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Private Label Movement was created just for you, the private label entrepreneur. All over the world, people are creating six and seven figure businesses with their own branded physical products through Amazon FBA and other ecommerce channels. What's even more fascinating is they are doing it in basements and spare bedrooms. Private Label Movement brings the most successful brand owners to you, and shares their stories and their secrets. Whether you are an established brand owner, or are just starting out, won't you join us in creating your empire?
60 Episodes
What To Expect At Private Label Summit 2019
What is up Private Label Movement! This is Brad Langan, the Head of Marketing over at Private Label Movement. I know you all don't normally hear from me but I have something special to share with about what we have been hard at work on.Why Are We Hosting The Private Label Summit?There is a trend where Amazon is making it more and more difficult to establish your brand on Amazon. Amazon sellers are now facing a ton of challenges nowadays. Everything from just increased competition, Amazon releasing a ton of their own products, software that can model exactly what you are doing, and even listings getting hijacked. Jonathan Gabriel noticed this trend and quickly realized that people need to own their brand and leverage other sources for selling eComm products.This is why we started the Private Label Summit.When Is The Summit Happening?It is taking place March 5th - 8th online. All you need to do is go register here to get your FREE TICKET.What Topics Will Be Covered?You are going to be excited about this part.We have gathered some of the TOP eCommerce sellers in the world to share exactly the tactics that are working for them today. This WILL NOT be just focused on Amazon. We are focused this year on all platforms and how you can be successful and own your brand.Some of the topics will include:Sales Funnel CreationShopify OptimizationHow To Get Off AmazonHow To Own Your Email List On AmazonHow To Grow Your List Off Of AmazonHow To Get Your User Data Off Of AmazonWho Will Be Speaking?Trey Lewellen, Dana Derricks, Ezra Firestone, Cody Neer, and soo many more.Combined, all of these speakers have close to a billion dollar in sales!How To Get Access?Head to We can not wait to see you there!
Patrick Tedjamulia – Founder and CEO of VideoPeel – Video Review Expert 019
Today, Patrick Tedjamulia shares the story of how he founded and became the CEO of Videopeel, a video review platform. He talks about his love for customer insights, which led him to discover the true value of videos in advertising.Consumers First ThinkingBefore his venture into Facebook and Google, Patrick worked in brand management. His initial training for his career had been about consumer packaged goods. He was trained in marketing by Procter & Gamble with a consumer’s boss thinking.“It's all about first understanding who your consumer really was, stepping into the shoes of the consumer. That’s been my love and my passion.” - Patrick TedjamuliaPatrick then went to MBA school in Duke University to further his education in consumer insights and research.Facebook and Google AdvertisingPatrick’s formal training and education in understanding consumers eventually helped him as he worked at Facebook and Google.“As I started helping them build their advertising tools, I had to understand their customer, and their customer was every advertiser.” - Patrick TedjamuliaWith millions of advertisers in these platforms, Patrick had to be in tune with their needs, such as AdWords that would allow them to accomplish their business goals. He had to find ways to drive traffic to their brand, their website, and their store. He also helped them in launching their objectives, ads reporting, and a ton of advertising tools and applications.Realizing the Power of VideoPatrick noticed that advertisers across the board  are having trouble with two main things. First is trying to get their ads to convert, which is every advertiser’s problem. Second, their consumers are losing trust in their ads.In trying to solve these, he realized that the number of videos being posted on Facebook was growing like crazy. This eventually made him realize the power that videos hold.“I knew that the best way for someone to be able to bring out the truth about a product, bring out the truth about their business, bring out the truth about who they are as founders of their business, is video.” - Patrick TedjamuliaConnect with Patrick Tedjamulia:Patrick Tedjamulia - LinkedInWebsite - VideopeelFacebook - VideopeelTwitter - VideopeelInstagram - Videopeel Sign up for Videopeel, mention Jonathan Gabriel and the Private Label Movement to receive a 20% discount! - Financial Insights for Amazon SellersYour first month is free. Chat them "PLM" and get your second month free, too!Join the Movement - Join the SummitFrom March 5 to March 8, Jonathan is hosting the Private Label Summit. Whether you're a seasoned seller or ready to begin your own private label, join Jonathan Gabriel with expert guests Ezra Firestone, Trey Lewellen, Dana Derricks, Nate Lind and so many more!It's 4 full days packed with great conversations about Amazon FBA, drop-shipping, Facebook ads and more. Join the summit to start or grow your private label brand today!Sign up for Jonathan Gabriel's Private Label Summit FREE at www.PrivateLabelSummit.comConnect with Jonathan:LinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Jordan Rolband on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Jordan Rolband – Performance Marketing Expert 018
