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Aaron Q. Seibert having 3 Combat tours now serves as a Wounded Warrior Liaison, Vice President of the Warrior Built Foundation and heads the West Coast offices of the PTSD Foundation of America providing Peer-to-Peer PTSD Discussion. Aaron is a Keynote speaker for multiple Military, Civilian and non-profit organizations in supporting the needs of our Combat Veterans and educating the public.
Bringing his experiences and expertise to the Public he has launched “Combat Vet Vision”, An on-demand internet radio show to expand his reach with the goal of helping more and more Vet’s.

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Born In Branson MoRaised in small town outside of Springfield MO - Nixa MoWorked at Silver Dollar City as a Saloon GirlWorked in a German Dancehall in Branson MOGraduated MSU where I met my future husbandMoved to Los Angeles in 1992Have two children - Bene (pronounced Benny - daughter 20) and Robert M Snyder IV (Son - 14)Married 25 yearsPTA Member of Burbank Unified School District 10 YearsBooster Board Member for Burbank High School Softball 4 YearsToluca Baseball - Fundraised for our team to attend Cooperstown with 50% of what we earned went to raise money for scholarships for youths in need to play baseball at TolucaWorked with Greystar since 2012Worked on the Greystar Charity Golf tournament for PTSDBrigitte Baker Snyder| Regional Property ManagerGreystar | 620 Newport Center Drive | 15th Floor |Newport Beach, CA 92660o 949.242.8017 | | Join Greystar® in supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Camp HopeLinks: Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Call Your Parents

Call Your Parents


We get back from combat we try to figure things out, we just measured all things in our lives that matter, we wrote a letter home. We put it in our pocket, and it said our last words, we were asked to do this, who do we give this letter to who? Does this letter go to our parents, brother/sister, wife or kids? We were asked to write this letter in 2003 when we went to Iraq. I could not do it. We're back, we're trying to figure it out, it’s time to make some calls, it's time to call brothers and sisters friends most of all our parents, call your parents or call that “person that matters”, cause not all have good parents that ultimately care, some parents that were there, but weren't there. For that person in your life, that kind of helped manage you through your younger years or was side by side with you, that friend, that family member, that aunt /uncle, grandparent. Somebody helped carry you to the forefront of where you are today. We may feel we stand alone in our mind and think that that understanding, or that this little piece, or that our life at this time or anytime can no longer be understood. We ourselves may not understand it. In my experience, small elements of our lives will forever be a mystery. It is important to start the talk, the processing of what we have gone through. Whether living at home or Combat, it’s a start to call that Parent person. I have spoken with my mom, talked to my stepdad, I've talked to my real dad. I hadn't talked to him in 22 years. I spent some time trying to talk to him and you know ultimately he was proud, and although he couldn't fully understand, he just gave me that look, that thought, it kind of just said it's OK to not be OK, or it's OK to be OK, it's OK to deal with things.“I’m Faded, I’m Lost” great Lyric by Allen Walker…. How do we talk with our Parents...? I believe for me it started with my fellow Battle buddy.I found it very important to begin to open up in this trusted circle. We all have to start somewhere. take your time but be involved in yourself, It gets easier over time. I’ve said before, "to talk in a group or with a battle buddy, small puzzle pieces come together," to put words to those complicated thoughts, even than the words don’t always come out correctly and sometimes create problems in the emotions of loved ones that surround us. It's important in small doses to share and work on ourselves until our story and we ourselves, fit back in Society, with our friends, and our families. It is important to move forward in a positive direction. LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Robert Graves, Com CheckThis show is about one of the 22 a day: His story told by his Mom Andrina Shields:(RIP) Apr 18, 1990 – May 29, 2017 (Age 27)He was born in Phoenix, Arizona April 18, 1990. Robert served in the United States Air Force from 2009 to 2013. He was stationed in Japan and deployed to Iraq. Robert received many accolades while serving our country including the Meritorious Service Medal, Air force Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Award, AF Outstanding Unit Award, AF Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal with one Service Star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, and the AF Overseas Ribbon Short. Most recently he worked as a train conductor on the BSNF railroad in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - by Sitch Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Just remember what I say, these are my opinions, this is my experiences, my outlook on a lot of things in my life, other people's lives and it's mine it's my personal thoughts and they're there because of my experience in life and combat. We lived life and death situations we had orders given to us and carried out a plan of the day, A mission that we had at hand and we did it with the care and concern of each other, day in and day out until it was done. We all did it for our own reasons, but we signed up for an organization in the United States Military Service to support and defend the constitution to do all the things necessary to help others.LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Charles Retter USMC

