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Exposed with Motoki Maxted & Emmett Barnes

Exposed with Motoki Maxted & Emmett Barnes

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Motoki Maxted and guests crack jokes and reveal both heartfelt and hilarious personal stories while poking fun at pop-culture. You’ll never know what to expect on this raw and uncut rollercoaster often featuring more relevant social media celebrities. Tune in on a weekly basis to hear Motoki and his friends expose themselves.
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Angel Nguyen

Hi Emmett and Matoki! I accidentally came across your podcast thanks to autoplay and YouTube watching my every move and showing me the things they think I’d like to see lol I’m so happy and thankful that y’all made a podcast. I have something to sleep to, wake up to, listen during traffic to, and all those other times in between. Am I crazy? I dont know. It could be that your podcasts are so damn addictive and interesting! I’m always dying of laughter, learning something cool (“that’s interesting” *takes shot*) and getting to know you guys better. Im sure in no time that your podcasts will blow up. I so appreciate how professionally made your podcasts on YouTube are: with the studio equipment, bringing extra clothes for back to back vids LOL, having breaks exhibiting the graceful dancing intermission, etc. I hope this comment/review gets featured because I want the world to know that I worship um woops I mean LOVE u guys n ur podcast!!!! Jokes aside, keep up the great content. Xx from San Jose (Bay Area), Cali.

Nov 18th

Amy Juheui Lee

Hi guys ☺️ I’ve been enjoying the podcast! I was wondering if you guys can talk about time management, your tips on how to balance work, social life, etc & how to overcome a burnout. As a fellow pre med student, I’m struggling to find a balance between everything while trying to prevent a breakdown. Thank you hehe ☺️

Nov 14th

Yeom Yum

Hey guys, I love your podcasts. I was wondering if you guys could talk about sex education? Like if you've ever had it, what you believed that turned out to be absolutely wrong, how you believe it should be implemented in our education system, etc etc. Super curious. Love you guys.

Nov 10th
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