Jordan Rolband is the Co-Founder and President of DFO Global Performance Commerce. A certified performance marketing expert, he shares with us today how he blew up his marketing agency with eight global offices and over 200 employees.Jordan Rolband - A Love for MarketingFifteen years ago, Jordan was in a completely different place. He started his career in finance and quickly learned that the industry wasn’t for him. Not to mention that he didn't want to dress up every day.He worked as a partner at a company and couldn't focus on the business. Jordan didn’t have a real interest in becoming a high-level sales guy or managing the sales team. All he wanted to do was market.Lead Generation through MicrositesJordan then started to build microsites in 2005-2006. These sites catered for mortgages and loan consolidation. With the help of Google AdWords, they were able to scale up different campaigns.They also utilized some of the leads they were generating for their own business. Jordan discovered another use of these lead-generating microsites, which then launched the business to new heights. “I found out it would be quite lucrative if I also had some third-party businesses that I could sell these leads to aside from just taking them in-house.” - Jordan RolbandSome Key ChangesWhile the company prospered in lead generation through various platforms, they discovered affiliate marketing.“By using affiliates along with our small, little, internal media buying team, we’re essentially able to scale a business very quickly without having to hire a ton of people, without needing all these development resources.” - Jordan RolbandIn 2011, someone came in and offered to buy the business Jordan and his team built. At the same time, one of the companies they were working with to get traffic from had a business model that he found interesting.Eventually, this performance-based company introduced Jordan to a whole other marketing-related endeavor that would define his careerTo hear how Jordan discovered the world of e-commerce and became a performance marketing expert, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Jordan Rolband:Jordan Rolband - LinkedInWebsite - DFO Global Performance CommerceFacebook - DFO Global Performance CommerceTwitter - DFO Global Performance - Financial Insights for Amazon SellersFirst month free. Chat them "PLM", and get your second month also for free!Connect with JonathanLinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Jordan Rolband on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Max Kolysh – Amazon to eBay and Dropship Arbitrage Extraordinaire 017
Max Kolysh, Founder and CEO of Zinc, shares the story of how they managed to dominate dropshipping arbitrage with their automation suites. How does Zinc continue to influence the e-commerce industry?Max Kolysh - Walking the Path of a StartupMax and his co-founder met when Max was finishing his master’s at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Max’s co-founder, a large eBay seller back in high school, developed some technologies that they thought to productize.In a leap of faith, they applied to one of the top startup accelerators in San Francisco. “We didn't know what we were doing at the time. We thought we had a good idea and that we could sell it.” - Max KolyshBirth of Zinc SaveThey dropped out of college when they got into the three-month startup program from which they received mentorship and advice. Their hard work culminated in a demo day where companies pitched to investors, much like in real life.Halfway through the program, they pivoted from automation for affiliate marketers and switched to Zinc Save, a browser extension. Zinc Save was a way to save money on Amazon. This tool aimed to help people actually get the cheaper prices Amazon advertises on their website. Embracing B2B SoftwareWith Zinc Save’s combination of credit card rewards, discount codes, and a lot more, people managed to get their items at an actual reduced price. But two days into operations, Max and his colleague received a cease and desist order from Amazon.This didn’t stop them from figuring out their next move. They reverted back to their roots, creating B2B software for e-commerce sellers. What started out as an outsourced service to cater to their first customer’s needs became a full-time endeavor.“Part of early startup experience is talking to your customers a lot, listening to what they want.” - Max KolyshTo hear more about the growth of Zinc and the birth of JoeLister and PriceYak, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Max Kolysh:Max - Financial Insights for Amazon SellersFirst month free. Chat them "PLM", and get your second month also for free!Connect with JonathanLinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Max Kolysh on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
