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When you are on a spiritual path, there are many pitfalls and traps. We desire to act and be as spiritual beings in the world, but one of the biggest traps is to use what I refer to as “Spiritual Bypassing” as a way to negate and hide our true feelings and buried emotions. We all have wounds and traumas in our life that need our attention and love. When it becomes too difficult and painful to look at ourselves, we can easily bypass the honest and authentic “work” of facing our deepest fears. It is an understatement to say it is challenging as we are asked to be deeply vulnerable, accepting, and forgiving. Together, we can become aware of how spiritual bypassing has allowed us to cover up our ability to heal and love in a deeper way… only then can we recognize true spirituality as we become more authentically aligned with who we are.
Do you have dreams that you would like to see manifest? You doubt and you are afraid that you cannot manifest your dreams, that is common, but untrue. Are you telling yourself stories all the time of why you cannot live the life you truly want, being who you truly are? Do you even know the authentic you? Why is it that some people can create a life of their dreams, and how are they different from you? They are not different, they just have skills in using their hearts and mind to create their life. Perhaps you are selling yourself short and acting out your life under other people’s expectations and evaluation of who you are. Robin suggests we explore our innermost self and learn that “all of our dreams are just a heartbeat away.”
Are you allowing life to lead you to your next step? Maybe you are feeling confused about what your next step is, and would like some inspiration and guidance to where you need to put your foot next for your ultimate happiness. Robin explains that you can allow life to guide you if you remain open to listening to your inner wisdom. The universe will show you how you can create your best life. Robin gives you 10 steps so you can learn how to follow your instincts and go where life is leading you. Through being aware of people, places, events, operating in a very special synchronized way… you can follow your path and live your purpose. We need to stay tuned and be aware of the signs, and Robin explains how through important steps.
How is life asking you to show up? Who are you? Through the joys and the challenges, how can you know what steps to take that will lead you to a life where you experience heart alignment with your purpose and ultimately peace? There is a process, and there are no quick fixes to transforming your life, living from your true passion and desires. Life asks us to reinvent ourselves over and over. Robin explains how we can align with our heart to create what we want for our life, and how can we know when to act. “There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error.” You can learn to follow your own unique bread crumbs, which will allow life to lead you to your new destination if you remain open to new possibilities. This episode is part 1 and will be continued with the next show explaining more of the steps on how to follow your own unique bread crumbs manifesting the life you are being called to. Learn more at
We all want to be comfortable and accepting of who we are, but when experiencing really difficult times in our lives, it becomes challenging beyond what we can know. We tend to judge ourselves and believe we are “less than” or inadequate. When it is time to transform our lives and we make the decision to grow, we need to be proud that we are willing to face our greatest fears and that we chose to face our demons so we can grow and awaken to our authentic selves. Robin shares her insights on what it is like to go through these times, and why it is so necessary to access what makes you okay in your own eyes with objectivity and compassion. Visit
We all carry Shame & Guilt without even recognizing how these adopted ways of behaving, thinking, and responding limit our light and personal self-expression, not to mention our joy.   Robin explains how these feelings come into our lives and over time affect all of the relationships we have, including the most important one, which is with yourself.   When we can forgive, take responsibility, and look at how our judgments have influenced us, we can transform and create a space for real freedom and growth. Visit
Most of us live our lives believing and acting as though we are in control. We become angry and disillusioned when life does not go according to our plan. We often fight the flow of our life, not accepting reality as it is, and it hurts. Robin explains that faith and surrender go hand in hand and they are important tools, especially when going through very difficult times in our life. What if we can surrender to the process of life and allow, rather than become resentful and angry? Robin explains and gives us examples of how we actually become stronger and more in touch with our hearts and soul if we allow ourselves to surrender. It doesn’t mean we live in passivity, but we are happier and in peace when we recognize the power of surrender, touching our divinity along the way. Learn more about
What does love mean to you? How many of you have been utterly destroyed at the ending of a relationship, and closed your heart as a result?   Robin explains that we often react from our wounds without even recognizing that we have “shut down” our hearts. Are you willing to give up your stories and self-defeating attitudes in order to experience the kind of love for which your soul yearns? Robin talks about what contributes to the closing of our hearts and how we can learn to recognize our wounds so that we can experience greater intimacy and deep love in our life.   She suggests we take responsibility for our own needs so that we eliminate blame and experience a spiritual relationship that will light up our world with ecstatic love.
Why is it that many of us find it extremely difficult to embrace faith? What kind of life can we live without faith? Robin talks about how no matter what difficulties we face and how devastating the road ahead may look, there is a rhyme and rhythm to life that cannot be denied if we only are open to “seeing” what is around us. Furthermore, she explains that with the lens of faith, all things are possible. Robin clarifies why we have forgotten who we really are through the damaging ideas of our cultural training, and how important to our joy and peace it is that we consider faith as an essential operating principle in our lives.