Charles Retter USMC


Charles Retter USMCStaff Sergeant Charles P. RetterInspector-Instructor Motor Transport Maintenance ChiefMarine Air Support Squadron Six DET AMAG48Staff Sergeant Retter was born in Stamford CT on February 18th, 1985. He was raised in Norwalk CT until his graduation from Norwalk High School in 2003. Charles Retter enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in December 2005.Pvt Retter Began his duties as a recruit while aboard Parris Island South Carolina. Upon his graduation, he attended Marine Combat Training at Camp Geiger, NC. After this short stay, his orders sent him to Camp Johnson NC to attend the Logistics Operators School for Automotive Maintenance Technician.Upon completion of school, PFC Retter was stationed in Chicopee Mass as a Motor Transport Mechanic attached to Mass 6 (-) MACG-48 4th MAW. While Station with MASS 6, PFC Retter Deployed to the Horn of Africa in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. While there he served as Base Security, Gunner, and rifleman for Provisional Security Company 6..........LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Drugs, Alcohol and TobaccoBeen a Navy corpsman and associated with medicine, I have seen an experienced what it is like to the abuse of alcohol drugs and tobacco.Again I want to remind everybody this is my opinion, this is my story, this is my life, my opinion do not always reflect opinions of others around me. I would like to believe that the use of each one of these substances might be the minimum amount necessary for the effect, meaning you do not need to drink alcohol to get totally drunk, you need to take a drug prescribed to you with the minimum amount necessary to help you through issues, pain, nerve, other type issues, whatever those might be intestinal, internal organ, skin, whatever it might be. Tobacco. Most people that use tobacco are addicted to it whether it be chew snuff, whatever it is - cigarettes, all things that people might be addicted to, to include food, basically means you're owned by it. What I mean by this? Ask yourself, can I get by today or tomorrow the next day without the use of any of these issues, any of these substances, food on the other hand, requires some negotiation, and you will always need it.Here's my issue, everybody needs to be in control of themselves, because that's the only option we have. Personal responsibility, I want to say this again - personal responsibility? What does that mean to you? All too often the blame goes to the government, the blame goes to this, goes to that, but… Where is it that you own what you own? The reason I ask these questions is because it has to be something that you own in every situation, in every conversation, and everything that you want to talk about, impose your will on or take the freedoms to that you have and run with them.I bring this up, because with so many issues, that I've seen from just this alone, we have Oregon and Washington, the just passed a bill that allows personal use of heroin and other substances, controlled or narcotic, to be used for personal use. Part of me is very cynical on this issue, meaning, is this a population control? Because drugs will kill you and others. The other part of me says - it's America, we're free to do whatever we want, But can you take the personal issue of not being addicted to anything and just taking a little of everything, to make sure, that you're not ruining yourself or somebody’s life?Hey, this is just my opinion, you know you are free to do whatever you want apparently, you can make it look like you abuse freedom, you can make it look like you appreciate freedom, you can be an a..ole, you cannot be an a..ole.If you come to me and ask me for help ,some of the questions, I'm gonna ask you - is what drugs are you doing, how are you doing on alcohol, how are you treating yourself? If you tell me that you're doing drugs, prescribed or not, I’m going to ask you - are you taking the minimum dose necessary