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The Red Line Incident

The Red Line Incident


Scott learns a valuable lesson as a customer gets a heck of a deal! Rust Man recaps his tournament.Support the show (
This is our 3rd episode with new cohost, Scott Regester, but the first time Scott and Christian are on together!Support the show (
We Are Back!

We Are Back!


Former guest Scott Regester joins the crew for a new-ish format!Support the show (
Fellow Eden dealer and Estate sale runner Scott Regester joins the Rust ManSupport the show (
In the season 4 opener, we talk with star of the Discovery Chanel show "Ghost Town Gold"Support the show (
Finale...sort of... for now. Rusty and Producer Christian recap the last two and a half years and talk about the future. Support the show (
We talk vintage reselling and....Taxes?!?  in this episode with Michelle from My Happy Place VintageSupport the show (
Heather fills in last minute to save our studio time and shares her recent publicity!Support the show (
We talk to Heather with Thrifting Sister about their Etsy and Instagram. Support the show (
Vintage fashion reseller Solita Johnson talks about her website and poshmarkSupport the show (
Dave from Bear and Sloth joins us again and we have a more personal conversation than most of our episodes!Support the show (
#94 Cristy Tongate

#94 Cristy Tongate


Cristy from Retro Betties is back to discuss the current state of estate sales!Support the show (
Week 2 of 4 in our season break, Chris and The Rust Man finish their lists of favorite 80s movies!Support the show (
Week 1 of a 4 week break between seasons 3 and 4.  In this bonus content, The Rustman and 80s Nostalgia cohost Chris McLeod count down their favorite movies of the 1980s!Support the show (
The Rust Man talks with professional broadcaster and vinyl collector Lisa Wheeler!Support the show (
MJ and The Rust Man discuss the alcohol consumption of past generations and the equipment used to do so!Support the show (
BST #85 Orentha Hudson

BST #85 Orentha Hudson


The Rust Man interviews a vendor from his home town!Support the show (
The Rust Man talks with Sara Coleman about Instagram ISN groupsSupport the show (
Rusty and Sara discuss Sara's origin story and various online platformsSupport the show (
The return of Andrew Taylor!Support the show (
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