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We're a podcast that explores all aspects of sex, from the kinky & titillating to the hilarious & obscure. Season 3 out now, Episodes every other Thursday. If you like what you hear please become a patron of the show for bonus content and insider information.
46 Episodes
The Weird Episode!

The Weird Episode!


In this episode we look at weird sex toys, weird things that can make you orgasm, weird relationships, weird jobs and more! This episode is dedicated to Smut Moe's mom, #RIPSmutMom. 
The Dick Episode!

The Dick Episode!


We look at celebrity penis sizes, see if a dick pic foretold a major world event plus look at the sad trend of pollution causing smaller penis sizes. Plus we announce the winner of the contest. And speaking of VR, a new company is venturing into smell-o-vision. 
The Sex Toy Episode!

The Sex Toy Episode!


Lisa and Michelle found some new sex toys, ordered other toys and gave their thoughts and a new product that can give the Balldo a run for its money. They discuss a masturbation survey and a woman with an unusual growth. 
Today we talk about the increase in the amount of Pandemic porn being made, we talk to Twitter's Whatevah Amy about growing a social media following, Only Fans, Implants and more! Plus we discuss a new type of sex furniture. 
Sex isn't all fun and orgasms, we look at some bizarre accidents that have happened during sex. We review some new quiet toys that you can use during solo time when you aren't alone at home, plus we read the winning entry of the contest. 
The Flavour Episode!

The Flavour Episode!


In the age of COVID pussy masks are now a thing, we talk flavoured condoms, glory holes and discuss a new sex garment. Also, we pit two local businesses against each other in the ultimate doughnut showdown - Glory Hole Doughuts vs. Lady Glaze Doughnuts!
We have a few games today, including a spicy Beanboozled challenge. We talk about different types of heat and places where spicy things should never go. Also, how do you cheat on a sex doll? It's our 5 years anniversary since we thought up of this podcast, so thanks for joining us for the ride!
Everyone knows what a cum sock is, but what about a cum box or a cum jar? Lisa shows Michelle a $700 sex toy and may have accidentally bought it during the recording. Also, we discuss a virginity party in South Africa.
Is it possible to guess the age of a man based on a dick pic? Well, today we're going to find out. Plus, Lisa's new girlfriend has never been with another woman (until now), and we interview Yvette D'entremont and Alice Vaughn from Two Girls One Mic - The Porncast.  If you want to play How Old is That Dick at home, the slideshow is available on our Patreon page at, see if you can beat Lisa and Michelle's score. 
The Porn Episode!

The Porn Episode!


We look at porn viewing habits in the lead-up to the election, women's porn viewing habits and the daughter of a famous director goes into porn. 
We interview author, business consultant and Phone Sex Operator extraordinaire, Amberly Rothfield, Michelle gives a friend some pegging advice and we discuss the latest in chastity cage technology. 
How now huwcow! This episode is just before our very first virtual meet & greet! Michelle enlightens us about an 80s trend updated and perverted for our modern times, plus have you ever thought that your fetishes might have been inherited by your parents? Ew, gross. 
In this episode, Lisa and Michelle discuss necrophilia, a woman who fell asleep in a field and woke up with a surprise, the benefits of tantric sex and we discuss our very first virtual meet & greet, coming October 3rd, 2020!
In our very first sponsored episode, we take on the Bella Thorne Only Fans controversy, talk about cuffing season, discuss different fantasies and Smut Lisa does her first dick rating. 
The All Anal Episode!

The All Anal Episode!


Okay, so it's not all anal, but the "mostly anal episode" doesn't have the same ring to it. On today's episode, Michelle takes over the research (on anal), plus we name our Blow-Up doll mascot. 
Lisa and Michelle talk about having sex in water, water sex toys, and water sommeliers, blow-up dolls and they go into the mailbag to answer some questions from our listeners. 
On this special COVID edition of Smut, Lisa and Michelle explore different types of masturbation clubs, do a dick humiliation on a small penis and talk about finding love. 
The Best Of - Sort of

The Best Of - Sort of


Remember how sitcoms would stitch clips from old episodes together? We picked a couple of our favourite clips plus a few clips from our Patreon page for this special episode. 
The crew warms up with a visit to their local strip club before recording this episode. Lisa and Michelle discuss their threesomes. Plus, Lisa steps out of her comfort zone to set up an OnlyFans page, will Michelle follow suit?
Lisa and Michelle discuss some new firsts, then they take a quiz to see what kind of lesbians they are, and also take a tour of a BDSM Dungeon in Toronto. 
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