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THE BIG DREAMER with TheFisayo

Author: TheFisayo

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This is a safe commute, empowering BIG DREAMERS to DREAM BIGGER. Let's talk about how we can make a positive impact in the world.
30 Episodes
Maverick City Music’s Joe L Barnes speaks on his new single “Come Back Home”, Millions little miracles and he shares his journey to becoming who he is today. His YouTube channel is named: Joe L Barnes, enjoy.
My mum shared her life experiences as a mother, orphan, business woman and more. I hope you get inspired by her journey.
Toke is one of the first women in Nigeria to document her travel round the 36 states in Nigeria. In this podcast she shares what drives her mission.
Hannah Ajala shares her journey on being black and having access to opportunities in the UK and everywhere she steps her foot as a journalist and traveler. PS: She’s a BBC journalist as well😉
Vivienne shares her life experiences and how it has helped shaped her journey and choices. Enjoy!
We share steps on how the Nigerian citizens can impeach the president with the law (constitution), and birth a new Nigeria. #EndSars
Tayo Aina AKA TayoAinaFilms shares what pushes him to continue inspire of challenges as well as his growth formula.
Lilly Ajarova is the CEO of Uganda Tourism Board. She shares her journey on how she was able to accomplish all that she has. This episode is important to every African.
Iyin shares he’s inspiring entrepreneurship journey as well as winning business formula.
The conversation cafe, HER the movie, social entrepreneurship, Chisom Ogbummuo (@sohmmie) walks us through the “why” of her journey.
BelloRose believes that people need be better in order to build a better Nigeria. We also discussed about the challenges she faces as a media personality in Nigeria.
Chude shares how his personal journey birthed Joy, Inc. , along with his personal views on Nigeria.
The discussion with Francis on this podcast covers how and why we should do away with the entitlement mentality and let go of some unfruitful friendships.
Aghogho schools us through his orientation on leadership, how he discovered his purpose, and how to eradicate the crime ideology from the grass root.
Jibike shares her advice based on her career experiences and her journey to finding purpose.
How not let the limitations of dreaming big get to you! SIEVE out the negative comments and continue dreaming big.
If you haven’t started that one thing you think you need to start because of some hindrance, here’s something you need to know!
I answered questions from Instagram about Nigeria, my relationship, business and life. THIS PODCAST IS DIFFERENT (Different good) 😁
FoluStorms shares all that she has learnt from life and her career, and she sheds more light on how she draws inspiration to Dream big.
Salem Ibrahim shares his perspective on life and how that has helped him grow as a big dreamer.
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