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A conversation about worship, creativity and the art at the heart of how we experience God and how we share that experience with others.
24 Episodes
Looking back on some previously unpublished content we came across some thoughts on ritual that we wanted to explore more fully.  Enjoy some of the bonus content and then hear our reflections on ritual now.  
Brian and Rebecca talk with Fran about her book and her work writing litanies and prayers for the Church.  We hope you enjoy our conversation!Rev. Fran Pratt is a pastor, writer, musician, and mystic. Making meaningful and beautiful liturgy to be spoken, practiced, and sung, is at the heart of her creative drive. Fran is author of a new book of congregational litanies, and regularly creates and shares modern liturgy on her website and Patreon. Her prayers are prayed in churches of various sizes and traditions across the globe. She writes, speaks, and consults on melding ancient and new liturgical streams in faith and worship gatherings and spiritual practice. Fran currently serves as Pastor of Worship and Liturgy at Peace of Christ Church in Round Rock, Texas, where she lives with her spouse and two young daughters. Her book _Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational Prayer_ can be purchased on Amazon. Check it out and follow Fran on Instagram @thelitanist and on facebook at Fran Pratt.  You can also become a supporter at  
Brian and Rebecca talk about how the practice of discomfort in worship can prepare us for the invitation of following Jesus into the world.  What do we do to prepare for the disruption that comes when choosing the Way of Jesus?  How can the Moravian Motto, "In Essentials, Unity; In Non-Essentials, Liberty; In All Things Love," give us a framework for faithful disruption?
Rebecca and Brian talk with Jill Peters who runs the Crossroads Lay Leadership Program at Moravian Theological Seminary.  She tells us about the worship class and give lots of wonderful examples of how worship can be re-imagined to help make deeper connections with God.  We hope that some of you might check out the Crossroads Program for your own spiritual formation and growth.  It is a wonderful resource!
Brian and Rebecca talk about one of the basic building blocks of Christian worship, the Bible.  The story of God and of God's relationship with human beings and creation is where many worship leaders start to create worship experience.  Why is that?  Hear us think aloud about the importance of the stories we tell and how they impact the stories of our own lives.  
History of music in the Moravian Church, hymn writing and more!
Find out more about who Brian is and why he is so interested in worship and the process of creating
We talk about the difference between hymn writing and song writing, process and hear some beautiful tunes too!
Re-released episode on Co-host Rebecca and her interest in worship...where it started and more
We talk preaching, prophecy and community
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