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Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 06-25-2022; Netfclix, layoffs, Tesla, doomsday, etc; laptop purchase tips; Apple's WWDC; security concerns; account confirmation scam; scammer targets; laptop vs desktop; anydesk remote control; economic shifts; cord cutting
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 06-18-2022; SpaceX, Japan, cryptocurrency; internet speed; XP speed; mechanical keyboards; Father's Day; Google Adtrap scam; Coursera; smartphone as a pacifier; microphones; backup drives; multi-monitor workflow; Win11 vs Mac
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 06-11-2022; Implementation Plans; preparing for changes; proper passwords; single chip radar; Illegal Action scam; hotspots and smartphones; protecting tech; life before tech; Zoom camera impressions; using a larger monitor
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 06-04-2022; Opening music of the show; All-in-one computers; proper passwords; 512 Audio Limelight; fake job test scam; free wifi problems; old tech disposal; replacing router; various backup types; wireless hard drives
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 05-28-2022; Snapchat, tech stocks, Vmware, Apple; is Benjamin dystopian; exploring new tech; microphones; vacation scam; future robots; automation failure; customer service failure; various IT complaints; cheaper to pay
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 05-21-2022; Crypto, Netflix, LAFD, gas, Apple, more; dialing back smartphone ; Mac Mini's; lockdowns leaving; General Income Scam; lightbulbs leaving; tech backpack ; NFC tag usage; working from home; high IQ
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 05-14-2022; Netflix, crypto, Windows 11, AR, VR, patches; buying used Mac; iPod is killed off; foam insulation; IT Alert Scam; GPS changes coming; years of tech; Kindle updates; disaster recovery drills; sticky keyboard
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 05-07-2022; Apple, Twitter, what3words, CDC, WFH, more; spotting spam scams; Apples hits and misses; Mothers Day tech; student loan scam; talking watches; ghost guns; 3D printed guns; Zoom calls concealing; budget laptops
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 04-30-2022; Amazon, Twitter, Musk, spying, news, more; Facebook knows you; Mac OS Server gone; computer security game; package scam; continuing education; tech bummers; better wifi; work romance; bad connections
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 04-23-2022; Windows 11, Netflix, CNN+, more; home office essentials; Passwords; car tech; Overpaid Utils scam; The Goal (improvement); recognizing; beating tech addiction; more complaints about IT; communicating effectively
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 04-16-2022; Apple, Meta, Google, YouTuber robot, more; Elon Musk and Twitter; stocks and SEC; Easter Eggs; IRS Tax Scam; bad Android software; Spring cleaning; tech cleanup; managing WFH; computers in cars
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 04-09-2022; church tech is definitely a need; Elon Musks empire is huge; reasons to be concerned; Klein screwdrivers; Fake Confirmation Scam; looking at history; more tropes; online backup; predictions; replacing old drive
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 04-02-2022; Apple, Netflix, crypto, USPS, HHS, E3; 1st and 2nd Amendments; crazy tech clients; Zebra printers; text from yourself scam; drones at sea; advertising; eco-electronics; health while WFH; color LED differences
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-26-2022; Russian techs and bans, Win11, Starlink, more; focusing work; journey to the past; charger; post disaster relief; fire drones; laptop upgrade; robotic revolution; Building your LinkedIn brand; troubleshooting
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-19-2022; Tesla, Netflix, Uber, Google; Nerd Movie and TV Tropes; car chip situation; better microphones; Disaster Relief Scam; incremental improvement; tech acceptance curve; resisting tech; branding on LinkedIn; Gas Buddy
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-12-2022; Apple, Win11, LimeWire, Ukraine, more; new iPhone, iPad, more; new Mac Studio; SciFi technobabble; PC Support scam; top education sites; surveys aren't fair; don't delete system file; branding on LinkedIn; games
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 03-05-2022; Starlink, Musk, social media, more; impact of tech on youth; Network Solutions escape; shipping containers; COVID relief scam; remote tech; Tech support of Ukraine; Plan Do Check Act; saving money; spying on kids
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 02-26-2022; Ukraine, mwalware, IRS, Intel, Musk; responding to world events; weather utilities; new car tech; faux charities; tech support for body; oversharing publicly; iPad in church; salary ranges; swap files and memory
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 02-19-2022; DeLorean, Win11, Chrome OS, Meta, more; Windows 11 concerns; virtual reality; COVID tech; more scam tips; recharging batteries; nerd myths and reality; programming in IT; become a tech leader; repair or replace
Computer Talk Radio Broadcast 02-12-2022; Peloton, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, more; censorship of bad guys; iPhone payment; new combo tool; more scam tips; Humans 2.0 is coming; listener questions; leaving computer on all day; convert consultant; following
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