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We're a brother and sister duo that love to talk about the mysterious, unusual, and unknowable. Cryptids, unsolved murders and disappearances, UFOs, ghosts, conspiracy theories, demons... we love it all.
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Kathy Hobbs was a teenager who, unfortunately, met an untimely demise. But what's unknowable about her is how strangely prepared she was for such a scenario... 
A rare Gray episode this week! Back in 1996, workers at a GM bumper manufacturing plant were cleaning a sludge pit when they found some mysterious creatures. So Gray takes a solo dive into a story where life, uh, finds a way...
If you go for a hike in the Santa Lucia mountains in central coastal California, don't be surprised if you see what appears to be the silhouette of an unusually tall, dark being, maybe with a brimmed hat or even a walking stick in hand. It's probably just one of the Dark Watchers...
In the year 2000, a man purporting to have traveled back in time appeared on online forums. He spoke of many predictions for our timeline, including that of a massive and deadly World War III. Was this man truly on a mission to try to save us from ourselves?
In December 1965, a fireball streaked across at least 8 US states and parts of Canada. It was witnessed by many, including folks in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania -- a small village southeast of Pittsburgh -- who swear the object crash landed in a patch of woods. Nothing was *officially* found, but theories abound. Was it a spy satellite? An extraterrestrial craft? Or something even MORE surprising...
Our third and final episode in our afterlife series, in this installment we discuss the few belief systems that don't quite so neatly adhere to a belief in either reincarnation or heaven and hell, as well as some of our own personal beliefs in what happens after we die.
For part 2 of our afterlife series, we talk about HEAVEN AND HELL. The dichotomy has existed as long as religion but the specifics vary so much between cultures and philosophies. Are these truly places we go after we die? Are they merely a state of mind we experience here on Earth? Are they waiting rooms before Judgment Day? Or is there a neuroscientific explanation?
In a very exciting series, we kick off our first of three parts about THE AFTERLIFE. In this initial episode we discuss reincarnation and whether it seems possible that our souls, our consciousness, our SELVES, live on in some higher plane after our physical body ceases to exist. 
For once we're delving into somewhat recent topics: from Professor Haim Eshed, former director of space programs for the Israel Ministry of Defense, saying we've been in contact with aliens for years, to the Pentagon officially releasing a photo and videos of UFOs... who should we believe??
It's time for episode 56 and this one is all about the boys on the tracks. Late one night in August of 1987, two teenage boys are run over by a fast-moving train as they lay together on the tracks... but it turns out they were already dead. Who had it out for these kids? And why?
We are revisiting the phenomenon of Mothman, but this time focusing on the flap (see what we did there?) of recent sightings in the Chicago area. Is it another Mothman similar to the one spotted in Point Pleasant all those years ago? Is it a Thunderbird, a legendary creature from Native American lore? Is it mass hysteria, a giant condor, or an adventurous person with an elaborate costume? See what we think...
What explanation can there be when a village of 88 people is simply... abandoned? Was it something as logical as a lack of resources and necessities? Did mermaids lure them to their watery graves? A government experiment? Or is it something to do with those lights that hover above the tree line...
An odd episode for us -- make sure you listen to both stories! The theme is haunted parks & woods. Justine tells us about Griffith Park in Los Angeles, a massive public space with a wicked curse in its history. Gray tells us about The Devil's Tramping Ground in Bear Creek, North Carolina, a camping site that may be a recreation spot for Satan himself...
Imagine having a relaxing day out with your wife and daughter, snapping a few photos to remember the time you had, and then developing the photos only to find what looks like a god dang ASTRONAUT in the background that you KNOW wasn't there on your nature jaunt. That's what happened to Jim Templeton in 1964. Listen to find out what he saw, and what we think the explanation might be...
When Lars Mittank arrived in Bulgaria with his friends, on vacation from their home in Germany, things were relaxed and carefree. But by the end of the trip, Lars had become paranoid and anxious, leaving his belongings at the airport and hopping a fence to run away from threats unknown, never to be seen again. What on earth happened in the span of those few days?
Last seen on September 10th, 2001, Sneha Anne Philip was a medical school resident in a happy marriage. But when she never returned home, the questions started to arise: did she perish in the attacks on the World Trade Center? Did she end up at the wrong person's apartment after a few drinks? Or did she, as some suggest, start a whole new life...
The Axeman, or The Boogeyman as he was also known, was a killer who targeted Italian grocers in New Orleans in the early 20th century. He would pry off a panel of their door, kill or seriously maim them with an axe or straight razor, and then disappear as quickly as he arrived. Who was he? What was his motivation? And what does jazz music have to do with ANY of it? Listen and find out...
The idea of a 20-foot T. Rex roaming the Northern Territory of Australia seems both fascinating and fantastic. Is there actually a descendent of the era of dinosaurs mutilating cattle in the Outback, or are people mistaking a present day lizard or bird for something more far-fetched?
Can you imagine if your mind's eye was blind? You try to think of your best friend's face or your favorite beach spot or your childhood dog and... nothing materializes. Or maybe that's everyday reality for you and you had no idea there was a name for it or that it wasn't the norm. It's called aphantasia, from the Greek for "no imagination", and it's a damn wild mystery of the brain. 
In July of 1518 the city of Alsace, in what is now modern day France, saw a woman start dancing... erratically, uncontrollably, for days. Soon others joined her until there were as many as 500 people dancing in the streets, possibly even to their deaths. What started this dance mania? And what ultimately stopped it? Join us to hear our thoughts...
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Paul Monk

you guys are awesome

Jun 9th

kurt phelps, jr.

could you please reload this episode? it will not play. love the podcast!!! keep kikn ass

Jan 15th
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Chad Becker

Regarding the weird footprint left by what he shot at that he he thought was a huge 400 pound dog like creature. It. sounds like whatever is there has the ability to make those who physically see it, see it as something they can relate to or something easier on their mind. Every time I hear this story it reminds me of the Dreamcatcher movie. Perhaps seeing it's actually self is so scary that it'll break ones mind?? It's just so bizarre & totally strange, I believe that something definitely happened & is well past our current level capability of comprehending at our current Mental & Technological Level.

May 28th

Chad Becker

episode says it's there but it's not. weird

May 9th

Chad Becker

Owls do not travel in groups. no. no no.

Jan 31st

Chad Becker

Sounds like a dimensional slip of sorts. As if he didn't shift forward or backwards, he shifted sideways but in the same moment.

Jan 14th
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