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There is a GAP between where you are and where you want to be. In that GAP is the Zone of HEAD TRASH. This is the ATROCITY preventing us from what we're capable of and it's time to talk about it. Feel the passion and hear the RANT of "Yates In Your Face" content and real-world examples of how real Head Trash is and how others have unmasked it in their physical, mental, relational, spiritual and financial lives. ... We need each other to Unlock our Purpose, Live with Passion and become who we were CREATED to be. *** Join the No Head Trash Nation on Facebook***
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For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, ( To learn about the Effortless Author Initiative, text EZBOOK to 474747 Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone There have only been a few brief times in my life when fear and uncertainty and Head trash was simultaneously shared with so many people worldwide. We all face Head trash and we all deal with our own personal assessments of what’s happening in our lives, and our world. We struggle over the should’ve and could’ve issues of our lives. We struggle over self-worth and self-preservation but today we’re struggling with a system wide impact that most have never experienced before.  Many of you have only heard about these tings historically in the past. The real Estate crash, world wars when people had to band together to get through. The great depression and more recently 9/11 when it seemed that everything was flipped upside down while we watched it in real time.  Hey, watching the markets fall and hearing the rampant FEAR in our country isn’t fun. Not knowing how we’ll be paid or if we can weather such a storm in our businesses, isn’t where we expected to be just a short month ago when everything seemed to be funning on all cylinders.   You’ve had this happen in your own life, with the death of a family member or loss of a job. But to see it happen across all areas of society is like being invaded by an outside force and not knowing the outcome.  Now, let’s be honest. Every indication suggests this is a short term issue that will be dealt with through the measure being taken, but short term or not, it’s going to have long term impact on our lives, our economy, our habits, and our view of the world.  Is the Coronavirus head trash?  … there are many who would say its entirely head trash compared to what we face daily and the number of people who die every year from many various communicable diseases. I don’t subscribe to that camp, but I do understand the argument. By and large, there will be people who benefit from fear being released in our world. There are countries and companies who will seem to manipulate what we’re facing for their own good. There are people who will lose a fortune and others who will make one and most of us have no idea how to participate in getting benefit out of such a tragic situation.  So where is the head trash? Cause, I promise you, it does exist. There is a lot of head trash, starting right here with me and I’m guessing with you as well. There are unfounded fears, the endless scenarios being played out in our heads and extrapolations being made that lead us to irrational responses like hoarding toilet paper and withdrawing into depression instead of sharing hope and faith.  Head trash is an epidemic of its own. Just because we often don’t get in sync with the same head trash, doesn’t mean it’s not an epidemic. Why talk about it? Because time is still passing. Opportunity is still all around us. We’ve got something precious we’ve wished for but never thought we’d have like we do right now.  We’ve got time. We’ve got free time to spend on the typically ignored but important issues of life.     I know, I know… we’re out of practice having time for real conversations. We’re out of practice reading and taking time to ask the hard questions like what’s our definition of success and are we doing the things that will matter ten years from now?  We’re out of practice journaling and mapping and planning and dreaming… and these are the rare opportunities to reclaim these skills.  Is the coronavirus head...
Be an author, even if you’re not a writer. Let us help you share your legacy without the OVERWHELM you’d experience on your own. Learn More about “The Effortless Author Initiative”.   Text EZBOOK to 474747 Hey it’s Greg from The No Head Trash Nation… Locked and Loaded to get rid of the Head Trash that’s giving you WRITERS BLOCK.  Yes, today I’m talking about the newest initiative we’re tackling on the No Head Trash journey… I’m calling it the Effortless Author initiative….  BECAUSE, sharing your story, helping others learn what you’ve learned without having to experience what you’ve experienced WASN’T supposed to be this hard! There’s so much head-trash happening when it comes to writing your own book that it’s time to talk about it IN THE NATION.  I was talking with a business owner and he went off on a tangent about something he was really passionate about. It was amazing. He said it so well. I found myself taking notes and when he was done, the look in his eyes was inspiring. The first thing that came out of my mouth was that he should write a book and share it. I said, “If your people knew how passionate and clear you are about this, can you imagine how powerful it would be?” Then… he immediately flipped. You know what I’m talking about. He became that person who DISCLAIMERS that thing they are sure they could never do. You’ve been there… I’ve been there.  Well.. I could never do that. I’m not a writer. I’m not a speaker.. I could never do that….  And, to be honest, what irritated me the most is that I almost agreed with him. See, I know he’s a great leader, but he’s not good at putting his words down on paper. He’s great one-on-one and when he gets a chance to share in small groups, but like many great leaders, writing seems to come from a different part of the brain. So… I made a decision. I do a lot of work helping people refine their message, share it and make decisions based on it in leadership. Getting rid of the Head Trash is largely about getting CLEAR on the message and delivering it so WE hear it as well. The books I’ve written, even though they came from me have helped me to understand more once they were put into words. I’ve learned from them even though they were mine and I’ve had the same response from other authors I’ve helped.  That’s where the Effortless Author Initiative has come from. I’m teaming up with Steve Kidd to promote what should be possible for every aspiring author out there and if you’re one of those aspiring authors who has been saying for years that SOMEDAY you’re going to write a book…. This is for you.   Being an Author should be effortless. That is, you should have a team that helps you work in your area of strength, your Zone of Genius as they say, and has the support to stay in that zone while the process gets completed. You don’t need to be straining over sentence structure and publishing legalities, you need to be ensuring that the message you have for the world is being conveyed exactly how you know it should be.  That’s the Effortless Author process and I had to name it that way. They say it’s an atrocity to die with your song still in you… well what about your book. Whether you’re using that book to teach, as a calling card, to help others be clear what you and your business are all about or if it’s your legacy… you shouldn’t be held back from writing the book that you know others need to hear.  You’ve got experiences that will change people’s lives.   Isn’t it time you explored the Effortless Author possibility?    I can’t wait to chat about what we’re doing and more than anything… to hear your story. Let’s get rid of the head trash and make your story a Best Seller.   