The Best of Private Label Movement 2018 016
Jonathan Gabriel looks back on The Best of Private Label Movement 2018 in episodes with Jeremy Sherk, Rob Kosberg, Chakra Yendapally and Nathan Lind.There's more to being successful at private label than just adding products to Amazon. Jonathan's guests are successful entrepreneurs who have found thier niche in the online marketplace.Listen in as his guests discuss the importance of choosing the right product, leveraging your expertise, bookkeeping for private label entrepreneurs and building relationships.Jeremy Sherk Nested NaturalsJeremy is an 8-figure entrepreneur, speaker, health nut, and Co-Founder and CEO at Nested Natural, an e-commerce supplement company.He's a best-seller pro that focuses on great products but also reinvests heavily into his business on Amazon and through other platforms where he can control his brand more readily. Connect with JeremyNested NaturalsRob Kosberg Best Seller PublishingRob was running a hundred-million-dollar real estate company when the recession hit and was forced to reinvent himself. Today, he's the founder and CEO of Best Seller Publishing and he's proud to say that he's found a way to leverage his expertise to positively impact others.Connect with RobBest Seller PublishingFacebookChakra Yendapally Virtual BookkeepingChakra is a 6-figure, soon-to-be 7-figure seller in Amazon. He created his own virtual bookkeeping company and talks about the importance of creating a brand.Connect with ChakraJunglebooksNathan Lind Seller, Coach and Community BuilderNate is a successful online seller that doesn’t just focus on Amazon. He has created relationships with affiliates to continue to push his products. Nate is insightful as a seller, a coach and entrepreneur.Connect with NateNateLindFacebook MessengerSponsor:Sellerboard.comConnect with JonathanLinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed The Best of Private Label Movement 2018. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Richard Chapo – Internet Lawyer for Businesses 015
The constant evolution of e-commerce requires passage of regulations for the industry. But how do they truly work in relation to those affected? On this episode, Internet lawyer Richard Chapo shares valuable insights on sales tax, GDPR, and copyright issues.“In the Wayfair decision, basically the Supreme Court said that states can collect sales tax regardless of where you're located.” - Richard ChapoWayfair and the Amazon WarsRichard has clients who deal with physical product sales. The debate as to whether states could tax certain Internet sales has finally culminated with the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Wayfair case. The so-called Amazon wars took 20 years in total.“One of the problems with the Internet is it takes the supreme court a long time to get around to deciding on something.” - Richard ChapoSales Tax DiscourseThe Supreme Court sets the law for the land as far as court systems go. Once they have made a decision, all courts in the country must follow, whether they are state or federal. This is why everyone has been watching the Wayfair decision since news of it broke out.Tax authorities in some states... they were never really gonna look at small guys and look at just the larger guys because of the amount of time and effort they spend isn't gonna be commensurate with the amount of money they would get out of hunting small guys. - Richard ChapoThis ruling understandably sent everyone into panic mode. But people who were writing articles missed a very important caveat. Sales tax may be collected as long as it’s not excessively burdensome on small businesses.Thresholds Set and Details to Iron OutCertain thresholds have been set to regulate the collection of sales tax. However, sales tax is not only charged at the state level. Details must be ironed out and a program must be implemented if sales tax is truly to be regulated.To hear more about taxation, how GDPR affected e-commerce, and issues on copyright, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Richard Chapo:Richard A. Chapo, Esq.Internet Lawyer Advising Online BusinessesP: (619) 637-6043SoCalInternetLawyer.comLinkedInSponsor:Sellerboard.comConnect with JonathanLinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Richard Chapo on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Vladi Gordon – Amazon Seller and Founder, CEO of Sellerboard 014
