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Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk and Welcome to my podcast! In 2016 I downsized and got rid of 95 percent of my stuff and it was WONDERFUL. Less clutter. Less mess. More fun. More creating. This podcast is me yappin' about all that stuff but it's also a guide to living simple, having fun and creating more. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Ivy.

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Preparation tells us where to go, shows up how to move forward, while also making life simple and productivity stronger. Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk and this is episode 130.  Up Next: EP 129 Say No! 
EP 129: SAY NO! There's a happiness and contentment that comes with saying no. A lot of times it comes down to making a choice. And saying no to something now, helps to say yes to something better, later. This is The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 129.
I'm stuck, I'm stuck, I'm stuck but sometimes, the point of aggravation is a great place to start. Hey I'm Ivy. This is The Happy Whisk Podcast and today, I'm taking about being stuck, starting in a place of aggravation and asking too much of a space. This is, Episode 128. 
EP 127: The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 127
EP 126: HABITS - The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 126
Welcome to Episode 125, my first driving cast on a sunny summer day, as I head to the paint store. Stay tuned to the end and listen to Evil Jeff and Good Jason. Contact me @ - This is The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 125.
EP 124: Sometimes things don't work out and we just gotta SHAKE IT OFF. Welcome to the The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 124
Episode 123 - Forget the applesauce, it'll keep! Episode 123
Welcome to episode 122 of The Happy Whisk, Podcast. Contact me @
A cluttered home can make us tired and suck the every loving fun out of life. In today’s cast I’m talking about things that no longer serve. And instead of being weighed down by stuff, we’re inspired to change. In Episode 121 I share how to make home a place of happiness, instead of a place of heaviness, as I continue to dive deeper into living simple, having fun and creating more. Reach me @
I thought I was gonna get back to publishing YouTube videos in April. That didn't work. Then I thought for sure, May. Only that didn't pan out either. Now, I set up a 2-week burst goal to keep myself on target. Hi! I'm Ivy and this is The Happy Whisk Podcast and today, it's all about burst goals, staying focused and getting IT DONE! This is Episode 120 - Contact me @
I love a good goal. I love having a good goal and a direction. But there comes a point where enough is enough and a goal just isn’t working anymore, and it’s time to jump ship and switch to something else. Hi! I’m Ivy, this is The Happy Whisk Podcast and today it’s about changing goals and being okay with that. Here on Episode 119 of The Happy Whisk, Podcast. Contact me at:
Paper! Paper! Paper! Sometimes a decluttered item grows back but the best thing about living in a post-decluttered life is being able to catch it early, and course correct. Hi! I'm Ivy! Welcome to the Happy Whisk Podcast, Episode 118 - Contact me @
It can be hard sometimes to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. There’s a point when the body, mind and soul hit their max and boom, decision fatigue sets in. We’re gonna talk about that today PLUS, how to spot pre-decision fatigue so you can stop fatigue before it ever has a chance to take over. Today, it’s about putting YOU in control of YOU and being aware of those fatigue feelings BEFORE they set in, so that decluttering becomes more enjoyable and productive.  Hi. I’m Ivy and this is, The Happy Whisk Podcast - Episode 117: Decision Fatigue. Leave messages at:
How to use start decluttering the little things in order to build momentum and power yourself to live a simpler, less cluttered and more productive life. Leave voice mails at:
The key is to find the best writing time. Protect it and keep going. And always, always be proud enough and confident enough to say, yep, I’m writer. All that and more in Episode 115: I Love Writing & How to Protect Writing Time - Living a Decluttered Life. Leave a voice mail @
Welcome to Episode 114, Say No Now, to Say Yes Later - A Guide to Living a Decluttered Life - by The Happy Whisk
Before I began decluttering, I had an End Game in mind. By knowing where I wanted to go, it helped set up steps to get the job done. Having less stuff is freedom. It’s about living better, having fun and creating more. Welcome to Episode 113, The Happy Whisk Podcast. To leave a voice mail go to:
Got a bunch of stuff to declutter? Piles everywhere? Closets and cupboards full? Want a clean, simple decluttered place? Start with Episode 112 - HOW TO START DECLUTTERING. To leave a voice message go to:



Ever feel like too many things are going on at once? Focus is lacking? Attention is split? Welcome to Episode 111 of The Happy Whisk, Podcast - THE ONE THING.  What's THE ONE THING for today? Leave messages @ The One Thing Book by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan Check out these helpful YouTube Channels to UP THE GAME!  Primal Video @ Annie Dubé @ Check out these PODCASTERS!  SpikePit @ Jason's RPG Variety Cast @
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