillance: The Feeling of Being Watched Documentary - PSS Be sure to check out the Advanced Somatic Techniques Certification:
I can, unfortunately, admit I’ve definitely had ableist thoughts like: “She’s late because she doesn’t respect me.” “If he was more organized, maybe he’d get ahead.” “Why can’t they be more productive?” Which is why I’m super happy to have Shaun Roney, coach for women with ADHD tendencies on the Sacred Goals Podcast  to teach you how to best support your clients or students with ADHD tendencies. She shares her personal journey to getting diagnosed, what to look out for if you think you might have ADHD and what ableist thoughts to keep your eye on in your own brain. It's SOOO good, you have to listen!! ADVANCED SOMATIC TECHNIQUES CERTIFICATION - Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Connect with Shaun Website: IG: @shaun.roney FB:
Everyone has a wine-o-clock t-shirt but so many people think medication to help with mental health should only be used as a last resort. In this episode we talk about mental health stigma around diagnosis and medication, Bryn shares why she's considering medication for the first time in her life and we discuss how to stigma is changed throughout history. Let's eliminate the stigma together! Join the Advanced Somatic Techniques for Coaches, Therapists and Healers Workshop - Connect with Bryn Book a free Sacred Decision Making Session with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Dr Kathleen Young here: @drkathleenyoung.coaching - FB and IG
I have not historically been good at taking breaks. I’m someone who if I had any addiction it was workaholism and so filling up every crack and crevice of my time was the best way to not feel. But that has resulted in me burning out multiple times and so I'm so happy that Luke Anderson, the Founder of the Stop Gap Foundation and I got together to talk about how taking breaks actually increases your creativity. After the pandemic, a lot of us are feeling burnout and exhausted and so we need to find ways to recharge and reinvigorate our lives. Attend the Advanced Somatic Techniques for Coaches, Therapists and Healers Workshop - Connect with Bryn Bamber Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Luke Anderson IG - FB -
To live a rich life involves moments of joy, fear, frustration and grief. Grief can happen when you finish your PhD, when you move to a new city and when you lose a loved one.  In this episode we talk about how to navigate all of the feelings, post traumatic growth after grief and what can help when you’re grieving. Krista St-Germain lost her husband in a tragic accident and was thrown onto a path of deep grief. She now helps others who are grieving with the Widowed Mom Podcast and in her coaching program and so excited that you get to hear all of her wisdom on this topic today! Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Krista St Germaine IG - FB -
When you put a creative project out into the world, there’s going to be pushback from the patriarchy. Ex. when a woman writes a memoir she focuses on the two family members who might be upset, not the thousands of women her story might help. Brooke Warner worked for 13 years in the publishing industry and now helps women write and publish memoir. In this interview we talk about common roadblocks in the creative process, the importance of truth telling and how many of these blocks were created by the patriarchy. If you’re a creative, you’re going to get so much out of this episode. Enjoy! Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Brooke Warner
You can make money through your activism and art. And Coco Madari’s business really started to take off after they realized those things are not at odds with each other but actually when you bring them together, you make more money than ever. We talk about how the white supremacy and patriarchy manifest in your energetic body and how to play with your energy to heal that. And how healing this will help you make even more money. You’re going to love this episode!! ADVANCED SOMATIC TECHNIQUES CERTIFICATION - Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Connect with Coco: IG - PS Check out the Advanced Somatic Techniques Certification -
In 2012 after a medical difficulty Kristen and her partner had their house foreclosed on and declared bankruptcy. They moved to another state to rent a unit owned by her mother in law with two newborn twins. They slowly rebuilt their finances and a decade later they own a beautiful home and this year Kristen had a $80K month in her business. We discuss the challenges and shame around bankruptcy, how she moved from a place of shame to a place of healing and what the small steps she took to become the badass business owner she is today. If you have shame around money or if you want to rock it out as an entrepreneur, you must listen to this episode! Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Kristen here:
The fuel you use as motivation for your sacred goal is actually the most important part because if you put diesel in a gas car, it won't start and if you water down your gasoline, it might fuck up your engine. In this episode we'll talk about the fuel you use to keep taking action towards your goal, what fuel is most effective and how this will help you create your sacred goal in a way that feels easeful and healing as opposed to hustley and exhausting. Free Consult (and Free Gift Box!) - FREE Sacred Goal Challenge here - Sacred Goals FB Group -
Ep #82 - I'm Queer