for the effect? And if you tell me, that you're taking some personal drugs, whether it be marijuana or any other drug, now heroin and others, I will ask you what your dose is? Usually when I do ask these questions, to some Combat Vets, I get a look and an answer “I don't know my dose”, which to me means the addiction is already in effect, and this becomes concerning, obviously issues, these can be deep rooted in your life for a long period of time or for the rest of your life. Whatever that looks like, i just want you to think about it, just want America to think about it , I want myself to think about it. A comment made an a Police station in Goldendale WA said - we just need to decriminalize crime and everything will be alright. You know I always like cynical comments and sarcasticness, because there's a level of truth in it that says deep in the minds, hearts and souls of all of us. LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Michael Jon de Leon USN Veteran Powered FilmsChief Petty Officer de Leon BIOSTGC de LeonChief Mike de Leon is a Navy “brat” born in San Diego, Ca. and had two brothers and 1 nephew in the Navy. Not to mention his late father, Roger de Leon, retired submariner. He enlisted in the Navy March 1993 as an undesignated Seaman Recruit (E1 paygrade), worked his way up the ranks to Petty Officer 3rd Class (E4) on USS Stout DDG 55 in Norfolk, Virginia until 1998, cross-rated to AO (Aviation Ordnance) and worked for Fallbrook Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach Detachment in California, then cross-rated again in 1999 to Sonar Technician where he later served on USS Barry DDG 52 in Portsmouth, Virginia from 1999-2006, made the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class (E5), transferred to San Diego, Ca. as an Sonar instructor from 2006-2008. He was stationed overseas for his next duty station onboard USS Paul Hamilton DDG 60 in Pearl Harbor where he move up to the aspiring rank of Petty Officer 1st Class (E6) in Hawaii from 2008-2011, and then served as an Oceanography Instructor teaching underwater terrain mapping and weapons handling at Center for Surface Combat Systems Command Detachment Pearl Harbor from 2011-2014. He was advanced immediately to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E7) which sent him to his final duty station onboard USS Antietam CG 54 as 1 of 1 ASW Specialists where he later retired in Yokosuka, Japan on October 1st, 2016 with an Honorable Discharge. His shore commands in-between sea tours were training commands Fleet ASW Training Center Norfolk, Virginia, Naval Maritime Training Center (ASW) Point Loma and CSCS Detachment, Pearl Harbor where he earned his Master Training Specialist Certification and became the Embedded Training Systems Manager utilized to train the entire combat fleet in (ASW) Anti-Submarine Warfare worldwide in 6 different training commands using high fidelity training systems. He earned National Defense, Global War on Terrorism, Global War Expeditionary, Maritime Expeditionary, Navy Achievement, Good Conduct, Meritorious Unit Commendation, and The Navy Commendation Medals during his Naval career. Chief de Leon has 3 children living in California, Rayden (24), Justin (20) and Jadelyn (14). Mike Retired in 2016 October and finished h his Bachelors (BSB) Degree Program at University of Phoenix. He started a travel venture in 2017 around the world until he discovered Veteran Organizations that helped Veterans of PTSD and transitioning to civilian life. He recently started his own Non Non-Profit (RECON CHIEF Inc.) awaiting approval. His recent endeavors include working with Veteran Powered Films, Race to Erase 22, CampNcater, and is currently in close collaboration with the royal families of Dubai in support of promoting tourism and small business development and funding.Warrior Built Raffle - Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Powered Films - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Robert Caudill USMC

