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Author: Jnana B

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What makes us human? What is the nature of our happiness and suffering... and where do we rile up the energy to do all of this!? How does awakening unfold on the tri-level of our body/mind/spirit continuum and transfer into society? This podcast is for truth-seekers and those who wish to gain wisdom - not just 'dry, book knowledge'. We cover topics like: how awakening affects us on a societal level in science, art, & economics; Buddhism, Hinduism, & ancient knowledge; plant entheogens; and spiritual practice. Email me at
23 Episodes
Walking meditation can't get any simpler than "just sitting" Zazen... whether you're on your way to work and a mission -- or you specifically set out to just walk -- these are the basic foundations of walking, noticing, and finding yourself in your experience -- as it is. Om, namaste. Send in a voice message:
Waking up can be tricky business! Why, when we start to awaken, do we backslide instead of flowering fully into that non-dual presence we know is possible? Here, we share what the Buddha found while on his final step into liberation, a few tips about how the mind 'tricks us' from my first-hand experience, and what this spiritual term "ego" is all about. Dive in! Send in a voice message:
Are you intrigued by what carrying a "higher vibration" means? How does it affect our personality and our moods? Special guest, Julie Jancius of the "Angels & Awakening" podcast, comes on the show to talk with me about energy, Tantra, Kundalini, awakening, dopamine, and even does a live reading for me from the Other Side. See Julie's big smile on her website at to see how she can help facilitate your energy body through her work with spirit. Enjoy, and have a blessed day! Send in a voice message:
Buddhism is not a religion... nor a philosophy or a set of rigid values to uphold. Did you know that Buddhist morality is not mandatory but merely sets the stage so that you may awaken easier? With this ease in mind, Buddhism seeks to help liberate all beings from birth and death in THIS lifetime: not in some future perfect situation or in heaven beyond. The Buddha laid a foundation to win at life out of pure compassion. Are you curious? Send in a voice message:
As promised, here is what I am personally going to do to change the high-strung city lifestyle I now lead, to integrate the knowledge and awareness I have gained about life. With our rising population and hyper-focus on technology, I believe we need better solutions for our collective conscious future. To respect all of life: people, animals, and the environment are my long-term concerns instead of money, power, fame, stress, and busy-ness. Enjoy, and let me know what you will do if you find inspiration in this episode! Send in a voice message:
As the population is projected to reach 10 billion by 2050, our economy will inevitably change: there will be less jobs, more machines and technology taking on human roles, and we will be an evermore intelligent species. What will we do with this changing landscape? Will we go down the same road as the Industrial Revolution, or will we make even wiser choices? Join me to discover what we can do differently from here... Send in a voice message:
 In this episode, I speak with a friend who has grown up in India -- the  land of the "Hindus". Where did this term come from? Who gave it to  India's vast population, and what comes with embracing this title?  What's up with the holy books such as the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita, and  is it a polytheistic religion where many gods are necessarily prayed to?  All this will be answered and more in our uplifting interview with  Karthik.  Send in a voice message:
A few days ago, I stumbled on a documentary about "Just Eat" and how it's changing the way we order food. We can now sit online and order just about anything without having to move from the house. What repercussions will this and other internet behaviours have on our consciousness, moving forward as interactive human beings? This and more internet topics explored. See my website at for the full article! Send in a voice message:
Can there ever be security in the material forms we surround ourselves with? What about our homes and environment? In this short episode, I ask what you think about our need for fulfillment... please send your comments through to Send in a voice message:
When the Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhi tree, he became aware of the 4 Noble Truths and the 8-Fold Path. Ultimately, he got this beautiful information by his own initiative. If we are willing to take a look at our own conscious experience, we might begin to let go... Send in a voice message:
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