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Author: J.M. Banks

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Kansas City's top show for the promotion social, cultural, and economic advancement within the urban core. We deliver honest, fair, and well rounded discussion on the topics impacting the black community. Monday Media Reviews/ Wednesday Interviews/ Friday Relationship Talks.
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On this Episode of Friday Night Relationship Talks we cover some feedback from the last episode. Rhe talks trendy topics, our weekly Q&A, and a Story Time about a guy his girl and her lesbian "friend"
Today we talk about the new film on on HBO Max Judas & The Black Messiah, the story of an FBI  informant placed in the Chicago  Black Panther Part chapter to bring down Fred Hampton. Support the show (
On this episode we go into another batch of questions about .....* Calling you partner by your ex's name* Best advice a woman can give a man in bed* Weirdest things people have said in bed* Most Fuck Shit you have ever doneStory Time: We have a story of a young lady who tagged someone in a post about "D Pics" by accident and doesnt understand why he may be upset.We also are happy to Premier the new track from MidWest Saloon - "Booty on Me"Off their new Mixtape A2k2 (Addicted 2 kicking it 2) now available the show (
On this episode we take a deep look at one of our favorite films of all time There Will Be Blood.Support the show (
On this instalment of our Monday Morning Media Reviews we take a look at Late Registration,  the second studio album of hip-hop legend Kanye West. Interested in supporting the show? Link below!  Or you can cashapp JMBanks06Support the show (
On this Episode we answer your questions once again concerning men courting women, social media changing the dating game, girls with great personalities and trash sex, girls and not shaving down there, and a long talk about the film Acrimony.Support the show (
Join us as we go into the 2nd season of one of the best crime dramas of all time. HBO's The Wire. Support the show (
Episode 3 of our Friday Night Relationship Talks. We talk about ...- How many kids are too many to bring into the relationship- Thoughts on SexTapes- Dating girls who strip and have Only Fans- If a man takes care of all the bills does he get the Final Say?Support the show (
Today we sit down with LaCrecia Shannon a wife and mother who has now become an author in order to tell her story of marriage, business, and family. Amazon the show (
On this episode we take a look a the incredible 1992 Spike Lee bio-pic of one of the most important men in American History Malcolm X. Support the show (
On our 2nd episode of our Friday Night Relationship Talk myself and Rhe MC discuss the feedback from our 1st episode. We also answer questions about ...- What age do men start noticing girls sexually?- At what point should a man who is bisexual or has experimented with other men disclose that to a girl?- Is it alright for your girlfriend to have a guy friend/ work husband/ play brother?- Do you let your girlfriend go through your phone?We also have a story about a young man who cant date the girl he wants because of a previous history with the girls friend. Support the show (
Today we are joined by the founders of  G.I.F.T. (Generating Income For the Future) Brandon Calloway and Cornell Gorman. We talk about the mission of these 2 young men to and their misson to invest in black owned businesses within low income areas in the Kansas City area.  We also talk about the historical racist act if "red lining" in the KCMO area, getting people to give, and plans for the Future!Please Donate to Help the Mission the show (
This episode we start our new relationship talk segment ft. Rhe MC. Great start to this show as we go into ...- Young beautiful black women marrying old white men- Do women really forgive?- What happens if your Girl spits in your face- Life changing things your Ex taught you- What it means if a guy only wants it from the back?- And we have our 1st story submittion about a young lady having private photos held over her head by an past lover. Support the show (
Today I am joined with  veteran and author   Alexs  Thompson. On this episode our guest  shares his journey though military service, struggles with PTSD, and finding the strength to write a book that tackles hard to talk about issues. Support the show (
Recap of one of our favorite Hip Hop Albums of all time the classic College DropoutSupport the show (
Today we are joined by one of the most influential young women in the Kansas City content game! Not only is she host of Tipsy Topic Tuesdays on Ultimate Game Night but she is also the owner of her own lingerie line. We sit down and talk about drive, hustle, and motivation to be the best. Support the show (
On this first Urban Alchemy Media Review we go into the first season of one of our favorite TV shows of all time, HBO's The Wire. Support the show (
On this episode we are joined with one of the only black female paranormal investigators in the country right here in Kansas City. We sit down with Maria De'Lopez of Pink Street Paranormal. we have a great discussion on  her life long history with the paranormal, the black community's views on ghost,  experiences being the only black woman hunting spirits and much more!!!Support the show (
Today we are joined with Shay Philips of Godly Fine Wine. We have a discussion on the hardships of starting a new business in Kansas City, the value of wine, and the community support behind a black wine manufacturer in the city. All this and more....Visit Godly Fine Wines at ... For The Episode: Asa Barnes "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"Support the show (
We are joined this episode with Marcus McLaughlin of McLaughlin Law Firm. Today we get to hear from one of the leading black lawyers in the area and get his insight on marriage in the community, divorce, petty break ups, and much more!Music For The Episode: Conplhilction "Anti-Gravity"Support the show (
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