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Welcome to Swim Smooth, where amazing things happen. In the show we aim to bring our highly popular blog to life with tips, tricks and techniques to help you maximise your swimming efficiency and enjoyment in the water. The show's hosts, Adam Young and Paul Newsome, will have interviews with a wide-range of athletes from the very top of the sport to the everyday heroes that espouse what the Swim Smooth philosophy is all about. Thanks for listening!
5 Episodes
Episode 5 - an interview with the world's fastest female Ironman swimmer, Lucy Charles and her coach
What an amazing interview we have lined up for you today with the fastest ever female Ironman swimmer, Lucy Charles (UK) and her coach and partner, Reece Barclay (also a professional triathlete)!Interestingly enough, Swim Smooth’s Head Coach, Paul Newsome’s best mate and former swim training partner (Roy Shepherdson), was one of Lucy’s favourite swim coaches back when she was 14 / 15 years of age and Lucy credits Roy with him directing her away from sprint freestyle into distance freestyle and eventually out into the open water. So we thought it’d be pretty cool to bring Coach Roy in on this chat to give an exclusive never-before-heard account of Lucy’s development as a swimmer to being today one of the best swimmers the sport of triathlon has ever seen! How’s that for a coincidence “small world” scene setting scenario!In just the first 60 seconds of this podcast, Lucy’s thoughts and comments epitomise everything that Swim Smooth is all about. Listen to how she refutes the need to look pretty to be effective in the water as she very much embodies our “Swinger” Swim Type (“People would probably say that my stroke, looking at it from the outside, is a fairly messy stroke - I’ve got a very high turn-over (stroke rate) and I haven’t got much of a leg kick either, so most coaches I ever had would tell me off for not kicking my legs (which I always found quite funny) and no matter what I did - I tried to work on it - but because the front end of the stroke was moving so fast, I just didn’t have the coordination to do that with my legs as well. I think it seems to work pretty well for open water - it’s definitely served me well so far - the key thing is, it might look a little bit messy from above the water but everything under the water is doing what you’re supposed to do and is quite a strong, powerful pull. I think when I was more of a pool swimmer, it was probably a bit of a neater stroke, but I’ve adapted it without really realising it for the open water.”You can read / watch more about Lucy’s stroke here, including a full analysis by Paul Newsome of her stroke:Super-Fish Lucy Charles - The World's Fastest Female Triathlete In Water? (July 2016)We thought it would be even cooler to tag on a short 2 minute segment at the end with an interview between Paul Newsome and Britain’s best ever pool / open water swimmer, David Davies, who took a bronze in the 1500m freestyle in Athens (2004) and a silver in the 10km open water event in Beijing (2008) before famously failing to qualify for the London Olympic Games (2012) due to a new team of coaches who tried to make David look prettier in the water, only to see him do the one thing that his original coach (Dave Haller) said to never do: change what worked for him:“When I swam 1500m in Athens in 2004 (where he won an Olympic bronze medal) I would swim with 40 strokes per length and a stroke rate of 94spm and that was my optimum stroke rate. I could increase my stroke length and look better, but I could never sustain that. When I met Paul and we had this chat it was like “wow, someone understands me and my stroke”. The way I swam was a little different and I used to swim next to Grant Hackett one of the best freestylers of all time - I looked a little like a rag doll next to him but I came pretty close to him in Athens and that was the best way for me to swim. When I started swimming I had a very experienced coach (Dave Haller) but people used to say I had a spider stroke - a very high turn-over and my hips used to swing a bit - but my coach said don’t ever try and change your stroke - that’s the way you’re supposed to swim.”You can watch more about David’s stroke here: (February 2014)Enjoy and thanks for listening!
Episode 4 - The History of Swim Smooth - an extended special to celebrate our 14th birthday!
