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What is the stuff of life? Our experiences? Our friends and families? A man with two penises? Smut is a podcast that incorporates it all. Join Lisa and Michelle as they find the hilarious in everything from the everyday to the truly bizarre and everything in between. If you like what you hear please become a patron of the show for bonus content and insider information.
22 Episodes
On this episode of Smut the girls discuss oral sex. They take a BDSM Test and report back their findings. They look into bizarre sex laws around the world. Lastly, what is the best way to react when someone sends you a dirty photo.
On this episode the girls consider being sex club cleaners. Talk about the STD called The Blue Waffle. Smut Moe tried to find her unicorn for a threesome and Smut Terry reviews some male sex toys.
In this week's episode, Lisa and Michelle discuss Lisa's trip to Vegas. Michelle takes her bestie to a Sex Club. They discuss a woman who's slept with 20 ghosts. Would you rather give up tasting food for the rest of your life or never cum again? Plus, they play a game of never-have-I-ever, Lisa discusses cucking and Michelle brings up some more sex facts. 
In this week's episode Lisa and Michelle spend a night in a sex themed hotel in Kingston Ontario. Has Tinder ruined the anticipation of sex for everyone. Also, we welcome in the new trend of bi-sexual women in their 40's. 
Oh Boy. On today's episode, the girls play a game of Guess The Animal (based on the animals mating sounds). They explore tear away underwear and its do's and don'ts. The cock cam and vagina beer. Its all here.
This week Michelle and Lisa discover how each other learned to masturbate when they were younger. The girls review an inflatable sex bed and they showcase the winners of our audio porn star contest. 
On this weeks episode we look into sugar babies. The girls play a fun game of Lesbian Who'd Ya Do. They discover a woman who drinks a semen smoothie everyday. They break down a sexy party. More importantly, have we all gone ass to mouth but didn't realize it?
In this episode Lisa and Michelle talk about their firsts: first kiss, first hand job, first blow job. They stumble upon an orgy revelation together. They discuss orgasms and who's humming and who's not. We also look at the world's oldest virgins.
On this episode the girls uncover a story of death by porn. Smut Moe does an erotic photo shoot and bares all. They tell you some little known sex facts that we feel everyone should know. Lastly, we take a closer look at the life of Michelle with a series of rapid fire questions.
In this episode, the girls discover what can really happen to vulnerable hotel furniture. They also look into the All You Can Eat Sex Brothel in Germany. They explore a place called Sex Island that you have to see to believe. Can Michelle get Lisa to change her mind on lesbian porn?
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