Robert Caudill USMC


Robert Caudill USMCHe grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan, until He joined the Marine Corps later in life at twenty-four. He was very fortunate to serve with HMM-364 the Purple Foxes, with Four deployments from 2004-2010. As an aviation ordnanceman fixing machine guns and loading the countermeasure flares. Although He did not serve on the front lines, He was part of the casualty evacuation. Resulting in his medical retirement in 2012 with Post Traumatic Stress from my time overseas. He served at "Wounded Warrior Bn West" and has been involved in many programs that support our combat vets. Since his retirement, He has earned a B. A. in Human Development and 200- hour Yoga certification. He spends his spare time after remodeling his RV into a mobile woodshop for his art hobbies.LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1



Compliments In a variety of ways compliments seemed to be hard to accept in today's society Let's take the compliment that so often so many of us here all the time “Thank you for your service”Some feel like this is possibly a cop out, possibly meaning nothing to the person that's asking, but why not give the benefit of the doubt?Assume this person had enough guts to come up to talk to you to begin with, and really does have that deep appreciation. Most Veterans on Veteran's Day go out for that free meal, some company or some organizations is paying for, to make sure you feel like you're appreciated.Now somebody has enough guts to come up to you personally and thank you, how about for a minute why not give them a piece of your military history or some military history you know? Particularly history of your fellow service members, that have done some incredible things, or you yourself that it served on something incredible.The reason I bring this up is because I believe sometimes that America needs heroes whether you feel like one or not sometimes it’s important to put yourself in a place where you can just touch somebody else's mind heart and soul, give a piece of history, something you learned, some patriotic thing that you know and feel, but whatever that is, take it for what it's worth.If it's not worth anything to you, and you feel like it's just a cop out, please, make sure you don't take any advantages that our government gives, that our people, society or organizations may want give you.I feel and believe that our society as a whole has gotten away from compliments, uplifting comments and other type motivation, because there is quote in the military that states ,“no good deed goes un punished”.It’s hard to sometimes find positivity and good words for others.Lot of people constantly say chivalry is dead so we can't give compliments to anybody without offending somebody.Is this a twisted moment in our society, where you can't say, do or be anything, because if you are you're offending something someone somehow somewhere, and you're just stuck in a never ending conundrum of “I shouldn't say anything, do anything”. I believe sometimes we feel this way and we isolate, because it's easier to do nothing, than to deal with all the craziness, that's going on out there.So, next time you hear a compliment, maybe, just for a second feel like somebody's trying to uplift you.Or you yourself give somebody a compliment whether it's genuine enough to them or not, make sure it's genuine enough for you. For me compliments should be a genuine way of articulating something to uplift somebody else, whether it uplifts you or has something to do with you or not.Just be glad and happy that somebody has the ability and desire to give you an uplifting or small token of their appreciation.Whatever that may be, word, phrase, gift or small token, if you want to be offended, you can definitely find offence in everything and anything if that is your reasoning.I feel like it's getting harder and harder to actually say something to somebody, or appreciate somebody, or open a door for somebody, or help somebody out, you might just be offending somebody in this process.I will tell my story of working for the school district and getting the balls off the hill…………………………….What matters is, what matters to you, if you're offended from the “Thank you for your service”, then you should be offended from taking anything on this planet you should be offended for the free meal that's been offered to you the military discount you might ask for all these different things you are entitled to and just don’t bother getting any of those as well.Remember - this is my opinion, this is not anybody else, this is me. If you're looking and you're offended, stop looking! Thanks for listening to my show, thanks for having that understanding.Maybe this will help somebody else. LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Austin Waggner USA