Ep #82 - I'm Queer


I started exploring my queerness in my early 20s. Because I’m attracted men, for a long time I thought I was straight. Also because in movies I only saw images of straight people and whenever someone was bisexual it was because they were a nymphomaniac obsessed with sex and I didn’t feel like that. But then when I was volunteering at the Gender Issues Centre at my university I actually allowed myself to explore who I was attracted to and realized I was attracted to all genders. I came out to my family and friends. And I thought I was done. But I soon realized how easy it was to slip back into the closet, especially since I do date men. People would assume I’m straight and I wouldn’t correct them. And when a friend who identifies as a lesbian questioned if my queerness was real, I ran back into the closet. In this episode I share my journey with my sexuality and where I am with it now. Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB -
When psychiatrist and coach Dr. Kathleen Young was a resident, she told her supervisor she wanted to make a lot of money doing work that helped people. Her supervisor acted as though that was a very selfish thing to say. In this episode we talk about the messages folks socialized as women get about money and what we want you to think instead. It’s safe for you to make money and prioritize your financial stability. It’s safe to invest in things that are important to you. Listen to this episode to learn all the feminist money thoughts that are going to make you feel better and also help you earn more. Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - IG - FB - Connect with Dr. Kathleen Young here: @drkathleenyoung.coaching - FB and IG
I had an amazing opportunity last week to go to Austin, Texas and hang out with some badass feminist women who were making 6 figures and a couple of whom are making 7 figures. It was AMAZING and in this episode I'm teaching you what these feminist self made millionaires had in common and how that can help you achieve your sacred goal. Book a free consult with me - Join the FREE Sacred Goals FB group -
Vikki went from procrastinating all the time in corporate to working 80 hour work weeks in her first business. Then she figured out how to make $100K in 6 months, much faster than everyone kept telling her it would take. She realized, “Things just take time” is a lie and applied what she learned to make $100k in 6 weeks and then in 2 weeks. She’s now a Feminist Time Coach and makes amazing money while works 15 hours a week (or even less these days because she’s currently pregnant…) In this episode, she’s going to teach you how to hack time and achieve whatever your sacred goal is even more quickly than you imagined. Connect with Bryn Book a free consultation with Bryn here - Website : IG : FB : Connect with Vikki: Vikki is a Feminist Time Coach. She is a reformed hustler turned time hacker. She helps her clients unlearn the rules of time and drop time management to-do’s for good so they can achieve more, earn more and live more through her group coaching programs. She also hosts the Hack Your Time podcast. Website : Instagram :
In this white supremist patriarchy you've been led to believe that style is only about being “pleasing” to men or “fitting in” at work and feminist style coach Judith and I are here to BLOW UP that idea. Style can be fun or sexy or playful or boss. It can be an expression of your creativity or a source of your comfort. Clothes are here to support you, the leading actor in your life. We talk about janky ass panties and dressing silly for fun. And taking it one baby step at a time. Throw out one old dirty sweatshirt. Buy one piece that sets your heart on fire. Taking baby steps often is what leads to massive changes over the years. LFG!! Connect with Judith: IG: Bye Bye Janky Undies and Bras - Style Masterclass Podcast - Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Book a free consultation with Bryn here -
When I started my business, I loved working with clients but I hated the sales and marketing process. I wished someone would come and deliver me clients. But in time, I've learned marketing can be fun and an outlet for my rage about the patriarchy. And I'm reading Nelson Mandala's book right now and realizing how essential marketing it is when it comes to making social change. Listen to this episode to learn more. Book a free consultation here - Join the FB group here -
Lindsey started her coaching business after 2 years of coaching blowing her mind and completely changing the experience of her life. She slowly built up her business making $5k her first partial year, then $30K and increasing incrementally every year until in 2021 she made over $700K. In this episode she shares what helped her slowly but surely build her business, the difference between an entrepreneur and employee mindset and how having breakthroughs in your own life make you an amazing coach/healer for others. Connect with Lindsay: Website - Instagram - Podcast: Mastering Coaching Skills Ep #14: When Your Client Wants to Quit - Other resources mentioned: Make Money as a Life Coach podcast - Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Book a free consultation with Bryn here -
Ep #75 - Failure

Ep #75 - Failure


Failing means you're way closer to success than when you're hiding. Take dating for example. If you're out there going on dates, sometimes getting ghosted, sometimes realizing you don't like the person, you're so much closer to finding the right person compared to the person who's sitting at home swiping but never meeting anyone. Getting ghosted fucking sucks. And believe there were times when I made it mean that I was unlovable and would never find love and it was incredibly painful. But the truth is getting ghosted means you're close to finding your person or people. Because you're willing to risk rejection. And you're getting to know more about what kind of person you want to date. And you're learning to be authentic around new people. So when the right person comes around, you'll be ready. Listen to the episode to learn why failure feels so painful and how to use it to succeed at your sacred goal. Book a free consultation here - Join the Trauma Informed Witchcraft FB group here -
Ep #74 - My Misogyny

Ep #74 - My Misogyny


When one of my coaches bought a second Audi, I had a ton of judgement. I was like does she not care about the environment? She's so wasteful with her money. But then after some reflection I realized that Dax Sheppard, who's podcast I love and listen to often, has about 15 vehicles. And I've never once judged him. If women have money, I'm very judgemental of what they do with it. But with men, not so much. And this is fucking with my sacred goal of building my business, helping more people and building more wealth. Book a free consultation here - Join the Trauma Informed Witchcraft FB group here -
Heterosexual women have the fewest orgasms out of all people, with 65% saying they often orgasm which is compared to 95% of heterosexual men. The orgasm gap is caused by the patriarchy. Folks socialized as women are taught to take care of everyone else’s needs before their own. You have to listen to this episode!! Join the Trauma Informed Witchcraft FB Group here - Book a free consultation with me here -
You'll learn: - What sabotages your sacred goals - How to overcome it - Examples of my failures and successes Connect with Bryn IG - FB - Book a free consultation with Bryn here -
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