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Joethelawyer's Not-So-Wondrous Imaginings
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Joethelawyer's Not-So-Wondrous Imaginings

Author: Joethelawyer

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Hi everyone! I'll be sharing my thoughts about all things Dungeons and Dragons related. I'm an old school OSR D&D gamer who finds himself running three different face-to-face D&D 5e games. Go figure. :)
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58 Episodes
Joe and Bro Firepit Show

Joe and Bro Firepit Show


He is starting a new campaign as my old bastards game  shifts to just he and I, DM knowledge of the rules vs knowledge of how to DM, new boxed set review, blogs not as relevant anymore, and more!  Enjoy :)--- Support this podcast:
Leave as many multiple Jacksons as you want.  Looking for feedback! --- Support this podcast:
I chose the system and game I'm running at Shirecon, updates on mapping night, some Middle Earth complications with the new guy, and voicemails from Lieren, Tim Shorts, and John of Red Dice Diaries--- Support this podcast:
Voicemails, Game updates, Player Skill v Player Knowledge, Housereules and when you have to break them due to fairness, My go-to OSR Basic-type system, Mail call plus what I'm reading, and a preview of my next podcast.  Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:
We had a great time both at the fair and the after party back at my place.  Enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
Featuring an Un-packaging of Tim's Latest Patreon Stuff, a Discussion Based on His Last Podcast, and Some Shit No One at Home or Work Should Hear Regarding the Rappan Athuk Fuck Trap.  Also, Apologies to Spikepit and the Rest of the U.K.--- Support this podcast:
Updates on all three games I'm DM'ing, how my plan to have players from all three games meetup and play together at a local Ren Faire, and a sex trap in Rappan Athuk.--- Support this podcast:
Hi Guys.  Thanks for all the warm wishes on my 50th!  Talking about game prep and some older 5e compatible FR modules you may not know about.Enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
It ain’t much. :) Thanks for all your support guys. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you. --- Support this podcast:
Following up on a message I left Jason Hobbs on how I define an OSR game. Plus game night recap and prep. --- Support this podcast:
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