Austin Waggner USA


Austin Waggoner USAHe will tell his story, his struggles, his solutions and his path through transition. He will talk about his art and how Dremel engraving art helps him and has given him some extended passion.US Army Feb 6 / 1996 - Dec 24 / 2002, Oregon National Guard Jan 03 - Nov 03, Washington National Guard Nov 03 - Jan 05 , US Army May 05 - Nov 13, Kosovo 01 - 02, Iraq 04, 09-10LinksAustin Waggoner- Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
USMC Aug 1997 to Sept 2017SSgt Ret.Parris Island0612 Field Wireman 29 Palms CaWpns co, 2/5 HQ and Echo co 2/6 11th Mar, BAT 1 Pkus other units and task forces.OEF Africa 02 OIF Iraq 03 OEF Afghanistan 04 Afghanistan 12Multiple multinational training deployments multiple countries.LinksCombat Vet Vision - Built - Foundation of America - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Everybody Needs a Group or a Battle BuddyPositive and negative choices can affect us for our whole life.Not all groups and not all Battle Buddies can be good for you.Everybody has issuesEveryone can open up communication betterEveryone needs Coping SkillsEveryone needs positive feedback and negative feedbackTrauma in life affects us all and we can as a society benefit from support elements. Where you find support and how you used this support, will determine its effectiveness. LinksCombat Vet Vision - Foundation - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Vincent Ray will be talking about his USMC experience and deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. He will also discuss transition and how he is dealing with life.USMC Jan 2001 - Jan 2006Reserve Jan 2006 - Jan 2010MCRD San Diego Echo Co.2111 Small Arms Tech. School Aberdeen Proving Ground. Marine Corps Security Forces Batallion Fast Co. Attached to multiple Platoons 1, 2, & 3rd Fast "Fleet anti-terrorism Security Team" Feb 2003 Iraq 11 for OIF / OEF 04 Yokosuka Japan 1st Fast 3rd platoon Operations in The straights of Malaka, Indonesia, Philippines, Afghanistan. And many More.LinksCombat Vet Vision - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Intimidation - can you walk through the doors and be involved with yourself and your needs? What is holding you back?Does it remind you of checking in to a new command?And if you do get involved - are you afraid of the commitment to yourself or to the Organization?We need to get to a point where we may want to come back and visit it or just be part of it because we can.Combat Vet Vision - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Chief Seibert's former Commanding officer of Wounded Warrior Bn West will talk about his career, Wounded Warrior Bn West, Challenges of support to our Wounded Ill and Injured. He will talk about Freedom Station its mission to support housing for Vets and why this is his calling and what it means to him and how he feels it helps. GREG MARTIN, President(Warrior Foundation, Freedom Station)Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)1223 ½ 28th St., Suite A San Diego, CA 92102(760) 805-2588greg.martin@warriorfoundation.orgwww.warriorfoundation.orgCFC #40485Combat Vet Vision - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
The year 2020

The year 2020


The Year 2020"Adapt and overcome"( Election, Covid, Shutdowns, hard times, uncertainty)Controversial (Mask and business shutdowns, vaccine, what is going on?Zoom, Virbella.Com, Work from home, less traffic, business modal change, Real estate.My brother in Denver Co an office space builder, claims he is building or taking down office spaces in response to Covid.What you can control is you and how you deal with this allLinksCombat Vet Vision - Radio - you would like to become a sponsor or advertiser Call Sitch Radio (714) 643-2500 X 1
Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned


The therapeutic effect of telling your story is good to process some issues someone might have.Learning to talk about one thoughts is important.Learning about yourself can be eye-openingTriggers can be hit but it is important to deal with them and to have a great support network is important. Public speaking is made easier by talking on a MicBeing able to talk about your issues is a needed releaseHaving others on the show is rewarding and I have seen some amazing stories.Everyone needs a great support system for combat or non-combat PTSDIn case you want to know the cure for PTSD is mind wipe as depicted in "Home Coming" on Amazon Prime.LinksCombat Vet Vision -
Peter Porter USN USMC

Peter Porter USN USMC


Pete Porter USMC, Combat Vet, will tell his story a bit and get into his transition back into civilian life, his ups and downs, and his balance and resources he continues to use. LinksCombat Vet Vision -
What is it that I doI connected with Combat Vets, I sympathize, I coordinate efforts of support, I built relationships with society, I help find passion and jobs, I help coordinate special needs for our Combat Vets, I speak with and listen to issues from our Combat Vets, I find meaningful ways that help me and others in life,I taste freedom, I carry a burden, I share this burden, I sit on the table where very few are invited, I utilize recourses, non-profit orgs, and society.In my day, my goal is to reach a Combat Vet in need and discover an aha-moment, put a puzzle piece together to better articulate what is in our minds and to better deal with situations as they arise and to help navigate with someone in their worst hour. LinksCombat Vet Vision -
The, "Why Not Me Factor", Getting to the point.Fortune finds away.Uplifting support, Life may not appear fair but if you are doing something because there is payment at the end it may be a job.If you do something good to the community or others its integrity, Expectations may not meet perception and may cause some frustration and animosity.LinksCombat Vet Vision -
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