For more information about THE EFFORTLESS AUTHOR INITIATIVE text ezbook to 474747. Ever had a Ninja moment? That’s what I’m talking about this week in the No Head Trash Nation. Those crazy split-second reactions that save the day and you have NO IDEA how you did it? Of course, you have. So, here’s the question… How did you do it? And what keeps you from doing it “at will”?     What if you could?  What if there’s something blocking your reflexes and keeping you from your highest potential?  And what if you could do something about it?  #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #PracticeZoneMastermind Let’s talk about how in The No Head Trash Nation or visit our website ( Email ( (  to chat about the "Effortless Author Initiative" or the "Practice Zone Mastermind". ( ( ( ( Let's move from IMPOSSIBLE to UNSTOPPABLE together.  
What is Head Trash?  This is your chance to engage with like minded people taking incremental steps to resolve the constant combat of Head Trash in our lives.  #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #PracticeZoneMastermind Let’s talk about how in The No Head Trash Nation or visit our website ( Email ( ( to chat about the "Effortless Author Initiative" or the Practice Zone Mastermind. ( ( ( ( Let's move from IMPOSSIBLE to UNSTOPPABLE together.  
I was BLOWN AWAY when I took the time (3 days actually) to build my own Definition of Success. I thought it was obvious until I get serious about it. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE SERIOUS? ...   How do you know if you're getting closer to your GOAL if you don't have a crystal clear VISION of what that success looks like? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Let's talk about why it's so important and get a glimpse of the POWER that is unleashed once you understand your Personal DoS. Stay tuned and in future Episodes we'll talk about the step-by-step of building your own. Get focused and OWN a Definition of Success that nobody can talk you out of. The validation you're looking for is found there. Don't allow anyone to SUPERIMPOSE their Definition onto your life. Once you're clear about it, the enemies to your success become like NEON blinking lights you can see coming a mile away. Are you getting closer today to your ultimate Success? How would you know if you don't have a clear Definition of Success? Let’s talk about how in The No Head Trash Nation or visit our website ( Email ( ( to chat about the Effortless Author Initiative or the Practice Zone Mastermind. ( ( ( ( Let's move from IMPOSSIBLE to UNSTOPPABLE together.   #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #PracticeZoneMastermind
To learn about the Effortless Author Initiative, text EZBOOK to 474747For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone We’ve all experienced it. The Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda life. For most of my life it was completely surrounded by either guilt or apathy.  I either felt guilty because I was relaxing… or I convinced myself NOT TO CARE.    That’s just the way it is, right?  We all face time when either boredom or chaos derail any productivity we might have imagined when we built our strategic plan for the year, the quarter, the month, the week or even the TIME BLOCK we learned how to plan out in that latest good book we read.   AHH… the euphoria we felt when we read that book and blocked out our perfect day. We pictured all the things we’d get done and the satisfaction it would bring.  Then, we find ourselves in the middle of a fire fight and we have no idea how to bring that line item on our perfectly planned day into reality.   Recently, I realized this all too clearly. I allowed myself to UNPLUG in front of the TV. After all, those shows I recorded aren’t going to watch themselves, right? They’re like one more to-do list and I need to get it done… (note to self: rethink my obligation to the DVR).   Suddenly I realized… I’ve got free time. Something I’ve dreamed of. Opportunity to do something special with Vicki, to make a memory, to connect with people I love, to talk about the important issues of our lives, dream for the future, get to know her better (even after decades there’s always more to learn)… but I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t in the right mindset.  You know what I’m talking about.   Then it hit me… One of these days I’m going to WISH I had this chance. I’m going to beg for one more opportunity to focus on this time of my life, my health, my relationships, and all the reasons I told myself I’ve been working so hard in the first place!   We work like maniacs because we’re planning to enjoy our lives someday, but our work becomes our life. We forget it was supposed to serve us so we could have incredible moments that we’re missing because we’re not prepared for them. So, we have free time but we don’t know how to use it. We relax, but we forget our relaxation was intended to be the chance to explore and reflect.  No, I’m not saying we should have an itinerary for our down time… that’s not what I mean. Even total stillness and seemingly unproductive conversation can be the greatest joy of our lives. The key is not guilt… it’s just a little bit of preparation that helps us turn today into the day we’ve been waiting for. Into the day we’ve been working so hard to reach.   Don’t let the chaos happen without pulling the important into it. That applies to downtime as well. See the opportunity, even when it’s not how you planned it.  What if the time we have is right in front of us, but we’re not prepared. What could you plan to do, even if you had just one minute?   Could you make a tiny memory? Make a difference in someone’s life? Remind someone you care about them? My experience? Minutes get filled by checking social media, answering email or watching TV. We’re addicted to being entertained rather than creating the stories of our lives.  Hey, I struggle with this as well.  We need the important to exist in the CHAOS – in the everyday MOVES of our lives.  That’s why we practice.  Your life is full of opportunity to give and to receive. I challenge you to...
