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In Faith and Economics, economics professors Dr. Russ McCullough and Dr. Levi Russell discuss big issues that impact economic freedom and human flourishing from a Christian perspective. This podcast is an initiative of the Gwartney Institute at Ottawa University.
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We talk with Dr. David Price of Washburn University about his research and experience as an entrepreneur.
Not So Forever 21 | #55

Not So Forever 21 | #55


What can clothing retailer Forever 21's recent bankruptcy tell us about how markets work? How does corporate bankruptcy work? The crew addresses these issues in today's episode! (recorded October 8, 2019)LinksForever 21 Bankruptcy Signals a Shift in Consumer TastesForever 21 to Reportedly Save About 60 Stores Slated for Closing
This episode was recorded on September 6th.Justin, Levi, Russ, and Jacob discuss Jacob's blog post (linked below) on the behavior of prison gangs and what they can tell us about our own economic behavior.Economic Understanding of Prison Gangs by Jacob Maichel
We interview Dr. Paul Cleveland regarding socialism and its surging popularity among young adults and teens. Why is socialism appealing to them? What are some effective ways of educating them on the problems with socialism?Show Notes:The Great Utopian Delusion by Clarence Carson, Paul Cleveland, and L. Dwayne BarneySocialism Sucks! by Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell
This week we interviewed Wiley Angell, Senior Portfolio Manager at Ziegler Capital. Wiley discusses his faith, philanthropy, and their connections to his work in finance. 
Professor Hunter Baker talks with us about important current issues including the current problems facing Cold War conservative/libertarian fusionism, policy issues related to Big Tech, and the importance of culture in politics.Political Thought: A Student's Guide by Hunter Baker and David S. Dockery
Thank you for listening to our 50th episode! This week we share a debate sponsored by the Gwartney Institute featuring Dr. Levi Russell and Dr. Justin Clarke. Should all drugs be legal? After listening to the debate, tell us what you think!
The crew engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the cooperative business form. History, policy, efficiency, and comportment with Biblical lessons are all discussed. Show notes:Small is Still Beautiful by Joseph PearceMondragonCenex Harvest StatesAce Hardware
This week we interviewed Dr. P.J. Hill, Senior Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center and Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wheaton College. What can economics tell us about being good stewards of God's creation? Dr. Hill's Site
This week we discuss an article review written by Gwartney Institute Graduate Assistant Jacob Maichel for our blog. The article discusses the notion that many modern inventions profit from our addictive impulses and that, allegedly, the profit motive enhances this suboptimal situation. Should we be concerned? What are the moral issues at play? Limbic Capitalism: Article Review
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