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THE BIG DREAMER with TheFisayo

Author: TheFisayo

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This is a safe commute, empowering BIG DREAMERS to DREAM BIGGER. Let's talk about how we can make a positive impact in the world.
21 Episodes
The conversation cafe, HER the movie, social entrepreneurship, Chisom Ogbummuo (@sohmmie) walks us through the “why” of her journey.
BelloRose believes that people need be better in order to build a better Nigeria. We also discussed about the challenges she faces as a media personality in Nigeria.
Chude shares how his personal journey birthed Joy, Inc. , along with his personal views on Nigeria.
The discussion with Francis on this podcast covers how and why we should do away with the entitlement mentality and let go of some unfruitful friendships.
Aghogho schools us through his orientation on leadership, how he discovered his purpose, and how to eradicate the crime ideology from the grass root.
Jibike shares her advice based on her career experiences and her journey to finding purpose.
How not let the limitations of dreaming big get to you! SIEVE out the negative comments and continue dreaming big.
If you haven’t started that one thing you think you need to start because of some hindrance, here’s something you need to know!
I answered questions from Instagram about Nigeria, my relationship, business and life. THIS PODCAST IS DIFFERENT (Different good) 😁
FoluStorms shares all that she has learnt from life and her career, and she sheds more light on how she draws inspiration to Dream big.
Salem Ibrahim shares his perspective on life and how that has helped him grow as a big dreamer.
I get really personal and vulnerable in this podcast sharing some of the things I have learnt so far from personal experiences and I hope this inspires you.
Michael A.K.A. AmaPsalmist shares his joinery as a filmaker and how he was able to discover his passion/purpose.
Amaka Amatokwu the founder of Women in hospitality and Pyne awards shares how she was able to climb the career ladder and start her company.
Amin, the founder of EverythingNaArt shares how she was able to evolve and learn from her failures.
Fisayo shared how he went ALL IN to pursue his passion/what he believed in, along with the risk.
Blessing Abeng walks us through her self discovery in business as a young entrepreneur along with how she has been able to earn the accolades she has now.
Mr. Femi Lawson discusses how and why he started the 4 businesses he owns along with the challenges he has faced and how he overcame them.
Nene describes the difficulty she has experienced in business and what has helped her through it all, along with lessons learnt .
Pelumi walks us through the challenges she has faced in life and how she has been able to overcome them.
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