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“The Fashion Geek” podcast is about the Men’s fashion industry and the entrepreneurs who help shape it. We discuss their brands and business along with topics and trends affecting the industry. We share our love of menswear: the clothing, the accessories, the style and the fashion. Learn why these people do what they do and maybe pick up a tip or two. Host Reg Ferguson (Fashion Geek #1) is the owner of New York Fashion Geek, a Men's fashion consultancy helping the everyday man improve their appearance and dress with confidence. He sounds just as good as he looks.
80 Episodes
76: The Met Gala

76: The Met Gala


Reg has some thoughts on The Met Gala. They're not good.
Reg talks about the viability of the brand after Virgil Abloh's death.
74: My Shoe Guy

74: My Shoe Guy


Reg shows his love for his shoe guy Mikhail.
73: Swatch x Omega

73: Swatch x Omega


Reg talks about the pending Swatch x Omega drop. Is is it worth the hype?
Reg talks with John about French terry cloth sweatpants, dressing for travel and the “EBay cul de sac.” Fortunately, there are no dead ends to this episode.
Reg rides solo and talks about New York City's influence on brands.
Reg talks with Rashad about being one of the few bespoke tailors in the Washington D.C. area, along with his interest in 90s rap, especially the fits Dapper Dan created for Eric B. and Rakim (“Paid In Full”, “Follow The Leader”). You’re going to want to peep the technique on this episode.
What does it take to make tote bags, duffle bags and Dopp kits in leather, suede and coated canvas? How do you connect streetwear, sneaker culture and the Great Outdoors of Maine? Reg asks James McLaughlin, creator of 33 by Hand, all of those questions. Nothing to unpack here.
Reg talks with Sunflowerman (IG: Sunflowerman) about finding his way artistically to becoming an in demand artist for men’s fashion and watch brands. TJ Maxx even gets into the story. 
Reg talks with Ethan Wong, co-host of the “Style and Direction” podcast and creator of the “A Little Bit of Rest” blog about how he got into dressing with intention through vintage clothing and why he likes to put his hands in his jacket pockets.
Reg talks about the sudden passing of Virgil Abloh and the impact he made in the fashion game.
Reg talks with the man behind the Instagram account. What’s all the hubbub about a style specific to education and elitism? Is there a way to break down the gates and make it a style for all?
Reg talks with Austin and Louis about their career paths into Made to Measure and tailoring. Are they ride or die? Are they a stitch in time?
Reg talks with Dalyn about menswear, Harris Tweed and his introduction to J. Press. Who outpreps who, the host from New York or the guest from Utah?
Reg talks with David about working for a company that courts among its clientele the NBA, the NFL, Hollywood stars and wardrobe departments for TV and Film. How do they do it?
Reg talks with Ross about the differences in style between a customer in the Southwest versus the Northeast. Saddle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.
What does it take to work on a Rolex? A Breitling? A Timex? Reg talks with the watchmaker for the House of Michaud, a fourth generation high end watch retailer in Switzerland. Time’s a wasting, check out the episode.
Reg talks with Marcel, a native and resident of Richmond, Virginia about launching a menswear brand in a non-fashion capital. This episode is not about seersucker.
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