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The Ladies of Strange is a comedy podcast where we talk about everything from true crime, paranormal, conspiracy, and anything else we find questionable, odd, or eerie. Sit down with us every Thursday for a story presented by one of the hosts and learn with us that everyone has something they find strange, let us tell you why (sometimes) it’s not.
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Bonus: The Ladies of Ankles

Bonus: The Ladies of Ankles


Hello, Lovelies! This week CK IS BACK! We talk Frankenstein, galvanization, electricity, and other spooky things for this Halloween Special!
Hello, Lovelies! We have a short but sweet one for you this week at we talk about pizza, the Noid, Kenneth Lamar Noid, and pogs.
Hello, Lovelies! This episode is a Gas! (No really) Le Petomane was the first of his kind. I have no other introduction than he pursued what Tiffany is considering as a backup career: performing as a flatulist. Trust me, you don't have to google that to understand what Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol) did as a full time job.Our Stuff, like the Discord:
Hello, Lovelies! This week Ashley has a heart lifting story for about Truus and Freddie Oversteegen and what their role was during World War II.
Hello, Lovelies! We were tasked with the following: - Find a Library - Spend 1 hour researching a subject - Write up and present the subject - Phones were only allowed to take a picture of our resources and to time us SPOILER: None of us actually did this We still managed to pull this off (we're magic I swear). Hope ya'll are ready for a "Random Facts with the Ladies" episode that is full of tangents and our opinions on the Elf on the Shelf.
Hello, Lovelies! Ever heard of John Brinkley? Well, let Rebecca ruin your day. (Actually, blame the intern, he wrote these notes) Brinkley had a dream. A dream to become a doctor. After much... persistence?... he finally made it? Ok, it was totally not legit. Did that stop him from using goat genitalia from treating patients? No. Concerned? You should be. Please join us as Rebecca ruins Ashley's day and Tiffany keeps count of how many times Rebecca says "Goat Balls".
Hello, Lovelies! This week Tiffany takes us on a world tour... of museums. Is there a museum of death? Absolutely, and it's in New Orleans. Museum about torture? Yup, and Ashley wants to go. What about Phallic things? Yes, and it's Tiffany's favorite.Link to things:
Hello, Lovelies! In 1912, Bobby Dunbar wandered away from his sleeping family. After eight months of searching, they finally found him... or did they? Join us as Ashley tells us about this crazy story, Tiffany gets upset, and Rebecca makes an unintentionally obscure bible reference. Link to things:
Hello, Lovelies! This week we bring you our first ever listener stories! Big thank you to everyone who sent one in! We had so much fun reading and sharing these awesome stories while Rebecca made a new friend with Lamp. If you'd like to share your story, make sure to shoot us an email! Link to things:
Hello, Loveliss! This week Rebecca talks about lady inventors! First we have Sarah "Tabitha" Babbitt and the circular saw. Then we have Tiffany's favorite, Ruth Graves Wakefield and the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie. Fianlly, we wrap it up with Hedy Lamarr and frequency hopping spectrums. Link to things:
Hello, Lovelies! And welcome to this month's bonus where we focused on (or, at least tried to anyway) on motivation!
Hello, Lovelies! In honor of listener appreciation month Tiffany brings us the story of Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells!
Hello, Lovelies! This week Ashley is bringing you a fan pick and we are talking about coming of age stories from around the world!
Hello, Lovelies! This month's assignment was.... scare each other! Tiffany attempted to inform the ladies about twilight sleep. (key word is "tried") Ashley told us about a highly poisonous spider that also works as nature's viagra. And Rebecca tells us about Billy. Link to things:
REBECCA'S MOM DON'T LISTEN TO THIS ONE Hello, Lovelies. Welcome to what happens when Rebecca has a fantastically awful idea. Since Ashley and Tiffany (unfortunately) held up their end of the bargain today, I bring to you, Kink Facts With Rebecca. Join our Discord:
Hello, Lovelies! This week Tiffany got uncomfortable and covered... Space facts! First she covers some things that could happen if your venture to space. Then, she covers her newest favorite subject: Rogue planets! Link to the things:
Sage n' Tales: Pride

Sage n' Tales: Pride


Happy Pride Lovelies and welcome to June's bonus episode! This episode we discuss how pride was for us this year and what it means to each of us personally.
Hello, Lovelies! This week we challenged Ashley to find a story where no one dies! (What?! Why?! You'll see...) This week we discuss the harrowing story of Aron Ralston and his determination to survive. No whiskey was harmed during the making of this episode.
Bonus: Happy Pride!

Bonus: Happy Pride!


Hello, Lovelies! And HAPPY PRIDE! This week we're bringing three stories to celebrate this awesome month. Link to the things:
Hello, Lovelies! This week Rebecca blows away the other ladies! We learn about weather phenomenon, starting with micro-bursts, and make our way to raining spiders. (I'm sorry, what?) Pull up a chair, and maybe an umbrella, as we discuss weather we didn't realize we didn't like.
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the sound is very muted

Feb 17th

Katie Zacarias

Is it just me or is the audio sound crackly? Love listening to that dudes accent though

Jan 9th
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