You might find the supporting links, articles and websites in chronological order useful as a reference point:▪2004 - is launched with our first product: ▪2005 - Paul & Mish (now Paul’s wife) head off around the UK running clinics and 1-2-1 sessions▪2006 - the “Flame Wars” on reach boiling point between Swim Smooth and Total Immersion▪2007 - Adam attends his first Swim Smooth 1-day swimmer’s clinic▪2008 - Paul and Adam’s friendship builds and Adam drives the online presence in a way that Paul hasn’t been able to do himself. Our first Learn To Swim DVD is produced in sunny Essex, UK ( ) and the idea for “Swim Types” starts to germinate.▪2009 - Adam’s brainchild (the Mr Smooth animation) is launched ( ). Increase in awareness of Swim Smooth starts to build, ultimately rising to a subscribership of over 125,000 weekly readers of our FREE blog▪2010 - British Triathlon announces Swim Smooth as their coach education partner and the first 3-day Swim Smooth Coach Education Course ( ) is run and we officially launch▪2011 - Our third DVD, the Catch Masterclass goes on to being the fastest selling swimming DVD on the internet and we run our first 2-week Certified Coaches Course ( ) in Perth. We partner up with HUUB Design to create the world’s best wetsuit (as used by the Brownlee Brothers: )▪2012 - We launch our very first Certified Swim Smooth Coaches ( ) of which we now have 48 worldwide (and growing) - make sure you register at Wiley & Sons (the world’s biggest book publishing company) approach Swim Smooth to write a book on swimming which quickly becomes one of the best selling and highest rated books on swim coaching of all time (▪2013 - Paul wins the world’s most prestigious marathon swimming event and cements Swim Smooth in the history books as not just an effective way to swim, but a FAST way to swim too! ▪2014 - The International Triathlon Union announces Swim Smooth as their coaching partner ( ) which sees Swim Smooth being put out around the world in 119 countries via the various triathlon governing bodies. We launch our biggest project to date, the Swim Smooth Guru ( )▪2015 - Work commences on our Swim Smooth Kids program▪2016 - The Swim Smooth Guru is refined, tweaked and improved to contain exciting new features such as CSS Tweaking and Fitness Tracking ( )▪2017 - Filming commences on the Swim Smooth Kids program and we begin developing our coaching presence in the USA▪2018 - We launch the new Swim Smooth podcast ( ) and also our brand new trip of a lifetime to Perth ( )
Episode 1: Interview with Ironman AG World Champion and record holder, Dan Plews PhD
Welcome to the very first episode of the Swim Smooth Podcast - we are super excited to have 2018 Ironman World Age Group Champion and World Record Holder (8h24m if you don't mind with a 2h50m run off the bike!), Dan Plews, from joining us on the show to chew the fat about all things "endurance" and to of course divulge some of his wisdom, insight and training tactics and methodologies that resulted in a truly phenomenal result in Kona and 22nd place overall. Dan's amazing 2h50m run was the 5th fastest of the entire day and he gets stuck into telling us exactly how he approached that. His pacing was amazing at between 4:05 and 4:10/km for the full marathon after having split an average of 259w on the way out on the bike course and 261w on the way back - HUGE wattage in a controlled manner for this 74kg athlete! *SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL* watch Head Coach, Paul Newsome's video analysis of Dan's stroke from September 2017 when Dan announced to Paul his intentions to try and win the overall Age Group award in Kona here: - as you'll discover in the interview, Dan is a huge fan of our and used primarily our #RedMist endurance sessions to ready himself for his assault on Kona! Also check out the site which Paul and Dan discuss to explain how Dan's insight into HRV (Heart Rate Variability) testing and monitoring has led to Dan monitoring his training health and recovery in a way that he can predict performance to a good degree of certainty and equally know when to take a day off (or not!).Paul and Adam also deliver their #2kswimeveryotherday challenge and discuss how using a single paddle in your training can really help maximise your stroke!It's a bumper first episode, so please let us know what you think and share far and wide so we can keep pumping out the kind of material that you've come to know and love on our 125,000+ blog subscribership - thanks!
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