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A conversation about worship, creativity and the art at the heart of how we experience God and how we share that experience with others.
17 Episodes
We talk about the difference between hymn writing and song writing, process and hear some beautiful tunes too!
Re-released episode on Co-host Rebecca and her interest in worship...where it started and more
We talk preaching, prophecy and community
This is a re-release if our very first episode. We talk about where Create in Me got it’s start and more!
Peg has worked for justice in many ways, specifically through her ecumenical work in Minnesota.  Have a listen to our conversation about how worship and justice are most vibrant when they form a basis for our life together.  
Whatcha wearin'?

Whatcha wearin'?


What do our clothes say about us?  In worship settings?  In Daily Life?  And what do we chose to say through our expression?  Brian and Rebecca riff on these ideas and follow the conversation about clothes through a variety of places.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Brian and Rebecca talk about Easter in the Moravian Tradition in the context of the ChristChurch Massacre in New Zealand.  How do we show up for Easter?  What are we ready for and how are we changed by it? 
A historical perspective on creativity in the music of the Moravian Church over the centuries. How do we En-Courage (give courage) to each other to create and share what the Spirit of Christ is doing now?
Hear a little about Rebecca's story and the people that have helped her to understand worship and to love it!  The art and creation side of Rebecca's passion for congregational worship.  
We talk about making guitars, the spiritual practice of creating and hear some beautiful music.  Here are some helpful links if you want to know more: Email Zach for more information about his guitars at zdease36@gmail.comZinzendorf:
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