Vladi Gordon is the founder and CEO of Sellerboard, a financial services tool for Amazon sellers. Today, he shares the story behind the tool and what sellers can learn to improve profit by keeping track of customer insights as they relate to revenue.Bookkeeping, or stuff like Excel, it's not the thing that entrepreneurs like most unless, I guess, they're bookkeepers or owners of bookkeeping companies. - Vladi GordonVladi Gordon - Taking a Shot at SellingVladi started out as a seller back in 2015 in Germany. He was working in a software company when he heard of the new trend in online selling, Amazon. He started taking interest in private label products when there was buzz about the virtual reality glasses, Google Cardboard.When Vladi found a much cheaper alternative to the VR glasses, he ordered ten of them. Because he was the only person in Germany who was selling these glasses, they sold out fast. The same went for the next hundred glasses he put up on his online store.Curse of Shiny ObjectsBut like other trendy products, the sales explosion lasted only for as long as the marketplace wasn’t saturated. For a time, fidget spinners and selfie sticks were huge. They never stood the test of time, though.That's the problem with trendy products. if you catch the wave, you explode, but then everybody else comes in and the market dies completely. - Vladi GordonBirth of SellerboardVladi tried to source some more products after the VR glasses noise went out, but they didn’t really do well. He reached a point when he could no longer tell whether he was making money. He sought for a tool to help address this concern, but he didn’t find any that he liked. So, he partnered up with some developers to make one. It took off and they all decided to focus on it, hence the conception of Sellerboard.We learned a lot from our customers in the last two years and I kind of put down a list of five hidden profit killers which are very underestimated by sellers. - Vladi GordonTo hear more about Sellerboard and the five profit killers, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Vladi GordonSellerboard - Partner LinkConnect with JonathanLinkedInEmail JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Vladi Gordon on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Jon MacDonald CEO of The Good – Conversion and Optimization Specialist 013
Jon MacDonald is the President and Founder of The Good, the most trusted e-commerce conversion rate and customer experience optimization advisory company. They started about ten years ago. When they first built the company, they focused mainly on e-commerce development."Bringing your consumer into the process is extremely important because they are the ones who are doing the research." - Jon MacDonaldOrigin of The GoodThey built e-commerce sites for brands that wanted their own channel for sales online. They discovered a lot of things along the way.First of all, development was becoming and has become a commodity. Everyone can find a developer or a shop that will build their e-commerce site. Some of the more popular platforms include Shopify and BigCommerce who do not require a lot of development skills to at least get something set up.Jon MacDonald Becoming DifferentIn order to set them apart from everyone else, The Good offered a three-month optimization engagement after launching sites for every client that came in."What we found out was most brands were doing a launch and leave philosophy." - Jon MacDonaldMost brands would launch their site and then their development company would leave them on their own. The Good handles this differently. They ask their clients to stick around for three months in order to optimize.Keeping Clients HappyThey found out that most brands put more value in the optimization than the quality of coding. They weren’t really concerned about the quality of the site that the developers built from a technical aspect. As long as it worked and processed orders and they were converting highly, clients were very happy."We needed to focus on that optimization, where we were really different, and at the time, there wasn't even a term for conversion rate optimization." - Jon MacDonaldBefore they started this movement, optimization wasn't a common idea within e-commerce sites. But now it has become a wonderful part of the process.To hear more about The Good and Jon's story, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Jon MacDonald Twitter LinkedInConnect with Jonathan LinkedIn Email JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Jon MacDonald on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Earnest Epps 6-Figure High Ticket Drop Shipping 012
Earnest Epps is a life-long entrepreneur and salesman. After losing his corporate position, within 30 days he self-taught himself and created the Earnest Approach to dropshipping high ticket items from US manufacturers.NFL DreamsEarnest had a bit of a mindset when he entered college. His mother had pushed him to pick a specialty and focus on that during college. Because of his mother's encouragement, Earnest chose IT and technology.Football was his main reason for going to college and his choice was based upon a path to the NFL and not the educational opportunities. Unfortunately, before he ever got to play in college, Earnest's dreams of going to the NFL were smashed due to injuries.Earnest Epps Hustling to SucceedNot knowing what to do, he started knocking on doors and passing out flyers for a remodeling company. He soon learned the art of setting up leads for sales in order to earn commission checks.If I can get (that first) sale, I can figure it out from there. - Earnest Epps venturing into e-commerceEarnest's passion to succeed led him to first succeed at selling, then training, hiring and eventually running a team. His success led to his promotion to marketing director at the age of 22.Envisioning Himself as CEOHis job success gave him the