EP 57 |  I'm not Dead

EP 57 | I'm not Dead


For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone Hey, it’s Greg Yates from Breakthrough Leadership and the No Head Trash nation… and I’ve got good news!  I’m NOT DEAD… and if you’re listening to this, you’re not either… and that my friends is the Greatest Opportunity of our lives. Back in 2014 I faced something I didn’t think I could recover from. I’m not gonna lie, it still commandeers my bandwidth from time to time but now there’s a difference. I’ve come to believe that circumstances are like the scum that forms on the surface of a pond, the pudding or the gravy, depending on where you happen to be. Sometimes it’s the oil floating on a puddle or in worse cases, an oil spill that requires an organized clean-up. That’s the way my life felt in 2014. It was an oil slick that was choking the life out of me and contaminating everything around me. Here’s my point. What’s on the surface, doesn’t represent what’s below the surface. That’s what I know about circumstances. They lie about what’s really going on, or at least they leave the impressions causing us to make ASSUMPTIONS that aren’t accurate about what’s beyond the surface, the pond scum of our lives. Maybe you love your circumstances… the sad truth is that even if you love them, they’re still not capable to represent everything that’s happening in your life, just below the surface. That’s why Fakebook is so rampant with comparative reality. It seems like everybody has perfect lives, except us and we’re pedaling as fast as we can. What does that have to do with not being dead? I’m getting to that. First you need to hear me on this. Trust me. Circumstances are lying to you about a lot of things and one of them is that thing you’re facing you believe has the power to make or break you… forever. That thing if everybody knew would disqualify you from your church, and maybe even your job. That thing you’ve reconfigured so it sounds good, even if you’re the only one who believes your version of the story. I’m going to share with you the wisdom my wife, Vicki, gave me when I was sure my life and my ability to be my best was OVER… She listened kindly to my agonizing assessment about life and when I was finally done, she calmly stated the facts I wasn’t ready to hear yet.  It could be worse… you could be dead. And she was right. I’m finally wrapping up the draft of my new book and its title is something I wouldn’t have learned without sticking my face in the scum of circumstances and seeing beyond them. And believe me, it’s not a one-time thing. The book is titled, Circumstances Lie, and it takes one tiny step toward looking beyond what seems real and exploring the vast unknown, where there is more evidence for what we can become than there is for where we’re stuck today. It’s the same whether it’s an individual, a team, or an entire organization. Stepping beyond the drama and empty calories of circumstantial beliefs is where true breakthrough begins, and we can’t get there on our own.  I couldn’t pull myself out of the pit. I needed others with different reference points to summon courage and belief I didn’t have. I still do.  And so do you.   Stop settling for overhead in your personal growth journey and get connected to a group of people who will explore the endless potential of life together. Help each other live well, struggle well and integrate your faith well by exploring what’s possible together. Remember… the greatest opportunity you have is still ahead of you. You’re not dead. Let’s move from broken to...
Ready for some radical honesty about your story? Listen in.  Hi, it’s Greg from Breakthrough Leadership and the No Head Trash Nation and today I want to talk about the single most important thing YOU can do to change your world… sound good?  Well, before I go any further, let me clarify for just a minute.  You saw the title. You know what I’m talking about and the reactions are all over the board… I’ve talked to hundreds of people who want to write a book or tell their story – maybe it’s on your bucket list or you like the IDEA but have no idea where to start. That’s one of the things I do but before you start writing that heroic story of your life, let’s make sure it’s the story that will have the impact you’re hoping for… that is if you really want to change the world.  … I learned this the hard way.   Let me give you a little background. Like you, I’ve been telling my story my entire life. Verbally at least, right? I’ve practiced it and sharpened, and it’s gotten better every single time.  No problem, right? I’ll tell it to Anybody who will listen, hey we tell our story even if the person ISN’T LISTENING… We love our story. We love our take on life, we love our words, we love our perspective. OR… we hate it. Either way we are DYING for someone to hear it, to validate it, to validate US… and our story… our experiences.  But that’s not the story that will change your world. See, the problem is I want to tell the story that puts me in the right light. Or I should say is consistent with what I believe about myself, about the world and my place in it. I want to tell the story where I’m the hero OR the victim of and I want to tell it MY WAY. I want my story to simultaneously open the eyes of the listener and establish my place as the one who made it happen. The problem is, that story is rarely able to get out of the starting gate. Oh… we tell it… but it doesn’t change our world because it’s encapsulated in the fakebook belief that people are inspired by heroes and we want to be that hero.  I’ve had a lot of success. I’ve had a lot of failure. If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that people believe my failure more than they believe my success. They relate to it. They see nuggets of truth in it when I’m sharing a story I don’t even want to share!  But I’ve learned to share it anyway because when I share that story… the real story of my heart, my pain, my failure, my ongoing struggle to overcome the obstacles and the lies of Circumstances… I become real and relatable. And, when I become a real person, I can help others embrace their real lives and work toward real results, overcoming circumstances instead of being crushed by their lies. My tribe hears my voice. I don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t have to be RIGHT or even be the hero. My story invites people on a journey and I’m willing to share what I know so they’ll do a better job than I did.  When I share my story with radical honesty, vulnerability, obsessive open-mindedness, a clear Definition of success and belief that circumstances are opportunities waiting to be explored, THEN… and only then… my story can change My World.  Yours can too. Walk with me in the process of sharing your story, without the head trash. Not because it makes you look bullet proof, but because it is the honest evidence that (no matter how flawed and broken) connects you to your tribe and gives you a platform from which to Change Your World.  I want you to write your story and I know you want that too. It’s deep work and it will change you on the road to changing your world. If you’re interested in learning more about the structure support to get past the head-trash and finally write your story, I’d love to help. Text Yates – that’s my name – YATES to 474747 to get my latest book, “Circumstances...
