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We're a brother and sister duo that love to talk about the mysterious, unusual, and unknowable. Cryptids, unsolved murders and disappearances, UFOs, ghosts, conspiracy theories, demons... we love it all.
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In July of 1518 the city of Alsace, in what is now modern day France, saw a woman start dancing... erratically, uncontrollably, for days. Soon others joined her until there were as many as 500 people dancing in the streets, possibly even to their deaths. What started this dance mania? And what ultimately stopped it? Join us to hear our thoughts...
Since August 2007 at least 20 detached human feet have been found on the coasts of the Salish Sea in British Columbia, Canada, and Washington state. I mean, if that's not enough to draw you in, I'M NOT SURE WHAT IS.
On New Year's Day, two years in a row, a combined thousands of dead red-winged blackbirds were found on the streets and lawns of Beebe, Arkansas. What could have made such a mass death possible? Was it natural or supernatural? Was it linked to the thousands of fish that died in the same area? Listen to what we think in episode 44...
For this episode we decided to not only talk about aquatic cryptids but specifically ones that are believed to live in our home state of Maine. Gray tells us about The Pocomoonshine Lake Monster, a giant, eel-like creature swimming around in the northern part of the state, and Justine talks about Cassie, a sea serpent supposedly spotted in the waters of Casco Bay and beyond. 
Two men, dressed impeccably in suits, are found dead on a hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wearing rain coats and, bizarrely enough, lead masks covering their eyes. What brought them there? What were the masks meant to protect against? Were their deaths accidental or something more otherwordly? Listen and find out what we think...
You had to know we couldn't watch Tiger King and do an episode about the biggest mystery of all (besides how Joe Exotic's eyebrow ring is holding on for dear life): what happened to Carole Baskin's husband, Don Lewis? Did he crash his plan off the Gulf of Mexico? Did he plan his own disappearance? Did Carole feed him to the tigers? Listen and see what we think...
Out in the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert there is believed to be a creature so devastating it has been dubbed The Mongolian Death Worm. Rarely seen but commonly feared, it has powers not typically known to living creatures... but is it real, or merely an urban legend? Give this episode a listen and hear what we think... 
In episode 39 we tackle the mystery of our own brains. How is it that many of us remember things that never truly happened? We vividly remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison, or seeing a movie starring Sinbad as a genie, or SWEAR the name is spelled Berenstein... but "reality" tells us otherwise. What can explain these discrepancies? 
This week we delve into some unexplained deaths... or are they both murders? Gray talks about the Setagaya/Miyazawa family murders, a family of 4 brutally slain in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo, Japan. Justine talks about Joshua Maddux, aka The Boy in the Chimney... missing for 7 years and found mere blocks from his home in the chimney of a derelict cabin. What happened to these people?
We finally delve into the mystery that is the Jersey Devil. Is there actually a bizarre creature roaming the Pine Barrens, letting out bloodcurdling shrieks for unfortunate witnesses to hear? Is it simply the result of historical disdain and gossip? Hear what we think in this week's episode...
A seemingly innocent airport is the hub for ENDLESS conspiracy theories. Sordid ties to the Freemasons, a shadowy underground, UFOs, Nazis, lizard people... this episode has it ALL.
Also known as the Tamám Shud case, the unsolved death of the Somerton Man has confounded law enforcement and amateur sleuths alike for over 70 years now. It's easy to get lost in the myriad of details and hard to know what's relevant and what's not. Was he poisoned? Was he a mysterious spy or simply a scorned lover? What do YOU think?
Christmas Day of 1965 marked the start of a flap of UFO sightings big enough to earn Warminster -- a sleepy town in western Wiltshire, England -- the title of "the Roswell of the UK". Was it aliens briefly probing the town for information? Military testing from the nearby bases? Or something else entirely...
Did you know that the actual number of people who have gone missing in national parks and public land in the United States is unknown? There is no database to keep track of such a thing, and yet some estimate that the number is in the thousands, some of those people disappearing -- or reappearing -- in bizarre ways. Is this merely an example of disorganization within our government? Or is there something more sinister afoot?  
In one of the weirder episodes we've done -- and that's saying a lot for us -- we talk about the theory of the "mud flood". Was there a worldwide event devastating enough to have wiped out an entire more advanced civilization? If not, how do you explain the evidence that is all around us, in every city on earth? Listen and find out our thoughts...
This week's episode is just a quick little bite about one of Maine's creepier stories: The Devil's Footprint. Did the devil actually strike a deal with a random construction worker to move a boulder in exchange for his soul?
Episode 30 is our annual Halloween episode, and our very first exorcism-related topic! You might not know the name Roland Doe, an anonymous pseudonym for the 13-year-old in question, but you probably know of the book and movie The Exorcist, which is based on his story. If you believe the tale, this boy underwent a series of exorcisms to expel a particularly stubborn demon, with the priests involved sworn to secrecy to protect him... 
Episode 29 deals with a ghostly location right here in New England: The Hoosac Tunnel in western Massachusetts, also known as The Bloody Pit. During its 25 years of construction the tunnel claimed almost 200 lives. Do some of those spirits still wander within the dark walls?
This episode deals with the weird little urban legend of black-eyed children. Have they actually been spotted by folks, or was it just innocent kids being misunderstood? Why are they such harbingers of doom? Where do they come from?
This is our third and final episode about SKINWALKER RANCH -- the property in rural Utah that is absolutely teeming with paranormal weirdness -- and in this installment we share all of our theories on the place. Is it just a bunch of natural phenomena getting everyone worked into hysteria? Is it an elaborate hoax? Is it a thin place, where the border between this dimension and the next is more transparent than we might be used to? Listen in to find out what we think!
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Paul Monk

you guys are awesome

Jun 9th

kurt phelps, jr.

could you please reload this episode? it will not play. love the podcast!!! keep kikn ass

Jan 15th
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Chad Becker

Regarding the weird footprint left by what he shot at that he he thought was a huge 400 pound dog like creature. It. sounds like whatever is there has the ability to make those who physically see it, see it as something they can relate to or something easier on their mind. Every time I hear this story it reminds me of the Dreamcatcher movie. Perhaps seeing it's actually self is so scary that it'll break ones mind?? It's just so bizarre & totally strange, I believe that something definitely happened & is well past our current level capability of comprehending at our current Mental & Technological Level.

May 28th

Chad Becker

episode says it's there but it's not. weird

May 9th

Chad Becker

Owls do not travel in groups. no. no no.

Jan 31st

Chad Becker

Sounds like a dimensional slip of sorts. As if he didn't shift forward or backwards, he shifted sideways but in the same moment.

Jan 14th
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