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A podcast for you and I where we reflect on our fuck ups and how we unfucked them. Welcome to the The Fuck Up with uBu. #thejourneyofbecoming
23 Episodes
What possesses one to lie about simple things like where they stay or what their name is? 19yr old Chipokay went landed a relationship that started with one little lie. Let's chat about this on Twitter, I am @becomingubu. You may support the podcast here:
When Chipo said, 'I almost got Disowned by my parents,' my heart skipped a beat because HOW!? What does one have to do to get to that point? Well, Chipo shares her story that comes with NO REGRETS! Listen and if you like this one too, let me know on Twitter, @becomingubu or pop a dollar on
I Ditched School For A Man.

I Ditched School For A Man.


I know you too have a story where you look back and cringe real hard! I could feel Gamu cringe as she detailed her story but I must say, I am proud of her for releasing that energy. Hot topics pop up in this one, so tune in and let me know what you think on Twitter, @becomingubu. Remember you can support this growing podcast via , the minimum is a dollar!
When girl power turns into a sour party the only way out is by...well, find out how Thembi Terry dealt with this type of situation. She brought in some gems on the mistakes she made in business. Please support The Fuck Up Podcast here:
What does one have to do in order to almost get clapped during the people!? Well, MonaKay has one interesting story and I promise you laughs! I get to spill a reckless story of my own, listen to find out.
When the numbers say you are about to make bank and mother nature says, 'No thank you!' Nomaliso Musasiwa came through with some nuggets, listen in! Remember to buy me a ko-fi at & follow me on Insta & Twitter @becomingubu.
A Web Of Lies

A Web Of Lies


We have finally launched! And the first guest to share her fuck up is Tiffany. How many times have you made bad decisions just to try fit in? How bad was it? Young Tiffany took it too far with a trip to London. Remember to support the podcast via or right here! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter - @becomingubu. Check out my website
Want to know why yoy are single? Listen in!
I read a chapter from my book, The Kings that didnt need this Queen. It will be available to buy on April 39, $3 for the eBook and $9.99 for the paperback. Tune in for the chapter!
I talk about how to deal with discrimination and the effect of discrimination on those receiving it. 3 contributors came through to speak out in this issue. Listen in, I am uBu.CIAO!
Do you know your sexuality? How long does it take to know your sexuality? Does it really matter? Tune in and find out!
Men and women got round to talking about things that make them lose interest in someone real quick. So here we are ! Enjoy!
Turns out women have been taking L's for so long because of lack of knowledge. The knowledge is here!
We have a gentleman this week to speak more on this issue of faking it.. I laughed so hard!! STAY R.I.T
So we heard from the ladies in the fiest edition. Tune in to hear what our male guest had to say!! Stay R.I.T.



Faking the big O stays happening with the ladies, for many different reasons. Im this episode Emmie (a guest) and I zone in on this issue. #faking #rit #relationship
Ever had to leave a toxic person and faced their calm wrath!? uBu points to the things to look out for that gives you more reason to RUN!! Stay R.I.T...
Toxic & Wanted

Toxic & Wanted


We can never deny the reality that we have all followed a certain type that resulted in us falling apart a little too long. uBu talks about it in this episode on R.I.T!
We look at a couple of tweets on shooting your shots. Take the lessons, ditch the rest.. A few laughs here and there.. STAY RIT with uBu..
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