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How are you feeling about your 6-6 Seattle Seahawks after Thursday's 41-35 loss to the Dallas Cowboys? Still a playoff contender? Are they a team on the rise or just treading water? Do they have enough stars to compete with the elite teams in the NFL? How far away are they from being a Super Bowl contender? Today I put on my best objectivity face and try to point out 3 hard-to-accept realities that I believe are holding this team back. SUPPORT the show, and buy me a coffee (or a beer!) SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel Want AD-FREE audio episodes? SUBSCRIBE on Spotify for just 99 CENTS A MONTH and get rid of those pesky ads: FOLLOW me on Twitter @SeahawksForever On Threads @seahawksforeverdan --- Send in a voice message:
The Seattle Seahawks may have played their best game of the season Thursday night in Dallas, and it still wasn't enough to beat the red-hot Cowboys as they drop to 6-6 on the season after the 41-35 loss. There were some positives to build on from this one, but they were marred from a couple unfortunate coaching decisions late in the 4th quarter. Can this young team build off of tonight's performance? Or are the weaknesses too much for them to overcome with games against San Francisco and Philadelphia coming up. You can listen to AD-FREE episodes on Spotify if you SUBSCRIBE for just 99 cents a month! Want to support the show? Buy me a coffee! (Or a beer!) And for VIDEO versions of most episodes, subscribe to the Seahawks Forever YouTube channel: Follow me on Twitter @SeahawksForever Threads @seahawksforeverdan If you'd like me as a guest on your show, or would like to propose sponsorship or advertising opportunities email me at --- Send in a voice message:
One often-repeated definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting similar results. Is that what we're seeing with the Seahawks right now? I believe the results of last night's 31-13 loss to the 49ers indicate that changes are needed in Seattle..... big changes. Which ones am I talking about? Can they be done now, or will they have to wait until the offseason? Most notably, is it time for a new coaching staff and direction? I'll detail what I think those changes need to be, and how/when they may be addressed.... some sooner than later. SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel FOLLOW me on Twitter @SeahawksForever SUPPORT the show and buy me a coffee! (Or a beer!) SUBSCRIBE to the show on Spotify for Exclusive AD-FREE episodes!!! Watch the MOCK DRAFT SHOW where Michael Thompson of 12th Man Rising and I show you what a QB-led 2024 Seahawks draft might look like. --- Send in a voice message:
Yet again, the Seattle Seahawks led the LA Rams 13-7 at the half, just as they did in week 1. And yet again, they come away empty-handed. Sean McVay is now 15-5 vs. Pete Carroll after the Rams 17-16 Week 11 victory, dropping Seattle to 6-4 and out of a first place tie for the lead in the NFC West. As they get set to face off with the division-leading 49ers, followed by equally daunting matchups with the Cowboys, Eagles and 49ers again over the next month, where does the loss in LA leave this team in the playoff race AND in the big picture? Who's to blame for this loss that so easily could have been a win? I'll break it all down AND leave you smiling with a bit of comic relief, so stick around to the end for that :-) SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel FOLLOW me on Twitter @SeahawksForever SUPPORT the show and buy me a coffee! (Or a beer!) SUBSCRIBE to the show on Spotify for Exclusive AD-FREE episodes!!! --- Send in a voice message:
How far have the Seahawks come since their 30-13 Week 1 loss to the LA Rams? Can the additions of Devon Witherspoon, Jamal Adams and Leonard Williams make a difference as Seattle gets set for this one? How healthy is Matthew Stafford? Rams content creator Jake Ellenbogen joins me to give his insight into just how prepared the Rams are for the rematch, and why this game is even more crucial for Sean McVay's 3-6 squad than you might think! Want to listen to AD-FREE audio episodes? SUBSCRIBE on Spotify for just 99 cents a month and get exclusive podcast episodes with NO ads! SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channel for FREE video episodes: SUPPORT me and the channel - buy me a coffee (or a beer!) --- Send in a voice message:
Jeff Simmons, Seahawks analyst and co-host of Real Hawk Talk joins me for this one to offer up his thoughts on where this Seattle team is at the midway point. What's been his favorite thing to watch in the first half? How does he feel the Seahawks stack up against the NFC's west as they get set to play them all in a four game stretch (I ask him to guess how many games they win vs. the 49ers, Cowboys and Eagles!) Is Shane Waldron a good OC? And of course.... I ask him how he feels about the play of Geno Smith, and if HE were the GM, how he'd handle the QB position moving forward. SUBSCRIBE on Spotify to gain exclusive access to AD-FREE episodes: Buy me a coffee (or a beer!) SUBSCRIBE to the Seahawks Forever YouTube channel! FOLLOW me on Twitter @SeahawksForever --- Send in a voice message:
The Seahawks win a thrilling home contest as they get 5 Jason Myers field goals, including the buzzer-beater, to beat the Washington Commanders 29-26 at Lumen Field in Seattle on Sunday. The offense rolled up nearly 500 yards including 369 in the air from Geno Smith and yet.... there were fans who wanted him benched at halftime. In my LIVE reaction show I'll address Geno's performance, and that of the rest of the team, as they get closer to the toughest part of their upcoming schedule. But for now at least, the Seahawks improve to 6-3 to remain tied for first place in the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers. Is that enough to allow fans to rest easy that the team is poised for a playoff run? In this episode I take questions and comments from live viewers and respond to them on air. You can SUBSCRIBE on spotify to gain access to exclusive AD-FREE episodes for just 99 cents a month at the link below... --- Send in a voice message:
In this exclusive AUDIO-ONLY episode, I'll take a look at the Washington Commanders as they get set to visit the Seahawks in a Week 10 NFL Matchup at Lumen Field in Seattle. Who is this team, how do they match up with the Seahawks, and should 12's be concerned about their explosive offense? In some way, these two teams are extremely evenly matched. Could it be a tougher matchup than fans want to believe coming off the Hawks horrific performance in Baltimore? SUBSCRIBE on Spotify to have access to AD-FREE episodes for just 99 cents a month! Buy me a coffee (or a beer!) SUBSCRIBE to the Seahawks Forever YouTube Channel --- Send in a voice message:
Geno Smith vs. Drew Lock.... it's what some of you want to talk about this week, and has even been a big topic on local sports radio. Is it warranted? Today on the show I'll take a look behind the numbers. Who is Geno Smith, historically, and who is Drew Lock? How do they compare? Do their combined college and NFL stats indicate certain skills that may help make sense of the difference between the two? In short, would the Seahawks be better off giving Lock a chance to play? Also, I'll look back in Pete Carroll's history to another example of when his veteran starter struggled mightily (even worse than Geno is) to try and gauge how he might handle this. Want AD-FREE audio episodes? Subscribe on Spotify for just 99 cents a month!!!! --- Send in a voice message:
Is the sky falling in the Pacific Northwest? Some fans seems to think so after the Seattle Seahawks brutal 37-3 loss at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Where does this team stand after that loss. Are they the first-place, 5-3 team their record would suggest? Or.... does this young roster have a LOT farther to go before they can be considered a legitimate playoff contender? Today I pose 3 important questions I have coming out of this game, the answers to which will determine just how far this team might be able to go. And we NEED to get these answers quickly, with two "winnable" games coming up before a daunting stretch of games to follow against the NFC's best teams. --- Send in a voice message:
Do the Seattle Seahawks have what it takes to travel to Baltimore and beat Lamar Jackson and the red-hot Ravens? They just might, if they tweak a few things in their running game. At least that's what some of the analytics suggest. Today I'll take a look at some of those numbers, and try to dissect just how the Ravens defense has been stopping teams, and how the Seahawks may be able to crack that code. --- Send in a voice message:
The Seattle Seahawks improved to 5-2 and took over the top spot in the NFC West with a thrilling 24-20 home win over the Browns. Sporting their throwback uniforms on a picture-perfect day in the pacific northwest, did Seattle send a message to the rest of the NFC? I'll give you my 5 takeaways as we break down just what went right in this one, as well as what this team still needs to improve on. SUBSCRIBE for ad-free episodes for just 99 cents a month: Or support the show and buy me a coffee (or a beer!) --- Send in a voice message:
Seahawks general manager John Schneider has just pulled off a HUGE trade, acquiring NY Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams: **What did it cost? **What does it mean - how does it impact the Seahawks defense? **Could this be a long-term fit? **Seahawks in "go-for-it" mode! --- Send in a voice message:
The Seattle Seahawks are reuniting with an old friend, bringing back 2015 2nd round draft pick Frank Clark on a one year deal. The 30-year-old DE/OLB is expected to help fill the void left by the season-ending injury to Uchenna Nwosu. Clark played in just 2 games with the Denver Broncos this season before being released after things didn't work out, but prior to that he racked up 58.5 career sacks over 8 years with the Seahawks and Chiefs. And he's done his best work in the playoffs, ranking 3rd all-time in playoff sacks with 13.5 What does he have left in the tank? How will the Seahawks use him and how much will he play? Will we see him this Sunday against the Browns? Does this take the Hawks out of any more significant trade-deadline action? Is this a GOOD move? Tune in for my reaction, and give me YOUR thoughts on what you think of Frank Clark coming back to the Seattle Seahawks for one more go-round. --- Send in a voice message:
The Seattle Seahawks improved to 4-2 with their 20-10 home win over the Arizona Cardinals. What went right, and what needs to improve before the team heads into the toughest part of their schedule? I offer my 5 primary takeaways from their performance against the Cards. --- Send in a voice message:
Rookie WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba had his best game as a Seahawk Sunday against the Bengals, hauling in 4 catches for 48 yards in the 17-13 loss, but a number of plays NOT made could have made his performance look even better AND helped turn that loss into a win. Is there enough evidence from Sunday to imply that JSN is poised for a big breakout? In this film breakdown I'll show you how he got open (and how OFTEN he got open) and total up the numbers of what *might* have been if Geno Smith and he had hooked up a couple of the other times he was open. --- Send in a voice message:
The surprisingly competitive Arizona Cardinals visit Lumen Field on Sunday to take on our 3-2 Seahawks. Who are these Cardinals, what are they doing well, and how do they stack up against Seattle when we dive into the advanced metrics? Also, is the Seahawks offense not paying enough attention to what they do well? Are they not playing to their strength? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so you never miss an episode! --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode I react to the Seahawks 17-13 loss in Cincinnati - including my 5 Takeaways from the game as Seattle drops to 3-2 on the season. Front and center, I address the widespread sentiment that Geno Smith is primarily to blame for this one, and I go to the All-22 coaches film to try and understand just what went wrong. But as is usually the case, there was a lot of GOOD that Geno contributed in this game, and he had quite a bit of help in coming up just short of a big win. What does it all mean for the Seahawks and Smith moving forward? Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so you don't ever miss an episode, and if you'd like to skip the ads you can become a monthly member for just 99 cents a month! For video versions, subscribe to the Seahawks Forever YouTube channel. Go Hawks! --- Send in a voice message:
Is pass defense the ONE THING the Seahawks need to improve on in order to be taken seriously as an NFC contender? They face a tough task in week 6 as they travel to Cincinnati to take on the dangerous duo of Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase. Is the Seahawks pass defense as bad as some fans believe, or do the numbers provide a glimmer of hope? Support the show by liking the videos and SUBSCRIBING! Or..... buy me a beer! --- Send in a voice message:
EVERYONE got involved on a dominating night for the Seahawks young defense, but no one’s light shined brighter on the big stage than rookie CB Devon Witherspoon. I’ll give you my immediate thoughts on just how Seattle pulled off this 24-3 win to move to 3-1 on the season. --- Send in a voice message:
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Tom Swanson

Loren Kissick of Puyallup, WA is the WWII Vet at the Seahawks' game. He is a D-Day soldier. On a field of professional football players, he is definately the biggest badass.

Oct 7th


Great stuff from Brandan and Adam

Feb 17th
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