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Author: Steven Van Belleghem

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Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world. His talks inspire companies about the smart usage of technology in the customer relationship without forgetting the human side of business. His keynotes are mind stretchers for business leaders. A very energetic and pragmatic keynote speaker, Steven shares his vision in speeches and workshops around the world.
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Hello again! In this week’s show: an exciting telco-finance blend by Belfius and Proximus, WhatsApp payment services, Fitbit launches a ‘ready for work’ check, Instagram has become a main news source, Tencent is building a car-free city, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot is on sale and marketing will become even more digital post-pandemic. Enjoy!
Hey everyone! Find out why IBM will no longer allow governments to us its facial recognition technology, learn how corona has given last mile delivery robots a tremendous boost and discover why AliExpress is counting on an army 100,000 influencers to recover from the crisis. Stay safe and see you soon!
Hi everyone! In this week’s show: Amazon is now the fourth-largest delivery service in the Sates, UK banks failed to get their digital services on point during the crisis, Nuro driverless cars are doing medical deliveries and the digital healthcare market is booming worldwide. Take care!
Hey everyone, welcome to a new update! This week, we saw how Twitter is finally standing up against the misinformation in Donald Trump’s tweets and Tencent announced an enormous investment in cloud services to compete with the big UC companies. See you soon!
Welcome to a new update! Facebook enters the e-commerce market with Facebook Shops, TikTok appoints former Disney+ CEO, Apple’s AR smart glasses prototype leaked and Walmart successfully transformed its logistic process during the pandemic. Enjoy!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s show: Twitter employees can decide to work from home ‘forever’, Google is shutting down smart city project Sidewalk Labs and Amazon is finally handling its grocery service waiting list. See you next week!
Welcome everyone! Remote working might be here to stay, Twitter wants us to revise strong language, Shopify launches its own Shop app and TikTok reaches a staggering 2 billion downloads. Enjoy the video & stay safe!
Hey everyone, welcome to my new update! On this week’s show: online doctor consultations are booming and Zoom user numbers keep on mounting, YouTube is planning a virtual film festival and the big tech companies are showing impressive growth results, while podcasts are clearly missing their commuting listeners. Stay safe & see you next week!
Welcome everyone! Lego is helping health care workers, while Netflix releases astonishing subscriber figures. Meanwhile Facebook enters the Indian telecom market, Alibaba announced a massive cloud infrastructure investment and consumers expect brands to change their communication tone. Stay safe, and see you next week!
Welcome to a new show! Amazon can’t keep up with increased demand, while Airbnb and are struggling, and rivals Apple and Google join forces to develop a tracking app. Enjoy, and stay safe!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! Bpost sent 1,5 million virtual postcards, Zoom user numbers are going through the roof, Amazon Prime Day postponed, the One World home concert is going to be the biggest online event ever and Disney Plus gains 20 million subscribers in 4 weeks! Stay safe!
Welcome to a new corona-themed episode of Steven’s Week! Grocery delivery services like Instacart are booming, Decathlon is donating its full-face snorkeling masks to hospitals and virtual Zoom backdrops have become a new ad platform. Stay safe, and see you next week!
Welcome to a new COVID-19 edition, focusing only on good news! More and more companies are producing disinfecting gels, Coca-Cola is using ad budget to support communities in need, JBC shares online TikTok advice, kids are sharing free personalized post cards and smart restaurant deliveries are booming! See you & stay safe everyone!
Companies across the globe are helping people during the COVID-19 crisis! Big news media have taken down paywalls for corona coverage, Materialise released a 3D-print design for a hands-free door handle, Apple Card payments are suspended, LVHM is producing hand sanitizers instead of perfume, Microsoft offers Teams for free, Alibaba donates 500.000 mouth masks and Amazon wants to hire 100.000 people to manage extra demand. Stay safe everyone!
Welcome to a new show! Amazon Go is licensing its cachierless technology to other retailers, CVS pharmacies start offering a free prescription delivery service and Amazon is working on a secret ‘Gesundheit’ project to cure the common cold. Stay safe everyone, and see you next week!
Hi everyone! In this week's show: Alexa answers medication questions, LinkedIn introduces stories, Alibaba’s AI helps to diagnose the coronavirus, Amazon Go is trying out a full-size grocery store and Google’s self-driving car project raises a staggering $ 2.2 billion VC.
Welcome to a new Weekly! Apple’s Quick Look tool lets you shop directly in AR, the first Boring Company tunnel is almost complete, the richest man on earth is investing $ 10 billion in the planet, AI is helping China get a grip on the coronavirus and fintech company LendingClub acquires a traditional bank. See you in 2 weeks!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s show: the Coronavirus crisis is giving high-tech innovation in China a boost, the US may be looking to buy Nokia or Ericsson in order to compete in the 5G race, SpaceX is suggesting a Starlink spin-off and a controversial mother-daughter reunion in VR is raising ethical questions. Enjoy the episode!
Welcome everyone! Amazon Prime’s growth reaches 150 million subscribers, tech giant Grab acquires Bento Invest, Disney Plus hits 29 million users, Unilever launches personal Ben and Jerry’s deliveries, Spotify boosts podcasts with The Ringer purchase and brands can create their own Alexa voice. Hope you like it!
Hi there! In this week’s show: local 5G networks help fight the coronavirus, Apple announced its highest quarterly revenue ever, Pinterest launches an AR tool to try on your pins and Procter & Gamble wants to create its own tv series to get P&G brands on streaming platforms. Enjoy!
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