We have been taught that compromise is important in all our relationships. When is it appropriate to put our own needs and values first? Is there a time when it is necessary to compromise, and when is it in our highest and best interest to do so? However, when does compromise become sacrifice? Robin discusses how when we sacrifice our own inner knowing and integrity, we do in fact create separation. Often times, we then experience anger and resentment as a result, and then we destroy the closeness we are attempting to create. We are invited to pay attention to our inner feelings, and act in a way that is empowering to all our relationships.
When our heart says it is time to “wake up” to our authentic self… leaving the stories of our past and conditioned ideas behind… we enter the Dark Night of the Soul. It appears that our life is falling apart, when in fact it is falling away so that you can be reborn to a new you. Robin explains that the time has come for you to go deeper into the truth of you than ever before. This is a difficult and often painful time as your need to feel secure cannot be met. You rise, you fall, only to rise again as the Phoenix from the Ashes, more empowered, self-loving and conscious of who you really are… experiencing so much more joy, liberation, and peace.
Can there be more to our relationships than we realize? Robin speaks about how all of our relationships serve our highest good, even if we are not aware of how. We come into this life with soul contracts in place with the desire to work out our karma with another. Recognizing our deepest wounds is undeniably the most difficult “work” we do in our life. Listen and gain a deeper perspective of how we are best served through our soul contracts with another.
One of the most painful choices we can make in life is to leave a relationship, especially when we are still feeling so much love for our partner. When we hear our soul calling to grow and expand and become more of who we truly are, often times it becomes necessary to end a relationship. How do we handle the feelings of doubt and insecurity, and even worse, feelings of guilt because we don’t want to hurt the person we love? Can we get clear enough with our intentions and direction and make a decision that will change our life forever? Robin shares a personal story and encourages her listeners to overcome their obstacles to doing what they need to do for themselves, knowing that what is good for you is good for everyone else too. Learn more at
When relationships end… does that mean the relationship is a failure? Did we fail if we chose to end a relationship? Is it more desirable to stay in a relationship over a long period of time… does that make us more successful in life? The answer is NO! Robin discusses how all our relationships serve our growth and evolution… being in service to our soul. We learn and mirror each other in order to discover those unhealed places inside of us and through this process, although often can be painful, we will find a joy and love inside of us that we could not find any other way.
Robin speaks about relationship as being the tool for healing your past wounds. When we are in relationship, it is for the purpose of healing our wounds if we are willing to consciously look inside ourselves when we are upset and triggered in our significant relationships. It is through commitment to the process and being able to put Love first that we are able to free ourselves and experience deeper love and intimacy.
Robin elaborates on the theme of recognizing love versus fear. She shares the difference between love and fear making it very clear that if we want to live in peace and joy, we must choose love. Robin explores with her listeners some important questions that will help in recognizing fear, and the harsh judgements we place upon ourselves. She explains how we have been taught to live in fear through our conditionings, and it is in our best interest to align our heart with our own true needs and desires thereby touching ‘God’ through our actions.
Robin speaks about Love as the “engine” that drives the Universe. She explains that by removing the illusions to love, we remain open and vulnerable to receiving the amazing gifts that only love can bring. When we are willing to give up our conditioned ideas of love, we can then allow authentic love in our life, freeing our heart and evolving our soul.
Robin continues her exploration on the necessary steps to healing after the pain and loss of relationships ending. We don’t have to live with guilt, shame, fear, anger, or resentment. By reframing our stories and choosing to take responsibility for our part, we can heal, grow and love again. During the show’s last segment Robin summarizes the healing steps for easy reference.
05: When Love Rules

05: When Love Rules


Robin continues discussing the steps necessary for healing from your “broken” relationships. When love is your primary intention, and you are willing to take responsibility for your own needs… you can heal your wounds. You can recover yourself and personal power by recognizing the value the other offers by reflecting back to us those hurt places inside of you. Allowing yourself the freedom to discover and accept yourself as you are will change the dynamics of all your relationships to one of free-flowing love.
We have all had our hearts broken… through that we often allow our conditioned beliefs to make up stories about who is to blame, who was “wrong," and what character defects prevented us from being in relationship with this person. Through the pain of love “lost," we become defensive and protect ourselves from feeling hurt again, closing our hearts. But, this prevents us from knowing the exquisite joy of allowing love to flow into our lives. We transform through the sharing of our deepest needs, experiencing an ecstasy that can only be found in our intimate relationships. Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable after heartbreak and the disillusionment of love’s illusions, finding the courage to heal by opening your heart again? We will explore this together.
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