For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or (   Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. If you know me and if we’ve talked… Especially if you’ve worked for me or with me and ever tried to convey something important about your life… I owe you an apology.  Let me be very clear about this. I’ve gotten this wrong – for most of my life. Have you ever heard the Prayer of St Francis? You might not remember that’s where this comes from but I bet you’ve heard it.  Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.  Where there is hatred, let me sow love, where there is injury pardon.  Where there is doubt, faith.  Where there is despair, hope.  Where there is darkness, light. Where there is sadness joy. Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love… for it is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.  And here’s the part that’s killing me with AWARENESS today. That I may not so much seek to be understood as to understand.  the problem is that I translate it first. I convert it into logic. into my circumstances, into my past experiences and I try to find a way to relate to it. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but here’s what typically comes out… OH… I know how you feel. I felt that way once and here’s my story. and suddenly we are making it about US instead of them.  I’ve done it far more times than I’d like to admit. Like I said… I owe you an apology.  Look at it another way. Have you ever had someone you love tell you about an encounter at work, church or school and you were ANGRY about someone treating them bad… but if you’re honest,– you’ve been on the other side of it and it was a calculation, or just good business and you don’t understand why the other person is so upset!   If you’re a leader, I KNOW you’ve been there. We’ve convinced ourselves we can’t ‘care’ about how a decision will impact everyone, so we sterilize it and put the needs of the MANY above the needs of the few. But if we were the few, would our decision be the same?  So… what do we do about it? How do we truly understand? If you’re like most of us, as righteous as it seems to want to ‘understand’ … cause we’re supposed to love God first and love our neighbor as ourselves, right… to ACT based on that understanding weakens our position OR… so we think.  So, we put up the walls, convert everything to LOGIC… and ultimately deem it’s not possible for us to do business and truly ADMIT we understand or care enough to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.. So… like I said – I apologize. But there’s more.  I WAS WRONG. See, I’ve asked you to go to battle with me, to help me achieve worthy goals that I wanted you to UNDERSTAND how it impacted the company and me. But I can’t ask you to do that anymore if I’m not willing to do the same. Does that mean I can always do what you want? Probably not… but here’s what it does mean. If we’re on the same page, if the mission we’re on helps you reach your personal goals as well, we’ll be a real team. And there is no success without a team. Here’s my apology. I’m sorry I haven’t conveyed the mission well and invited you to be an irreplaceable part of it. I’m sorry if my decisions haven’t seemed to convey that I care about you and your personal development as part of this organizational body achieving a worthy objective. I’m sorry if my desire to win hasn’t included the desire to help you win at the same time. And if you’ll give me a chance, I’d like...
