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The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book
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The Writer's Way | How to Market Your Children's Book

Author: Laurie Wright: Children's Author & Marketing Coach

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From kindergarten teacher to best selling author, my name is Laurie Wright and I help children’s authors publish and market their books for kids. We talk about productivity, strategies and tactics so that you can grow your impact, even if you only have a few hours a week. I share my biggest AH HAHS, my ups and downs, and I chat with other authors who are busy making their dreams come true. This show is for ambitious #wordnerds who want to make more sales and reach more readers!
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Join Laurie as she talks with Foreword Publicity, a PR firm for children's authors! Lori Orlinsky & Aly Bourque share eleven tips for holiday marketing in 2020, answer marketing questions, and share about some new services too!Make sure to check out their incredible giveaway ➡️ Enter for the chance to win a FREE virtual book tour! Read the blog post to take some notes >>> here <<< or download the tip sheet for super easy access >>> here <<<.Contact Info:www.forewordpublicity.comFacebook:@forewordpublicityInstagram@forewordpublicity
Join Laurie as she speaks with Miranda, who shares marketing wins and flops!Her BIG goal: Raise as much money as possible for charities that support children and animals. Through her Charity of the Quarter program, she donates a portion of the proceeds from each book sold to a non-profit every quarter, and she has raised over $8,000 to date!Contact Infowww.pawsandthinkbooks.comYoutubeFacebook: @pawsandthinkbooksInstagram: @pawsandthinkbooksTwitter: @_pawsandthink
This is the second time I was lucky enough to chat with Jaclyn on the podcast waaaayyy back in the beginning- it was episode 6! It's always nice to chat with a friend.Since we last spoke, she's launched a new series meant to empower young girls with confidence to be themselves and try new things, even if they are afraid they might fail. Now, doesn't THAT sound something we all need? Contact InfoMymomistheworst.com30 Story Prompts!FB/IG @StoriesbyJKCoy
Join Laurie as she chats with astronomer, teacher, educator and now writer - Cecilia Caballero. Ceci travels the globe to catch eclipses and spends new moons gazing up at the stars. She's turned her love of the stars into a publishing house and turned her children's bedtime stories into fabulous books! Cecilia has learned some things along the way and is happy to share, here with us.Contact Infoceci@bellelunebooks.com
Laurie talks with author and publishing coach April Cox about how she got started, and how she helps authors. April's goal with her books is to help those returning back to school to have a safe, inclusive and bully-free environment.Contact Infowww.thelittlelabradoodle.comFB: @thelittlelabradoodleIG: @thelittlelabradoodleYouTube: Self-PublishingMadeSimpleTwitter: lil-labradoodlePinterest: thelittlelabradoodle
Author and marketing expert Brandi Johnson joined me on the show today to talk about her publishing experience and to help children's authors with the big marketing B! ('B' stands for beast, of course 😜)Marketing your children's book when you have no background in it feels so overwhelming. Most of us end up doing what we see others doing - posting on social media with our fingers crossed, a hope and a prayer!Brandi's approach:"I wanted to be able to help people get out of the overwhelm on marketing. Because there are so many gurus out, there are so many corporate marketers that say, if you're not doing X or not doing Y, then you're not gonna make it. And my tact on it is very different, about really sustainable and achievable marketing."
Are Facebook ads on your to-do list?Stacy Bauer joins Laurie on the podcast and achieves the impossible - she managed to get Laurie excited to try Facebook ads again! For those of you who don't already know Stacy, she is the author of the best selling Cami Kangaroo & Wyatt Too series. Becoming a published author has been a dream of Stacy's since childhood and 3 years ago, she made that dream a reality! Contact
Join Laurie as she shares a yucky stat about how many emails people get on average a day, and some ways to help reduce the overwhelm!Want to organize your gmail? Go >>here<< and watch Kelly Stocker's videos, this will be life-changing!For the compete show notes head to Laurie's website >>HERE<<.
Join Laurie as she speaks with Lori Orlinsky and Alysson Bourque, the founders of 'Foreword Publicity'.As indie authors we have to wear all the hats and do all the things! It's overwhelming, time consuming and it can lead to authors giving up on their book dreams, because there is just so much to know. If you've felt like that before you are going to LOVE this episode - these two authors have recently started a PR company specializing in children's books. Built by authors, for authors - they really know their stuff. Find them at:www.forewordpublicity.comwww.alycatseries.comwww.loriorlinskyauthor.comFacebook:@forewordpublicityInstagram@forewordpublicity
Join Laurie as she talks about time, how little we all have and how to make it as an author EVEN IF we only have an hour a day!Grab the Author Tasks and Time Management List mentioned in the episode - free to make an account but you do need to sign up!>>> Click here to access it
Join Laurie and author Nicole Filippone as they talk about the Facebook strategy that Nikki used to group her following from 200 to over 18000 in a matter of months!Nikki is a part-time author on paper, but full-time author at heart. She spends nights, weekends, and lunch hours working on her author ventures and loves it - most of the time.Nikki's big goal is just to help as many people as possible, which shines through in the show. Enjoy listening! why your books aren't selling? Hop over here and Diagnose your Book Sales!
