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Q: What happens when people leave their regular routine and comfort zone and find themselves far from home, in foreign places and cultures unknown to them?

A: Life. Changing. Stories.

Each week, 22.33 delivers stories of people finding their way in new surroundings. With a combination of travel tales, innovation, empathy, and even survival at times, 22.33 delivers unforgettable first-person stories from people whose lives were changed by international exchange.

New episodes are released every Friday, along with regular bonus episodes. For more information please visit: eca.state.gov/2233
158 Episodes
English Access Microscholarship Program & MEPI from Yemen
IVLP from Scotland
IVLP from India & Bangladesh
Fulbright Student Program to South Africa
Critical Language Scholarship in Jordan
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Brazil
FLEX & WYLET from Mongolia
Our bonus collection of food anecdotes from all over the globe. This month's featured story is from our English Language Programs colleague Joe Bookbinder. Just wait until you find out what the Chinese stew was made out of...
Fulbright Student Program to Mozambique
Fulbright Student Program to Vietnam
Fulbright Program to Samoa
Summer Work & Travel from Ireland
Fulbright Student Program in South Korea
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Kazakhstan
IVLP from Nigeria
Fulbright Scholar from Lebanon
English Language Fellows in Sri Lanka & Oman
Imagine, you've left your comfort zone. You moved to a foreign country that's 12 time zones away, most people speak a different language, and the lifestyle and culture are radically different, but you slowly make your way. And one day you meet a group of strangers that you identify immediately as your kind of people. And, just as you feel you have made it, an unspeakable tragedy occurs. How you react will change your life forever. This is 22.33, a podcast of exchange stories.
This week a Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program participant from Atlanta, GA describes her experience while living in China and studying Mandarin. Learning to better communicate boundaries, having your Americanness challenged, and cherry-picking with the neighborhood, join us on a journey around the globe through international exchange stories. For more information about the CLS program visit https://www.clscholarship.org.
In this week's episode, we interview a Fulbrighter who went to Egypt for the English Teaching Assistant program. This program places American teachers in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to local English teachers. Fulbright ETAs help teach the English language while also serving as cultural ambassadors for the United States. The age and academic level of their students vary by country and from kindergarten all the way to the university level. Find out more about the program at https://us.fulbrightonline.org/ (https://us.fulbrightonline.org).
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