Sometimes I pay attention to dead authors, poets and heroes of the past.  Sometimes, I don’t.  Even on Thanksgiving… Why am I thankful, despite the Head-Trash? It’s simple really.  I’m not dead. There’s still time (and I hope I don’t lose sight of that fact). Everything I dream of doing will be done in this life and I’ve still got a chance to do it.   I’m thankful. I looked in the mirror this morning and realized I care less about what I see in there than I cared a year ago. I reached for a towel to clean the same spots on the same mirror and the déjà vu of it fuels the desperation - to do something different.  ·        To break the pattern. ·        To change how I spend my energy on this racetrack of blood vessels and heartbeats. Do you ever feel you’re drowning in expectations you have no idea how to satisfy?  I’ve got tomorrow’s LIST already started… do you? The strange thing, (whether you believe it or not YET)… is there will come a day when it’s more important what you can get rid of than what you can accumulate… that’s how you know you’re beginning to cross over from hamster wheel to solid ground.  That’s when you wish you had a filter for the head trash so you could do the important, maybe ONLY the important, and have a thanksgiving that doesn’t evaporate in a day. I only hope it’s not too late. For you and for me.  With the words of dead authors, poets and speakers ringing in my ears, I make this vow. I will live in the Spirit of destiny, forgetting what is behind, abandoning myself to pursue the unknown where the atrocity of living cannot reach me for, I have abandoned the guilt and duty of an ordinary life. Go with me. Live in the glimpse of broken reality. Stop forging the chains and break them. The most irresponsible life is the untested spirit of a Kingdom warrior trapped in an unbelieving host.   That, my friends, is the greatest head-trash of them all. It’s the greatest atrocity and it offers us the greatest opportunity of our lives.   In the middle of the Head-Trash… we can be thankful.  Greg For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone
Here's a shocker... You can run from failure all your life but you can't escape it.  Sooner or later, you're going to fail. The Question is... are you running TOWARD truth or are you running AWAY from it?   On either road, you'll have a lot of company.   Reminds me of an attorney I used to have who asked me if I knew how many lawyer jokes there are. I said, no but there are a lot of them. He looked me in the eye and said, no Greg… there are actually only 2. The others are proven facts.   Thing is, I've only found 2 categories to put failure in... & only one is good failure (who knew, right?) So where’s the dividing line? Where do the tracks split and all roads lead to one or the other?   You can fail in the PURSUIT of TRUTH… or you can fail in the DENIAL of Truth.   The choice is yours. You can fail both ways, but one leads to brokenness and the other to breakthrough.  Of course, I know you’re all about the truth, you’d never deny the truth… that’s crazy talk… but what happens when our perception of the truth gets in the way of the actual truth? When we’re convinced that fulfilling our purpose requires reshaping truth in some way. Here’s what I know about TRUTH. Just because you believe something is true, doesn’t make it true. You’re not the center of the universe and proving other people wrong doesn’t make you right.  Truth is counterintuitive. Sometimes bad circumstances have good results and pain is the only path to a breakthrough. The pursuit of truth isn’t found in circumstances or our best-laid plans, it’s a journey full of trial and error as we adjust toward true north in pursuit of our highest created purpose. Our purpose, our mission, our daily refined definition of success is part of this pursuit.  Sometimes the path seems broad and easy, some days it’s narrow and we struggle to stay out of the ditch (and sometimes we end up in them!). We fail... but we persist ...because the pursuit of truth is our only hope to know who we are, why we’re here and to matter in the journey to significance – the deep longing of our souls.   Denial of truth is defined not always by a different path but by a different focus. When we choose the temporary, rely on circumstantial evidence for our decisions and possess no clear and compelling definition of success, it’s impossible for us to navigate the path to destiny. Failure in the denial of truth shrinks our faith, limits our vision and reshapes the truth to match our interpretation of our experiences. Let’s get rid of the head trash… It’s time to get clear on the mission and the truth. In the pursuit of truth, here’s what you need to know.  Search for allies, align with resources outside your own strength Don’t assume there is only one way to fulfill the mission and always be aware that Circumstances Lie and there is head trash to deal with.  You’re a branch, you’re not the source.  Surround yourself with others in the pursuit of truth and pull each other up. Remember that failure in denial of truth is the path to breakdown, not breakthrough. No, it’s not simple, but truth can’t always be seen from inside our own heads. We need a better perspective and that’s why we need each other. Get rid of the head trash and let’s move from broken to breakthrough together.    Greg For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone
Greatest Obstacle or Greatest Opportunity? I’ve got a question and it’s a big one.  When does your greatest obstacle become your greatest opportunity?  And is it possible for your greatest opportunity to become your greatest OBSTACLE?  Of course it is.  As human beings we have a remarkable capacity for making easy things hard and once in a while, we make some hard things really-really easy.  … personally, I’m exceptionally good at the first one. I am GREAT – super-talented at making easy things HARD. Seeing myself as a career problem solver, I wasn’t surprised when Richard stormed into my office. He was offended and quick to tell me about it. Donna had it in for him and this was more proof. He was sure of it. The ball was in his court. My question was simple. Do you want to resolve this issue or create support for your position? He reluctantly indicated he wanted resolution, but I knew it wasn’t why he’d come.  Why do protracted conflicts come more easily than open conversation? Why does selfish agenda trump undiscovered potential? Is it possible the true undiscovered territory, the genuine unbridled opportunity that exists in our lives is just beyond the point where we prioritize validation, justification and pride of authorship?   Does opportunity care that you’re right and someone else is wrong?  Trust and clarity seed opportunity and are never built on fear and duty. Head Trash demanding our own validation LOCKS UP potential before the game begins.   What are the opportunities we’re giving up because we can’t get past the obstacle in our own heads? When are Circumstances Lying with just enough ego magnetism that we’d rather see the barrier than get the breakthrough?   You are the bottleneck to opportunity when you fail to realize that all meaningful growth comes through the door of your greatest obstacle. Winning happens when we see past the challenge, past the barrier, past the anger, fear, hate and pride and pursue something that won’t happen on its own. Dragons are not a myth. We need clarity about that which we must overcome or we never have the will to persevere to accomplish it.   ·        Broken relationships don’t heal on their own. ·        Unclear priorities don’t clarify themselves. ·        Food doesn’t get healthy because we need it to.  ·        Head-Trash doesn’t bring truth, it is asking us for the truth.  My challenge is this. Stop waiting for circumstances to affirm you and every stoplight to turn green on your path. Never forget that The Obstacle IS the Way. Everything you want is on the other side of a little good pain.   For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZone
Want to establish your own Practice Zone environment and get total Buy-In from your people. Text YATES to 474747 or Visit ( and let’s talk about accelerating your results through the Practice Zone.  There’s a terrifying subject every leader goes into denial about. Maybe it’s the un-knowable ripple effect or the accidental impact that locks us up or the fact it seems like the song that NEVER ENDS…   or we wish we’d never STARTED… So… let me solve it for you real quick…  Here’s secret… Don’t  BE  WRONG….   And if that doesn’t work, stick around and let’s talk about what it takes to MINIMIZE the COST of being wrong…   cause that’s where most of us are coming from.   If you’ve only got a minute, here’s the cliff notes.  ·        The ripple effect is cascading. Don’t be wrong about the reality of the ripple. ·        Good things take time. Don’t be wrong about the timetable you’re using. ·        It’s not just about you. Don’t be wrong about the seed you’re planting.   ·        In moments of chaos, people revert to their training. Don’t be wrong about what you’re training.  What happens when you KNOW you’re going to be wrong occasionally (on the path to being right)?                Do you blow it off as part of the process?                 Does it create endless loops in the decision-making process that drag you down? No wonder the guy with one talent (in the bible) buried it in the ground. Do YOU know what to do with the opportunity staring you in the face as a leader?   Maybe your framework won’t be completed or sharpened to perfection any time soon, but for heaven’s sake, don’t build it on the WRONG foundation.   Great leaders don’t get everything ‘right’, but they build on the right foundation. Replacing one interior wall is different than discovering a cracked and unstable foundation.  ·        You can’t build on individual, superstar players, even if they’re you. ·        You can’t build on market sentiment. It has a history of reversing course. ·        By the time you mimic what someone else did, it’s already wrong. You were designed to create something exciting and durable but don’t forget to : -         “Consider the Cost” and -         Build it on a good foundation. What is the foundation of your leadership?  Leadership failure begins with an unclear definition of success.  A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. I know you can’t be in business if you can’t make money. We get it. But making money won’t build a foundation that lasts. My dad used to say, “it’s not whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.” After a brief pause he’d always continue… “But, if you’re losing, you’re not playing the game very well.”  He wasn’t talking about sports. He was coaching me about the process of leadership and the insignificance of always being right. Vince Lombardi is fabled to have begun training camp by showing the team what a football looked like and retraining the basics of blocking and tackling. John Wooden is remembered for teaching his new players how to properly tie their shoes.  How do you determine the cost of being wrong? You measure it in the clarity, the unity, and the...
For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. Join ( on Facebook Here’s the PROBLEM with RESULTS Don’t get me wrong. I want results. You might say I’m addicted to them. When results aren’t in sight, anxiety sets in and I start planning how to get them. There seems to be guilt associated with planning, refining, and even training before chasing the wild game in the big hunt.  When I tell people what I’m working on, the first question is “When will it be delivered?” What’s the date? What’s holding you back? I want to stop for a second and say, there are times I don’t want to put unshrunk cloth on old wineskins. And there are times I’m thrilled I rehearsed, dug deeper, tested out that big idea before I pulled the trigger.  One of my humorous reminders to myself is that most of my best results have been accidental. I want you to consider the possibility that when the call of culture is that your value is in immediate results, it’s a lie. The leader’s calling is to plant seed.  Please don’t misunderstand. If you know me, you know I’m a person of action. I have lived and died by my (often impulsive) actions. It’s my greatest strength, but it’s also one of my greatest weaknesses. We live in the day of the MVP. Minimum Viable Product. Don’t wait till it’s perfect. In fact, you have no idea what it needs to be perfect, and the PROCESS of development is out there where it’s being tested.  I don’t disagree! … but it’s not a universal truth. There’s a time to take action and have faith. And there’s a time to do the deep work of Practice. Sometimes action and practice occur simultaneously. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help leaders establish a practice zone environment where good things mature while action is happening. As a keynote speaker and trainer who has led teams to some significant results, I’m often asked, “Greg, How can I motivate my people?” It makes me flinch. I understand the question, and I know the vicious cycle it represents. Recently I read this in Mark 4:26. “… a man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how.”  The problem with “results” is that we can’t get them without planting seed. We can’t legislate RESULTS. As leaders, we’re quick to identify the ‘problem’ with employees “these days”. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, you’ll draw a crowd with this one.  Sowing seed isn’t reactionary. We don’t do it to fix a problem or get a quick win. We sow seed because it’s a core value, and we know it will yield a harvest (even if some of the seed doesn’t take).  Your people are BEGGING to be part of the mission and to become the best they can be. And… they are looking to you to take them there. They’re counting on you to sow the seed. Call me Crazy I want to be known as a leader who is planting the seed. When you’re ready to assume the true role of leadership, it’ll look like this.  ·        You’re sowing seed into the lives of others to see where the good soil is. ·        You don’t have to control ‘how’ it grows, only that you sowed good seed. ·        You’ll spend more time cultivating and fertilizing and less time isolating and legislating. ·        Your time will be spent in training and equipping those who will reproduce the seed you’ve sown in them.  ·        You will create a...