Join Laurie and author Nicole Filippone as they talk about book marketing, kickstarters and the ups and downs of the publishing journey.Nikki is a part-time author on paper, but full-time author at heart. She spends nights, weekends, and lunch hours working on her author ventures and loves it - most of the time.Nikki's big goal is just to help as many people as possible, which shines through in the show. Enjoy listening!
Join Laurie and Lindsay as they talk about finding illustrators, funding kickstarters, and getting it all done at nap time!Lindsay is  a mother of four (including identical twin girls who just turned 1 year old!) and an aspiring children's book author. Her maternity leave with the twins inspired her to find creative ways to support overwhelmed mothers of babies, and her debut picture book took form, The Lovely Haze of Baby Days. She is currently on extended maternity leave from her full-time job as a Business Developer, focused on Health innovation, at the University of Southern Denmark.So far Lindsay is enjoying watching the dream & vision take shape. It's a thrill every time she opens that 'new illustration' email. She also loves fantasizing about all the ways her book might have a positive impact... she hopes when you ask her about the BEST part of publishing a book in a year, that it will be HEARING about the positive impact (and not just dreaming about it).w: www.lindsaykmadsen.comIG: @the.madsen.littlesFB: Life & Love as MamaSupport her Kickstarter here!
Join Laurie and author Diane Elgin as they talk about the ups and downs that happen when you take on book publishing! Diane Elgin is currently a full time writer and part time homeschool art teacher.She taught kindergarten for 16 years but recently she felt the need to write for kids. She wrote Daddy, How Does a Sloth Give a Hug about 12 years ago. Diane believes the story should teach you something so that you can learn from the character’s experiences and then grow from what you have learned. Most of her picture books are for ages two to eight years old. Diane’s second book, Rain, Rain, Come Again, is now available!Have a listen to the show and see if you would have kept on going if you were in Diane's place.Facebook @authordianeelgin Instagram dianeelginauthor Twitter dianeelgin@picturebks 
Join Laurie with author Matthew Ralph as they talk about handy ways to write (it's not what you think!), how to get in touch with influencers, and what to NOT do when you're just starting out!Matthew Ralph is a British children’s book author who lives in London, UK. He is the author of the number one best-selling children’s picture book series “Sam The Speedy Sloth”, which has been awarded Amazon’s prestigious “All-Star” bonus several times for being in the top 10 most-read illustrated books on Amazon.Matt has some great thoughts on how to show up on social media - have a listen!www.mattralphthewriter.comInstagram: @mattralphthewriterFacebook: @mattralphwriter
Join Laurie with author Heather Robyn as they talk about Heather's funny TikTok videos (how much time do those really take to make?!).Heather teaches Informatics Education for Stanford Hospital, holds a Doctorate degree in Education and worked for several years as a Social Worker with foster youth and homeless veterans. She really enjoyed the work and helping others which spills over into her books. At the end of the day, Heather really just wants her books to help people.Heather has some solid advice for children's authors based on her own experiences... listen to the show now to hear it!Facebook: Robyn’s NestInstagram: @heathererobynauthorTwitter: @HeatherRobyn2TikTok: @heathererobynauthor
Join Laurie as she shares what other authors had to say about their own experiences! Thank you to the following for your contributions to this episode!Pilar Marie Lauren EresmanElisavet ArkolakiStacy Schoppenhorst BauerMeghan Drew FosterAshly CurrenNikki FilipponeHave a listen so you can either realize you aren't alone in your mistakes, or make sure not to repeat them! Find Laurie on Facebook and join the WRIGHTERSCLUB to improve your book marketing!
How do children’s authors build strong book businesses and grow their impact? By hanging out with Laurie, here on the Writers Way! This season is for published children’s authors who are passionate about fulfilling their dreams, who want to be successful and are always looking for new ways to learn and hit their goals.Today, a story and the plan for this season - next week is going to be about achieving your author dreams in an hour a day so that you still have time for your family, and maybe even your spouse! ...if they’re lucky... ;) 
Since the death of George Floyd I’ve been among the many people trying to learn more about race and racism, and vowing to do better.It’s been eye opening for me. Also embarrassing. How is there so much that I didn’t know? For weeks I stayed mostly silent, to listen and to learn what I could. But I had questions. I was nervous to ask my questions though. Having recently realized the extent of my ignorance, I was equal parts ashamed, embarrassed and scared to ask them out loud. Luckily I have patient and wonderful friends, who are also authors! One of them was generous enough to chat with me on the podcast, so that you can learn along with me. Camryn Wells - author of The Color, Feel, Play series’ - and I had a great conversation and she was full of sage wisdom I am happy to share with you here. 
Be strategic during your social media time! Four tasks for children's authors to do daily to curate your feed, build and improve relationships, and grow a reader community. This is a repeat of last week's activities because you don't need anything new right now!
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