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Words of Encouragement

Author: Pastor Craig Beeman

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The preaching ministry of the First Baptist Church of Winnsboro, LA.
A new episode is available each Thursday before noon.
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Hang on to the wisdom of God.
The gospel is the only hope for those who are without God. Will you share it?
What are you doing with the time God has given you here on earth? Are you making the most of it?
Does it pay to obey God? I mean, does what you do really matter for you or for others?
What is your commitment to Christ like? How are you and Jesus doing?
Who is able to be with God? Is there anyone worthy?
What do you do when you see injustice and God is not taking care of it quick enough? Does the Bible have anything to say about that?
Where does your peace come from? Have you been looking for peace and been unable to find it in this crazy world that we are living in today?
Are you trusting only in God? Will you try doing that today?
Have you ever wondered if God has distanced Himself from you? Have you ever been in a tough spot and just wondered, “Does God care? Does He know what I am going through?” If so, this sermon is for you.
Have you died to sin? Are you alive to Christ? Let’s take a look.
Have you ever felt like you were not going to make it? Many of us have. What do we do when that happens?
How to you approach God? Think about that. It’s our topic today on Words of Encouragement.
Can you share your testimony with someone else? Do you have that in your head in a way that you can use it?
A look at how to handle challenges in life.
Lessons from Paul.
What are you doing if you are a Christian? Waiting for Jesus? If so, you actually have a job to do.
Special guest, Bro. Lonnie Scarborough shares with us.
What is it that makes us a family at church?
What distracts you from your relationship with God? Think about that and consider if you will continue to allow it in your life.
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