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #YatesMastermind You’ve heard the sage wisdom that says… Trust, but verify. In other words, pretend to take things at face value, but do your homework. Don’t let the process stop there. It’s your responsibility to do your own research, and vet the information.  What it means is… DON’T TRUST.  That’s a bummer. The other day, I saw a post on social media sharing an article and below it popped up an automatic FACT CHECK button. I’m thinking… NICE. Wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘fact check’ option in every meeting?  The problem is… I don’t want to fact check. I want to BELIEVE, even with people I have (questionable) experience with.  Unfortunately, the most QUESTIONABLE experience I have with reliable information is the info I get from the VOICES in my head!  Maybe I should start fact-checking the Head-Trash before I run off and let those assumptions ruin my day.  I was nearly 40 before I realized how untrustworthy my head trash is. I ‘believed’ the voices in my head were intuitive sources of truth I could trust. It never occurred to me that even when I was emboldened by hubris it was really a lie. Here’s a little SECRET about Blind-Spots. You can’t see them. That’s why they call them Blind-Spots. (thought I’d throw a little wisdom in there for credibility). I’ve learned over the years that: ·        We love our ideas, and we want everyone to love them too. ·        We hate being wrong.  ·        We need validation (almost constantly) ·        If it was our idea, we defend it (even once we realize it’s stupid) ·        Vulnerability is the key to collaboration and true teamwork (but we avoid it) ·        We depend on accidental success and pretend it was our plan Reality check: If we trust our head-trash it’s impossible to live our best lives.   Isolation is the Enemy of Excellence.  It’s time to apply the fundamental decision-making necessity of “Trust, but Verify” to yourself and build on a foundation that can fulfill your highest created purpose. Surround yourself with a few trusted-advisors and ASK THEM to fact check your assumptions, beliefs and (of course) your Head-Trash.  If you don’t have access to a high-level team who will help you see your blind-spots without inserting their own agenda into the process, I’d love to chat with you about My Practice Zone. It’s a place where leaders practice to become their best outside the vacuum of their own head.   Great leaders always have places to mastermind. That’s how we grow. If you’re interested to know more, check us out at or text YATES (that’s my name) to 474747 for more information.  Your mission is great and you’re the right person to lead it. Experience the most rapid way to clarity and momentum by VERIFYING your intel first.  Remember, you’ll PERFORM exactly how you Train.   If something is broken, don’t wait. Surround yourself with people who share your values, your purpose and a commitment to Breakthrough. Get rid of the Head Trash by standing in the light with a brotherhood of strong leaders. If that’s what you’re looking for, get on my calendar ( and let’s chat about The Practice Zone, where Leaders...
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook … Today is an incredible NEW DAY to live without Head trash in the No head trash nation. I’m Greg Yates and today I woke up obsessed with results… the expectation of getting results… and the rapid fire search for that illusive Low Hanging Fruit….      And THAT”S what I want to talk about. Ever been there?  We all want RESULTS. We’re judged based on RESULTS. Our entire identity is built on RESULTS. We live in a society that values results so much that when I reached a period of my professional life when I couldn’t get those elusive results, I believed I had no VALUE.   The addiction to results and validation is as real as any other. It changes our chemistry, and it ‘back-feeds’ into our beliefs.  That’s what makes me wonder if this concept of ‘low-hanging fruit’ isn’t part of the problem.   The Desire for Results is primal It fires the neurons of aggression, urgency and triggers our need for comparison. It brings out the best and the worst in us. It conjures up a drive that contends with all primal instincts. Growing up in business, I’ve heard it said hundreds of times. Look for the low-hanging fruit. Are you familiar with that phrase? In other words, look for the thing you can harvest (get results from) that will give you the most immediate benefit for the least amount of work.  Makes sense, right?  Maybe. There certainly are times we’ve already done the work and failed to harvest some apparent low-hanging fruit, but what if we set our sights on short term results rather than building great companies and cultures. Will quarterly results be our legacy or our lunacy?   “Circumstances Lie” is my latest book dealing with this circumstantially based set of beliefs. If you want a free copy, text EZBOOK to 474747 and we’ll hook you up. Circumstantial evidence is like the man who fell from the Empire State building. As he sailed past the 50th floor he was heard to say, “so far, so good.”   Is low-hanging fruit available?  Yes. Is it always the right time to harvest? That’s the question for the long-term performer.    ‘pruning’ the tree can increase results.     Here’s my point.  When things reach the proper time for harvest, the gains are optimal, but that takes patience. It takes investment, whether physically, mentally, relationally, in our faith or finances. It takes care and intent. Factor that into the evaluation of that inviting, low-hanging fruit. It’s about living well while you’re doing well. It’s about acorns, not popcorn.  Ever said this? ·        I wish I’d never sold that...
