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Sermons from Grace/Bethel

Author: Mark Haefner

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Weekly audio recordings of sermons presented at Grace Lutheran and Bethel Lutheran churches Seward and York NE. Mark A. Haefner, Pastor
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Like Israel, we have many times each day when we have a choice to listen to God or to listen to Satan or the wisdom of the world. Considering all that God has done for us, choose life, listen to his word.
As sons of God through faith in Jesus you ARE salt and light for the world. Share the salt of the Gospel so that others are brought to faith in Jesus and preserved in the judgment. Let the light of your faith and the love of Jesus shine in all you do and say. Don't keep your faith to yourself.
Like Israel, you might feel God has wearied you, but the fact is, you are blessed. Treating God like an idol that you can manipulate is what wearies you. Seeing God as your Savior inspires you to serve God and your neighbor with joy.
All too often Christians major in minors. They focus on buildings and carpets and style of music. They insist on their own personal preferences and end up causing divisions that hinder the mission of proclaiming to gospel to all. Paul encourages us to focus on what matters, the salvation of souls, the proclamation of the gospel. When we do, divisions will disappear.
In the midst of the troubled times of the last days Paul reminds us to keep pointing our children in the right direction, to Jesus and the the Scriptures.
At his baptism Jesus identified with us. He fulfilled all righteousness. He kept God's law as our perfect substitute.
Matthew 2:9-12 Wise Men

Matthew 2:9-12 Wise Men


The Magi from the East set an example of what it means to be truly wise - They watched for the signs God gave, they acted in faith, worshiped the infant Jesus as their King and Savior, Gave gifts fit for a King, and obeyed the Lord's instructions not to return to Herod.
The words of the blessing given in Numbers 6 are not just a pious wish. Through them God himself puts his name on us and WILL bless us.
God sent Jesus into the world at just the right time to redeem the world. He sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts at just the right time so that we would be considered heirs with him of eternal life.
God rolled up his sleeves and provided salvation for the world in Jesus.
God loves us. Christmas proves it. He gave his Son to save a world who didn't deserve to be saved.
Joseph was a righteous man. When the Bible calls someone righteous it means that they trust in the one true God and his promise of a Savior. Like Abraham, righteousness is credited to a person through faith. Those who are righteous through faith show that righteousness in their lives, as Joseph did. 
Luke 11:37 FF

Luke 11:37 FF


Jesus is the Key of Knowledge. He warns us about things that distract us, or keep us from seeing him as the one who reveals God to us.
Did John have doubts about Jesus? Whether he did, or his disciples did, John knew what to do with doubt. He went to Jesus and Jesus removed doubts by pointing him to the prophecies of Scripture he was fulfilling.
God, the God of Hope, provides hope for that hopeless because he is always faithful to his promises. Most importantly he kept his promise to send a the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.
The only way to be truly enlightened is by the Holy Spirit working through the word of God.
Just as Noah did we need to prepare an ark for our family. We do this by making sure everyone in our family knows that Jesus is their ark, their only hope of salvation when the last day comes.
The Psalmist prays for God's blessings so that, through us, his salvation my be known to all.
Jesus or victorious King gives us a glorious eternal kingdom.
God pictures for us what it will be like to live in the new heaven and the new earth.
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