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Author: Alexander Novicov

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Redefine Hospitality Podcast is a weekly podcast about learning new perspectives and rethinking how we do business.

In this podcast we interview people who are challenging the status quo and making change happen.

Our goal is to push ourselves and rethink how we do business, rethink how we operate, rethink how we market, rethink how we communicate and rethink how we move forward.

In this podcast you will listen to interesting stories, case studies, fresh ideas that will help your hotel go beyond.

This podcast is hosted by Alexander Novicov, he believes that we can all have a better tomorrow if we focus on the present moment and become better today by learning, reading, listening and pushing the status quo.

Alexander creates brand stories, engages in running, speaks at events, lives with his beautiful dog Chanel and is the CEO of a storytelling agency called Way Boutique.
84 Episodes
In this episode I had the pleasure to chat with Nina Taylor, the hospitality director at Layers. Nina shared with us the importance of creating partnerships, how to be community-focused and how she and her team managed to have 100% occupancy rate during a pandemic.
In this episode I had a very interesting conversation with Erik Nissen about his new lighthouse hotel. Erik shared with us his thoughts on how hoteliers should navigate throughout the pandemic, how hoteliers can find an interesting angle to differentiate and how they can even grow the hotel.
In this episode we visited the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and had a very interesting conversation with Sally Beck, General Manager at the property. Sally shared with us strategies that she and her team are using to drive revenue to the property. In this episode you will be able to learn new strategies you can implement for your own property, what new measures you need to take to reassure potential guests that your hotel is Covid Safe and much more.
In today's episode, we had the pleasure to interview Peter Heule and speak about how serviced apartments are adopting during this period. Peter shared with us strategies hoteliers can use today to attract people to book. He also shared with us how Yays (Concierged Boutique Apartments) are doing and expanding this year.
In today's episode, Nadia Pendleton shared with us what are the most common mistakes hoteliers make, how we can improve our customer service and how hoteliers can navigate through today's challenges.
In this episode, Adele Gutman shared with us how she and her team managed to create the world's highest guest satisfaction hotel in the world. She shared with us ideas, strategies and things we can do to improve our guest's experience, guest satisfaction and simultaneously increase our bottom line.
In this episode, I shared with you five things that guests expect to hear from a hotel right now. If you want to increase confidence and increase trust, these five things will definitely help you.
In this episode I talked about what hoteliers should do right now and how they should market their property. I shared some data about recent research and how consumer behavior is changing.
In this episode we talked with Stephane from nHow hotel group. Stephane shared with us how they are coping with a new hotel brand in London, what new measures they've implemented due to the COVID and what should do in the next three to six months.
In this episode, we talked with Claire Way about how hoteliers need to redefine their wellness and spa strategy. People are more aware and mindful about their habits and demand for wellbeing is on the rise, the question is how can hoteliers respond to this demand. Claire shared some brilliant ideas for hoteliers to look into and perhaps dominate.
In this episode, we interviewed a customer (service) expert Monica Or. Monica shared with us why it's important to look at our customer experience in a different way, how we can improve it and how smaller hotels can surprise their guests by doing the unexpected.
In this episode, we have a very active businessman who redefined his business during the lockdown. Roy Castleman the Managing Director of Twinwoods Adventure shared with us how we created a new revenue stream to his business, how he changed the whole operations and how hoteliers can think outside 'the box' to help their business grow and flourish.
In this episode we had a very interesting chat with Amy Ogden about how we can redefine PR in the hospitality industry. Amy shared her strategies and ideas on what hotels can do right now to focus on the next six months, what sales strategies hoteliers can use and how we can grow our hotels.
In today's episode I interviewed Rob Paterson, the CEO of Best Western Hotels in the United Kingdom. Rob shared with us his view about how we can move forward, what holds for the hospitality industry and he shared with us a story about how a pub remained opened during Covid-19.
In this episode I talked about why we changed the name of the podcast and how we are moving forward from here.
In this episode, Frank Reeves shared with us a couple of ideas on how AI can boost hotel sales, how hotels can increase their bookings by not shouting at each user online and Frank shared with us what we can all do in this unprecedented time.
In this episode Richard Valtr, the CEO of Mews System shared with us very interesting insights and ideas about what hoteliers should do right now, how can they overcome the current crisis, why they should choose a niche, be an interesting hotel and much more. If you want to innovate and move forward, you will enjoy this interview with Richard Valtr.
In this episode I talked about the importance of being creative right now, why it's important to create content and how we can create interesting content. People are consuming content right now and it's an opportunity to create emotional connection and build brand equity with great content.
In this episode I shared three things businesses should do during coronavirus crisis. Why it's important to take action and not be ignorant about the events that are happening and how we can thrive, not just survive the crisis.
In this episode, I shared my thoughts about the importance of marketing during a crisis. I explained why it's important if you want to grow your company and how we can all win and thrive if we take the right actions.
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