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook 3 Clues that something is broken No pilot would take off if they knew something important was broken.  No business would launch their revolutionary product if they knew it would have to be recalled.  No leader would hire a team member or engage a mission objective if they KNEW it would be subverted and fail.   We loaded up the mold to be delivered to our customer. We were proud of the sample parts it produced and were glad the project was complete.  But when the customer called the next day with parts stuck in the mold, the nightmare began. After our own molding supervisor couldn’t get it to run production in their machine, he transported the tool back to be disassembled in our shop. It was embarrassing and it was costly.  Inadequate cooling in the tool kept it from running production without eventually sticking parts. It was impossible to keep the temperature consistent, no matter what we tried.  The entire design had been predicated on cooling the plates and now we were going to have to find a way to cool each insert independently.  It was a disaster. The moment that design decision was made, the problem was inevitable. We just didn’t know it yet. Isn’t it the same with many of the decisions we make; many of the issues of our lives?  We’re broken, we just don’t know it yet.  So how would you know if you’re heading toward brokenness?  It seems obvious when you’re looking backward.  20/20 hindsight, they call it.  But how do we see it in advance.  Here are 3 clues I think might help if you pay attention to them.  1.      Seeking the path of least resistance. You may not be pursuing pleasure but you’re always avoiding pain. Even good, therapeutic pain. If the decision isn’t challenging you to climb above the obstacles, you might be going down. If it’s the trend, you’ll eventually crash.  2.      You don’t feel you have a choice.  This is the road to cascading brokenness. You’re facing a decision and you feel you no longer have a choice. The real decision was made in the past and now your hands are tied. Small brokenness leads to catastrophic breakdown when we believe we no longer have a choice.  3.      It feels like duty rather than passion. You’re being pursued instead of being the pursuer.  When things are broken, they gradually go upside down. When momentum is moving against you, fear, duty and obligation take the place of passion and peace. These three clues are evidence. You can see them in the past and if you look closely you will see them in the present. Climb. Surround yourself with people who share your values, your purpose and a...
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook It's Greg, coming to you LIVE from the No Head-Trash Nation and I want you to know that what you're doing MATTERS. The effort you're making to plant seed in the lives of others, to see the good and speak against the Head-Trash. Keep doing it because that's how your story will change the world. We all want instant results - we want validation - we want others to see our heart, even when we 'screw up'. Keep doing what you're doing, focusing on the gift you're giving and you'll change your world. #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #YatesMastermind Let's do BREAKTHROUGH together.
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook We were flying across Missouri on a family vacation in my Piper Archer N47702. It was getting dark and even though the clouds were heavy, it was friendly IFR weather. I didn't mind.  Everyone was tired and the kids were asleep in the back of the plane. Suddenly a downdraft caught the airplane and within a couple of seconds we had descended more than 300 feet. Only our seat belts kept us from bouncing off the cabin roof. No roller-coaster could prepare you for that extreme. I radioed Kansas City Center to let them know we were below our assigned altitude. Such weather needed to be reported since it couldn't be seen on radar. As I talked, we were thrust upward while the G force of gravity compressed us in our seats. What had been a smooth ride suddenly found us looking for the nearest place to put down for the night.   The interesting part is that we stayed on course. We were locked on a heading and the airplane kept flying it. What we hadn't anticipated was that the course could take on a three dimensional characteristic. ·      We were on course. But we were still in trouble.  The course I had set took us right through forces more powerful than our controls.   ·      If things weren’t strapped down, they would have turned into projectiles and gone right through the fuselage.  ·      I couldn’t see what was really happening even though I believed I could.  There is a huge difference between the two.  Being in control isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  For some reason I have difficulty seeing around the next corner or ten minutes into the future!  I try to use my X-Ray vision but the least barrier blocks my view.              It limits my understanding.   If I’m in control, it can’t be all that challenging!   Sometimes I forget what God said about it.                 “My ways are higher than your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts”.   There is an amazing journey just beyond your control.   You can Break Through the Head Trash and Fear that holds you back.  You can turn that fear ON ITS HEAD.  Your Breakthrough begins when you Trust God beyond your ability to control.   Your Control is the ONE THING that is holding you back, but you don't have to go there alone!
If you'd like a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, text EZBOOK to 474747 or ( . (about:blank) or text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information. Join ( on Facebook Today I’m talking about the massive PATTERN BREAK I call Unplanned Breakthrough… it’s the most resistant topic – the most upside down perspective I’ve ever experienced and IT HAS the most potential for you to fulfill that vision you’ve got for your life. I know we’re all busy planning our breakthroughs, building our vision and dreams, mapping out the step-wise course to those incredible heights of victory… and we should… you should…  if you know me, you know I’m all about systems, about intentionality – making sure we’re pointed toward a clear objective and measuring whether we’re moving closer to it or away from it every day…    But this Unplanned Breakthrough concept – really, it’s not a concept, it’s a tidal wave of reality ... like the moment when you reach enough lift that your plane surges into the air instead of just going really fast down the runway…   Unplanned Breakthrough ALWAYS happens AGAINST YOUR WILL.                                  I know.. I know… if it’s SO GREAT - Then I want it, right?  Why would you say it happens AGAINST my will?   Well let me tell you what UNPLANNED BREAKTHROUGH looks like.  It’s the painful circumstance you pray to GOD will turn around. But we’ve all said it… that made me a better person. We hated it, but the process of it was Breakthrough.  It’s the tough love you get when a friend is willing to ask you the hard question.  It’s the in-ability to tell the story in a way that makes you look JUSTIFIED. It’s the moment your blood pressure spikes, your shields go up and you’re angry… then hurt… then ready to throw in the towel on your life having any meaning at all… Yes, it’s great to plan your breakthroughs but don’t overlook the unplanned breakthroughs that could change your life for the better today. Surround yourself with a tribe that will love you enough to help you reach your highest created potential and Break Free from the Head Trash that’s holding you back. 
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