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Husband and wife Muhammad and Ambreen share the added pressures and joys of raising two sons with autism   Parents' anger issues affect their children big time. Family therapist Joanne Jewell joins Punam to give guidance on how parents can control and avoid these negative situations Children's author Giselle Onanian talks about the second and third books on her series called Alfie & Oak And Karim Beidas from Kidzapp gives us a list of fun things to do with the kids in the last days of summer.See for privacy information.
Punam meets 8-year-old Ayaan to talk about his very recent climb in Africa. We also help you decipher your Ayaan Mendon with Dr Jana Sharaf-Khalifa from the House of Wisdom. Life coach Masoud Khalili shares how he guides athletes for their professional and personal growth. And Dr Luisa Coelho joins us for Pets and Vets to answer all your pet questions. See for privacy information.
Lady photographer Leslie Delos Santos Pableo bravely shares her story on why walking became so painful that she needs to use a wheelchair.Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon Dr Antony Michael from Neuro Spinal Hospital also joins us in the studio to explain her condition.Punam speaks with Alex aka Sober Yoga Girl on how she turned away from brunches and turned her life aroundVanessa Esmlie gives us top tips for anti-ageingDr Gaurav Muktesh from Al Zahra Hospital talks about the correlation between COVID and gutPlus Dr Ihsan Almazrooqi and Dr Yousef Said discuss diabetes and how a new subscription model for diabetes management can help patients See for privacy information.
Phil Bedford of The Rebel Networker and Asentiv Marketing & Management Consulting joins Punam for a mini personality exercise session Punam has a crash course today about crypto for beginners from Talal Tabbaa, the Co-Founder and CEO of CoinMENA Farida Alkaff joins the show for our weekly Money Diaries where she shares her day-to-day tasks at Oracle and her relationship with money too. Anuradha Dhawan of Al Ghurair Retail talks about eco fashion- is it really the new trend or is it still too expensive for everyday wear?  And as always on a Monday, our Legal Eagle Ludmila Yamalova answers all your legal queries.See for privacy information.
The founder and CEO of Melange, Nadia Parekh, joins Punam to talk about desserts Mustard doughnuts? That's one of the many updates from food writer Courtney Brandt  Iron Chef Thailand winner Chef SK Choi is now the Head Chef at Armani/Hashi at The Armani Hotel A Japanese restaurant has just opened in DIFC and we find out what makes it stand out from other F&B outlets offering the same cuisine And Chef Dilip Mudras from Paradiso Abu Dhabi is on the hot seat for our weekly Chef's Table.See for privacy information.
A Picture A Day

A Picture A Day


Imagine having your dad take a picture of you every single day of your life? Cory Mcleod now has around 11,000 photos (and counting) of himself  Punam speaks with children's author Julia Johnson about her life here in the UAE and how it inspires her to write more stories Fiona Kaplan from Kaplan Professional ME talks about professional development courses And after England's historic win at the Women's European Championship, what does it mean for women in football? Young female footballers Amaarah and Ina and their head coach Mehran Rowshan from Alliance Football Club join Punam to discuss.See for privacy information.
Powerlifter mum Gulshan Banu Kazi shares how powerlifting helped her to have a better mindset, lose weight and improve her Rheumatoid Arthritis. Nathan Taylor from dnata Travel fills us in with travel and vacation deals Tech expert Daanesh Kalyaniwalla guides us on what BTS (back-to-school) gadgets you need to purchase And as always on a Wednesday, it's Pets and Vets brought to us by Purina Pro Plan. Dr Sara Elliott and registered nurse Elsa Callaghan join Punam live in studio to answer all your pet questions aside from focusing on dog obesity.See for privacy information.
How do you kick out that voice staying in your head rent-free? Dr Thoraiya Kanafani from HRIC guides us on how we can reject these thoughts. Consultant Orthopaedic Dr Andrew Foggitt from Burjeel Hospital joins Punam to discuss how we can avoid ankle injuries. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month and Specialist Paediatrician Dr Menna Farouk from King's College Hospital Dubai gives us top tips to ensure our little ones' eyes are healthy. Dr Sana Kausar discusses if lactose intolerance is evolving in humans due to the food we eat or it is linked to our culture. And Punam speaks with Dr Haider Ali who has has written a  book to show how dermatological conditions can appear very different with people of darker skin tones and this can relate to a late diagnosis.See for privacy information.
On our Money Diaries, Punam speaks with Mary Grothe, the founder of House of Revenue, about her perception on money and how she guides startups too. Majid Mneymneh from Pearson Middle East discusses how essential upskilling and reskilling are to stay competitive in the marketRolly Brucales, the MD of Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant shares how they managed to rapidly expand even during the pandemic, plus how the company guides their employees through financial mentoring. And Legal Eagle Ludmila Yamalova answers all your legal queries, from visas to debts and more.  See for privacy information.
Unique cafes