skill set to move on to a position as a sales director for a marketing company whose clients were multi-billion dollar companies. From 2009 - 2015, Earnest was managing about 100 employees on the east coast. When he was fired, it crushed his soul.The trajectory for US online sales is projected to be $600 billion dollars by the year 2021. - Earnest EppsFor two years, Earnest was going through the motions in a state of depression. He had invested everything in that company for his and the company's success. He was certain he was going to be the CEO and work there for the next 40 years.Earnest had always tried small side ventures on his own. He had never taken them seriously because his position in corporate America was so good to him. He felt like he had it all.Finding His Piece of the E-Commerce PieFor two years Earnest was stuck. It wasn't that he didn't have the work ethic or the right skill sets, he just didn't know what he wanted to do. While scrolling through Facebook, an ad for e-commerce and dropshipping popped up. At first, he was really skeptical and was unsure he could make money at it.Take the same energy and effort for your boss on a full-time basis...and just do it for yourself. - Earnest EppsWhen he came across an article forecasting the growth of online sales that convinced him to try and get himself a piece of the pie. Earnest set his mind towards succeeding online and began by focusing to get his first customer.When dropshipping is discussed, it's usually around super low-end stuff but Earnest took a different route. To hear the rest of his journey, download and listen to the episode.Connect with Earnest Epps Facebook Twitter Email LinkedInConnect with Jonathan LinkedIn Email JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Earnest Epps on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
Nathan Hirsch 8-Figure Seller Turned Outsourcing Expert 011
Nathan Hirsh is a veteran Amazon seller with over 25 million in sales. He's currently the founder and CEO of FreeeUp an online outsourcing company.Ever Evolving E-commerceWhen Nathan started it was him and two other people on every listing. Sometimes there wasn't anyone else to compete with. Today, that's unheard of.Nathan's business model is drop-shipping which has become harder and harder to do through Amazon. Sellers must do it by creating their own stores and driving traffic to it."Turnover is expensive. Once you find the people that are the core parts of your business, figure out how you keep them." - Nathan Hirsch on the importance of each position within a companyHe didn't even know what private label was until about six years into selling on Amazon. Today, that's where everyone gets started and you have all of the gurus who sell massive volumes on Facebook and social media.Amazon's Rule ChangesThis is probably the biggest change to e-commerce. When Nathan started it was your cancellation rate and your refund rate. Now, it seems as if a new metric is added every six months."I've always looked at everything as a ticking time-bomb and what is the window." - Nathan Hirsch on new opportunitiesBecause of all the changes, reviews are harder to obtain, it's harder to follow Amazon's FBA price changes and now you have sales tax. All of the rule changes have changed the dynamic of selling on Amazon.Nathan Hirsch Textbook ResellerNathan made his first sales with textbooks. During his college career, at the end of each semester, he would buy up textbooks."What am I the best at and how do I spend my time doing that? - Nathan Hirsch on outsourcingInitially, he sold on Book Scouter where they would compare prices between Amazon and every other bookstore online. Nathan would sell his books to the highest paying retail for them to resell. Because of Amazon's improvements, he opened his first online store to sell directly to the open market.Baby Product NicheDue to his success selling books, Nathan was hooked on selling products online and the inherent opportunities. He tried his hand at several items like video games and failed miserably. Just because he failed did not mean he would give up.While still in college, Nathan stumbled upon a baby product opportunity and was soon listing products online during his classes. Before he knew it, at 20 years old, he was running a multi-million dollar baby product business."With all of Amazon's changes, it felt like we were treading water, we were not growing." - Nathan Hirsch on his decision to move on from AmazonWhen Nathan started selling his products there were no keywords, he was just posting items and seeing what would stick. His profits were doubling each year until mass competition moved in. They were still making money but they were not growing.To hear the rest of Nathan's story and the outsourcing he's doing now, download and listen to the episode!Connect with Nathan Hirsch FreeeUpConnect with Jonathan LinkedIn Email JonathanThanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Nathan Hirsch on the Private Label Movement. We love hearing from our listeners so send us an email, follow us on LinkedIn, Join the Movement on Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes!
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