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Author: Silvan Krähenbühl

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Successes, failures and learning from startups from all over the world. This is the international entrepreneurs podcast.
35 Episodes
This month I had a chat with Nadiia Dvoinos, co-founder and managing partner at Q28. Nadiia spends her time between Kiev and Dubai and is just the right person to give us some intel on how to market effectively in an era of short attention spams! Click play.
How much should a founder pay themselves? That's the big question that I'll be ending the year with, here on International Entrepreneurs. Click play!
This month I chatted to Dasha Runic, a Serbian entrepreneur who completed her studies across different continents and went on to found her own digital marketing agency, The Social Formula, after getting rejected from a corporate job. Click play to find out why sometimes rejection is a blessing in disguise!
In this month's podcast I give you my personal experience on managing investors: how to assure transparency with them and a beneficial relationship to both parties. Click play!
This month I chatted to Elena Nikolova, co-founder of Escreo! Her startup produces a special paint which can turn any old wall into a whiteboard, allowing startups to easily and spontaneously jot down their ideas and plan their tasks. Click the image above to hear about Elena's struggle with perfectionism and also her thoughts on startup success.
How To Manage Yourself

How To Manage Yourself


Operating a business is hard enough on its own, but it's damn near impossible if you can't manage your own life as a founder, first! There's a huge variety of factors when it comes to your well-being: from sleep, to diet and exercise, to socialization, to self-reflection, to organization... the list is a rather long one. But thankfully I've made a summary of it! Click the image above to listen to it.
This month I got to chat with Simon Litvinov, co-founder and CEO at Precision Navigation Systems. All the way from Siberia, Simon runs the startup that's bringing us GPS navigating and positioning with up to 1cm precision. Click play to find out what it's like!
This month I gave my take on how a startup should operate at an early stage -you know, the basics: perfecting your product, establishing company culture, staying solvent and financed... I also talk about the E.O. framework, the key to having quick, effective team meetings! Click play to listen to all this and more.
This month I spoke with Nina Nikolikj, an Eco-System Facilitator at Swisscontact. Born and raised in Macedonia, Nina is a rather busy bee: from startup community developer, to startup storyteller, to "superconnector" and "intrapreneur" - Nina has done (and is doing) it all! Learn all about her tight schedule and her dream of visiting America on a business trip by clicking play.
How To Fundraise

How To Fundraise


This month I approached the topic of fundraising. Having gone through several financing rounds of business angels (though never venture capitalists) myself, I know a thing or two about talking to investors.  
This month I spoke to Nikoloz Gogochuri, CEO at VRex Immersive, a platform that connects people to places through virtual reality. After having worked in the computer graphics, animation and technology business for a long time, Nikoloz decided to start his own company together with a co-founder with a web development background. Though the market was at first far more old-fashioned than he'd expected, sticking to his team really payed out and sailed him through some hard times .
 This month I went over Alan Frei's advice on B2C Sales Funnels on the Swisspreneur podcast. Since I've never really done it myself (at least not on a big scale), it's nice to rely on the expertise of a B2C veteran! "Website traffic", "conversion rate", "lifetime value"... these are all terms that should become part of your daily vocabulary if you really want to kick off your customer retention rate.
 In June I got to chat with Olga Royenko, CEO at Royenko Marketing Agency! Olga told me all about her hesitation to leave her steady job, how she thinks creative people can put their talent to better use, and what she has learned along her entrepreneurial journey. Click play!
This month I tackled the challenge of creating a B2B sales funnel - which is basically an entrepreneur's ticket to acquiring his or her first clients and building a steady stream of income. Click play!
This month I interviewed Brian Kennedy, who I met through the YTILI program! Despite having majored in social work, Brian went on to work for the Pittsburgh Technology Council - though he will tell you that the transition made quite a lot of sense! Click play to hear about Brian's passion for helping people, in whatever way that ends happening.
This month I give you some introductory advice on how to snatch those tricky first clients. I also tell the story of how Gymhopper got started, and what we had to do to mold that business idea into its proper shape. Click play!
This month I got to talk to Tinatin Babakishvili, who left her 9 to 6 job to start her own business: Post Red Audio. Tina talks about how hard it was at first, even for a sociable person such as herself, to take her initial steps in the business world - and how she managed to get from that to having dinner with Netflix! Check it out.
On the month of April I talked a bit on how to secure an accurate evaluation of your business idea. I go over a number of topics: the right motivation to start a company, the importance of bootstrapping, attracting the right customers, managing margins, achieving a good return for investments... Basically, all of the ingredients that make up success, and that should determine your decision of pursuing a business idea or leaving it behind.  Check it out!
On the month of March I got to chat with Elena Shkarubo, founder and CEO of MeetnGreetMe. After being fired from an international banking group, Elena decided it was time for her to start her own business - so she created MeetnGreetMe, a data-driven marketplace for personal assistance and concierge services for business travelers. And she's been incredibly successful! Listen to the full episode to find out how.
 This month I come to you with some freshly-baked, incredibly useful entrepreneurship advice that I was lucky enough to receive at the SaaStr Annual 2019 Conference! On investment, hiring, bootstrapping and more. 
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