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Manifestor Academy for Entrepreneurs with Michelle Andersen
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Manifestor Academy for Entrepreneurs with Michelle Andersen

Author: Michelle Andersen

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Everything you need to know about manifesting the life and business of your dreams with master transformation coach Michelle Andersen and her guests, disrupters, healers, and relationship experts. Support this podcast:
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Ande Schewe the Elf (Ande the Elf), shares his journey in his Permaculture business. With over 20 years in educating, studying and practicing permaculture, he is a resourceful guide in connecting people back to their wild nature.In this Podcast episode, Ande also shares how he's able to have fun in business, and the mindset to be successful on your craftYou can connect and know more about Ande here:Instagram - @wakethefarmupFacebook -, you can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
Christy Pretzinger is the President & CEO of WriterGirl. She’s grown WriterGirl from a modest freelance writing business into a nationally recognized healthcare content consultancy. She was initially a Freelance writer for 11 years - but she doesn't want to be an employee her entire life. So she took action to her dreams and admitted that her journey wasn't a bed of roses. She faced struggles, hardships along the way - but she took them as lessons to learn from.In this Podcast episode, Christy and I talked about money, lessons from her journey and how she was able to build a company even she didn't study business in college.It all started with a dream, a vision, and a goal. If you want to take action, but confused about how to start. Or if you need motivation and inspiration today - give a listen to this podcast episode.You can connect and know more about Christy here:WriterGirl Website - Christy - address - christy@writergirl.comAlso, you can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
Donna Erven takes us on her journey towards being a transformational and spiritual life coach! Before embarking to entrepreneurship, she was working into the corporate world for 15 years! But that job that she had was not her true passion. All through those years, she knows deep inside that there is something missing.Then she reached the ultimate and followed her vision.So if you are someone who's tired of working 9-5. Or if you feel you can do more and you feel satisfaction in helping people to become the best version of themselves - this Podcast episode is for you!You can connect and know more about Donna here:Facebook - - channel - -, you can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
Feng Shui is a way of balancing the energies within a space to bring good fortune to those who live there. Energy is key to Feng Shui, meaning that every part of your space needs to be arranged for a favorable flow of energy, known as Chi.Tandy Pryor, a phenomenal Personal Empowerment coach - will share with us how and why we should use the principles of Instinctive Feng Shui. She will help us see through those principles, what’s blocking success and money flow.You can connect and know more about Tandy here:, you can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
Emily Ransom will take us on her journey of quitting her Teaching job and starting her own Digital Marketing Agency. She is a Mom of two kids and a former teacher who now makes money from home while her kids are napping. Emily shares on this episode LOTS of awesome tips for those who are interested in online marketing, advertising and those who want to start an online business.You can find more about Emily here:Instagram: / @_emilyransom_Facebook: can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
How do you start a podcast when you are a wife and mother of four kids? You just do it. Listen to Melissa's take on self growth, parenting while doing her own thing and launching a podcast at the same time. Melissa shares how to change your victim mindset and your money mindset and march to the beat of your own drum. You can find more about Melissa here:Podcast: Live with Audacity by Melissa StuartInstagram: @live.with.audacityYou can join my Mom's Making Money From Home Group right here: Support this podcast:
You can't scale and give yourself more time in your life without delegating. Listed to how I leveraged my time and accidentally created my 4 Hour Work Week by delegating. Anyone can do this! Find out more by following me on Instagram, where I share daily on my stories at @michellelynnandersen.--- Support this podcast:
How to Manifest

How to Manifest


You know manifesting works for other people, but you may feel as though you’re missing something to make it work for you. The number one reason most people get stuck while manifesting is, they don’t know all the vital steps to manifest what they desire. On this episode I will go into details on how to truly manifest your desires. Get my FREE worksheet on how to manifest what you want. --- Support this podcast:
Emily Davies is a dynamic Yoga Instructor and Female Embodiment Coach. Today we are talking about sex and sexuality. We don't often talk about this in business and so it is great to have other people's perspective on this topic. It is a big deal to be in tuned with your sexuality. Find out more on this interesting topic with Emily. You can follow Emily on Instagram at Emily Davies Yoga and on her website Emily Davies Yoga. --- Support this podcast:
Is there a relationship in your life that you need to let go? You'll want to hear Sarah Tsai talk about how she gained the strength to leave relationships in order for her to grow. Some people come into your life for a season, and some come for a lifetime. Never mix seasonal people up with lifetime expectations. You can follow Sarah at yourownceo on instagram and on Facebook at Sarah Tsai.--- Support this podcast:
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