Unique cafes


Punam speaks with the owner of the first 3D cafe in the UAE, Forever Rose, Ebraheem Al Samadi. She's also joined by Hasan Al Zeer, the founder and CEO of Mishkah, a cafe in Al Quoz with a big olive tree in the middle. Two chefs from Abu Dhabi are in today's Chef's Table: Chef Scott Valentine, Corporate Director of Culinary at Rotana Hotel Management Corporation and Chef Simone de Vivo, Chef De Cuisine of SOLE at Conrad Abu Dhabi Etihad Towers. Food writer Dan Fahy updates us on the latest local and international food news. And professional photographer Andrea Salerno talks about food styling and photography.See for privacy information.
Financial literacy for kids

Financial literacy for kids


Father and daughter tandem, Dr Ben Lebig Jr. PhD and 12-year-old Izabella Lebig join Punam to discuss this. Plus, Izabella shares details about her novel series and the beneficiaries of the books sale. Dominic Watts of Free Spirit Collective does some mindfulness exercises live on air! Hanan Ezzeldin from The Family Hub guides us with alternatives to screen time that can keep our children engaged And it's superheroes time as Punam speaks with Daniel Rey about exhibitions for families and kids at Jameel Arts Centre.See for privacy information.
You are sharing your proposal stories as Punam speaks with Caroline Ralston of Proposal Boutique, a company helping people in love deliver a proposal to remember. Daanesh Kalyaniwalla joins us to talk all things tech- from wearable ACs to taking care of our gadgets How to stay fit in this summer heat the safe way? Trisha Cadden from Chalk Training Ground has some tips for us  Ballers also has a summer camp for kids to keep them busy during the break And it's Dr Amarrah Shah from Vet Plus Center joining us for our weekly Pets and Vets segment.See for privacy information.
Punam finds that out with best-selling author and world-renowned speaker Marisa Peer. The World Health Organization Director-General has declared the ongoing Monkeypox outbeak a Public Health Emergency on an International Level. Does it spread very quickly? How can we protect ourselves? Dr Ishrat Khan from King's College Hospital Dubai explains. Dr Sana Kausar fills us in with all the things we should be doing and avoiding during the summer season. And are you a collector or already a hoarder? We discuss Hoarding disorder on our Psychology Hour with Dr Thoraiya Kanafani from the Human Relations Institute and Clinics.See for privacy information.
The founder of HPL Yamalova and Plewka Ludmila Yamalova is answering all your legal questions from visas to properties and more. Are you a freelancer looking for work, or a company looking for skilled workers? Well maybe Anurag Bhalla from Outsized can help you. Punam also speaks with the owner of The Good Finds UAE- a business that was born during the pandemic, helping artists and weavers too. And on our Money Diaries segment, we are joined by the Chairman of SPC Global Hussein Rifai.See for privacy information.
Chef to the stars

Chef to the stars


22 July 2022: We start with Chef Alannah who has baked for the Queen of England and Lady Gaga plus more Co Chocolat by two sisters have created some unique healthy treats The Orfali Bros have been recognised by the Michelin Guide Dubai Flour Girl bakery is serving a very unusual dessert for her UAE customers  And Courtney Brandt has all the latest food news. See for privacy information.
21 July 2022: Dr Arif Khan, a paediatric neurologist is answering all your questionsDo kids suffer with jet lag more than adults? We ask sleep expert Julie MallonAnd a new Arabic platform called Omooma has just been launched for mums.See for privacy information.
20 July 2022: Dubai Police have launched a campaign to teach e-scooter riders how to stay safeA new book to celebrate the UAE's 50th anniversary has just been releasedGulf Photo Plus are giving us some top summer tipsAnd our vet Dr Jean Chalhoub is on hand to answer all your pet questions.See for privacy information.
19 July 2022: The founder of Sober Lifestyle Coaching is sharing his road to recovery journey.Shamsaha is a new app giving a voice for women who are suffering with domestic violenceEver heard of marital hatred, and is it normal? We ask Dr Thoraiya.See for privacy information.
Move Over Elon Musk

Move Over Elon Musk


18 July 2022: 10-year-old entrepreneur Yusuf Sherrief is giving Elon Musk a run for his money with his new Home Buddy systemThe beauty industry still has a long way to go when it comes to diversity, so one lady is taking it in to her own hands and has created THEKURAlia has come from a successful entrepreneurial family, and now she is embarking on her own journey.Helen chats to CEO of new-to-the-market beauty platform Beauty TribeAnd Ludmila is here to answer your legal concerns.See for privacy information.
Youngest Emirati chef

Youngest Emirati chef


That’s 13-year-old Aysha Al Obeidli who joined Punam live in studioMichelin winner for Young Chef Award Solemann Haddad of Moonrise details the reasons of his culinary journey.Food writer Dan Fahy is updating us on the latest food news.Chef Sebastien Lefort, the Culinary Director at Paramount Hotels and Damac Hotels and Resorts is on today’s Chef's Table hotseat.Ever heard of the title Chief Chocolate Officer? That position is Kathy Johnston’s at Mirzan who also joins us on the show.Plus artist Gabriella Anouk shares how she is taking her creative passion for food to the next level.See for privacy information.
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