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Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk and Welcome to my podcast! Reach me directly @
146 Episodes
Here's to Truckin' Along and getting things done! Fine me at: YouTube Videos & Blog Posts 
EP 149: Declutter Cast

EP 149: Declutter Cast


Episode 149: Declutter Cast! Even if something is $3,000, that's not enough of a reason to keep it. Today, it's more on decluttering and the freedom that comes with it. To check out my videos and blog go to: Videos by The Happy Whisk and Blog by The Happy Whisk 
EP 148: Ramble Cast

EP 148: Ramble Cast


I'm yip yappin' today. Episode 148: Ramble Cast! Visit my blog at The Happy Whisk, Blog or check out videos at The Happy Whisk, Videos 



Consistency used to be a problem when it came to uploading content but not anymore because these days, I make it easy! And it’s heaven! Welcome to Episode 147: MAKE IT EASY – The Happy Whisk, Blog & The Happy Whisk, Videos
I tell you what. Getting things cleaned-up might not always be quick but when it's done, it feels like FREEDOM! 
EP 145: Make It Yours!

EP 145: Make It Yours!


Episode 145 - MAKE IT YOURS! I triple dog dare ya'!
Removing barriers creates more freedom and more freedom creates more content and it's a big beautiful cycle. I absolutely love it!  This is Episode 144 of The Happy Whisk, Podcast and you can also find me at:  - and -
It's my fourth podcast of the week because why not? Also, I'm motivated by ice cream. Insert happiness ---> Here! 
Because I felt like yappin' up another cast for the week, here's episode 142: Embrace YOUR Space! 
Question of the day: What's easier? Building a new habit in a new space? Or correcting a bad habit in an old space?
Awhile back I talked about having all these different things to work on, videos, writing, cartoons, photos and so on. It all kinda felt like I was grabbing into space and not really set on my main thing. Well, I got that now and here's a little bit more about why I feel more anchored, even though I still do all of these things. It just feels better now.  Book mentioned in podcast: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan.
It's the second of May, 2022 and it's Monday, Monday, Monday. And I'm back after a hot minute of being away. Lots going on as the demo/reno continues but good news, the photography wall is done and I really love that! To reach me by phone click onto and I'll talk to you again soon! 
Change in focus, baby. That's what I'm talking about today. As mentioned in the podcast, Sarah Beeny's; Renovate Don't Relocate. Excellent show, I love it. Beeny focuses on how people really, really use their space and then works from there. I'm Ivy, this is The Happy Whisk, Podcast - Episode 138. 
I'm all for McGyver-ing it when need be. But there's something wonderful about letting go of what no longer works and welcoming in what does. Hi. I'm Ivy and this is episode 136.  
I just recorded a podcast about YouTube removing views but more to the point, when is it time to leave a platform and move on? At what point is the work no longer worth the effort? When do we cut bait and run? Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk. Welcome to episode 135.
Hey Guys! Welcome to WORKING THROUGH THE MESS - Episode 134
Workflow? Consistency? Does it matter? Let's chat about it on The Happy Whisk Podcast, Episode 133. To find my videos go to 
Is it worth holding onto something, just because the item was expensive? Does it cost too much to get rid of? And what happens when we start to let go of what doesn't work, in order to create room for all the wonderful things that do work. Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk and this is Episode 132 Find my food videos @
This podcast is for anyone struggling with what to let go of and what to keep. Decluttering is not always an easy process. Episode 131 is for anyone looking for a few extra tips, as they declutter their stuff. Hi! I'm Ivy, The Happy Whisk and this is episode 131. 
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